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9 Marketing Tips for Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing Tips

Pinterest has marched onto the social media scene in a big way. In January of 2012 Pinterest became the fastest company ever to reach 10 million unique users in one month with 11.7 million site visitors (comScore). Today, just three years after it was founded, Pinterest already has over 70 million users, making it one of the most popular social networks in the world.

According to OmniCore, Pinterest is crucial for eCommerce as well as 47% of online shoppers in the U.S. have made a purchase based on a recommendation from Pinterest. On top of that, Pinterest users are quite well off, as the average user has a household income of $100,000. Interestingly, many businesses have been slow to join the trend. As of 2013 there were only about 500,000 business pages registered (Semiocast).

Clearly Pinterest is a great place for a business to set up a marketing campaign. It is a resource that has not yet been tapped into to the extent of Facebook or Twitter, so the potential is also greater. There is a lot of work that goes into marketing on Pinterest, but much of the strategy is the same or similar to marketing concepts for other social media networks. This article will discuss 9 tips that are unique to Pinterest, and will help you to start marketing your business on Pinterest today!
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Facebook Update: No More Asking for Likes

Facebook recently announced a new posting protocol. From now on, any post which asks users to interact with it will be penalized. Facebook has made this change in order to continue delivering “the right content to the right people at the right time,” and to cut down on spam. Read more

6 Steps to Successful Facebook Ads


StoreYa's 6 Steps for FB ads

Facebook ads can be a very powerful advertising method for businesses. I mean where else do you have access to one sixth of the World’s population, and have the ability to precisely target who, out of those people, you would like to advertise to? The answer is nowhere. Ok, so then why isn’t everyone converting millions of dollars a day from Facebook? What’s the catch? The catch is that it is very easy to make mistakes when building a Facebook ad campaign. There are many ways in which an ad can be spoiled; anything from poor targeting to bad copy can lay your ad to waste. This post will discuss a few steps that you should follow in order to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook ads.
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Import Your Zazzle Shop to Facebook

StoreYa supports Zazzle

Announcing the newest platform that StoreYa supports – Zazzle!

Zazzle is the premier platform for individuals, artists, and major brands alike to sell unique products! Founded in 1999, Zazzle has been gaining a lot of interest over the past few years from both merchants and experts in the industry. In 2007 Zazzle won the award for the “Best Business Model” at the Tech Crunch “Chrunchies” awards. Read more

A Beginners Guide to Social Video (Infographic)

When it comes to shareable content with the ability to go viral, nothing really has the same potential on social media as video does. With text and images, it’s very often a case of “what you see is what you get”, but video allows for a special degree of showmanship. You can hook the audience with a question or an idea, and get them to click through and watch your video — whether it’s to be entertained, informed, or surprised.

For businesses, the marketing potential for social video is massive. Video lets companies do interesting, creative things to spread the message of their brand. On top of that, once the content starts to get shared, the fact that it’s marketing material to begin with can easily get lost in the shuffle, causing people to watch the entirety of your content before they even know that they’re being sold to.

Below you’ll find just what kind of market you can tap into with social video, which social networks your content should target, and the benefits of going with something aside from the standard YouTube video. Whether you just want a six-second clip or a high-production, high-concept directorial debut, check out the facts below to help you embark on a successful social video campaign. Read more

Facebook Shop of the week: EverythingHair

Tell us a little about your company is South Africa’s largest and longest running online store for professional hair care products. We offer a wide range of top international brands as well as online and telephonic consultations to ensure that our clients have healthy, fantastic and stylish hair. Read more

Getting Creative with Coupon Pop


Coupon PopLooking to expand your community on social networks? Want to gain more email addresses for your mailing list? Of course you do! And that is exactly why we developed “Coupon Pop,” the newest addition to our long list of marketing tools. Today we’re going to discuss what the Coupon Pop is, and show you some really cool stuff that you can do with it!
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Facebook Shop of the Week: Wellki

Tell us a little about your company is an online health and wellness portal. The site is updated daily with awesome content, including workout playlists, healthy recipes, comprehensive exercise routines and informative articles on the latest trends in diet and fitness. Beyond the content, there is a distinct social aspect as members are able to comment, interact and share with like-minded users who have one central common interest: living better. Wellki is also the home to our online shop.

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Import Your Spree Commerce Store to Facebook

Spreecoomerce Facebook shop

We are very excited to announce StoreYa’s new partnership with Spree Commerce!

Spree, founded in 2008, prides itself on being one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the world, powering more than 45,000 retailers. The platform offers powerful tools that help their merchants grow their businesses on a daily basis.

If you are a Spree Commerce merchant, then now is your chance to join the social commerce world. With StoreYa, you can import your Spree Commerce store to Facebook in a matter of minutes.
All it takes is a few clicks! No design or coding knowledge is necessary. Read more

Facebook Shop of the Week: Bling Jewelry

Bling JewelryTell us a little about your company
For over 6 years Bling Jewelry has been bringing discount designer jewelry to the web. Our founder would search out high quality, fashionable jewelry for clients that was still super affordable, and then decided that women not just in New York City but all over the world should have access to these kinds of discount finds. started with just a few employees and now has grown to over 10,000 items on our website. Read more