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Email Marketing for eCommerce: How a Diet Company Gained Over 30000 Emails

Coupon Pop ThinTeaDo you run a small eCommerce store with a specific niche market? Do you have trouble building your email list with qualified leads? – Now for the kicker – do you think that you have trouble building your email list because your business is small or you have a specific niche market?

If you answered yes to this (or even if you answered no really…) then this case study is for you!

We’re going to take a look at an Australian based eCommerce store with a specific niche product that, over the course of three months, managed to gain over 30,000 emails for its email marketing list – resulting in a 15% increase in revenue.

How did they do it? The answer — with StoreYa’s Coupon Pop!

Do you want to grow your email list with qualified leads, improve your email marketing, and boost your revenue by gaining returning customers? Read this case study to learn how! Read More

6 Word of Mouth Marketing Tips to Get People Talking About Your Business

Word of Mouth Marketing for eCommerceReady to give your eCommerce store a marketing boost? Have you thought of trying word of mouth marketing?

Word of mouth is the strongest form of recommendation, and spreads quite quickly too. If people are talking about your business, then you can be sure you’ll get a big lift in your sales from new customers. According to a study done by Ad Age word of mouth can increase marketing effectiveness by 54%!

But wait a minute – word of mouth marketing? How can you increase the word of mouth about your own company?

Excellent question — read this post to find out a 6 ways that you can actually get your customers to talk about your business! Read More

How to advertise your Google Plus posts [Infographic]

Google post adsAs one of the most visited websites in the world, Google has attracted businesses to use its platform to advertise to as many markets as they possibly can. This is possible through Google’s +Post Ads. With almost universal access to Google, anyone with 1000+ followers on Google+ can participate in +Post Ads, bringing awareness of their products and services to anyone who accesses the site, without the need to buy a huge billboard, a TV ad or a newspaper or magazine ad, which can cost money that you might not necessarily have. Read more

Scheduling Facebook Posts for Businesses

Schedule posts with FacebookFacebook’s scheduling feature is undoubtedly a perfect solution if you don’t spend your entire day online and if you have a rather packed agenda, but are still constantly aware of the crucial need to maintain a presence on social media.

This feature comes in handy if you are planning to be away from your desktop for a while, as it actually saves the trouble of going into Facebook once or even several times a day. It allows you to prepare your usual, eye-catching, thought inspiring content beforehand, lining it up according to your content calendar. All you have to do is type your post as you normally would, configure your settings and click “Schedule”.  It’s as easy as that.

Facebook’s scheduling feature lets you choose the date and time of day for posting, as well as your target audience and a desired location.

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Retail Hero Of The Week: District Grain

We are proud to have District Grain as ourDistrict Grain Retail Hero of the Week
Retail Hero of week, we love their web-store and social activity!

Tell us a little about your company

District Grain is a Washington, D.C. based online store specializing in American heritage travel and lifestyle bags. Our store carries more than 500 bags and travel accessories, over half being hand made right here in the United States.

What’s your target audience?

Our focus is “bagging” men between the ages of 18 – 35 in every facet of their life. From the woods to work, District Grain carries a bag for it all.

What makes you unique?

Our mission is to fuse unsurpassed service with the highest quality canvas and leather to allow lovers of modern heritage goods to easily pick up and go wherever the wind may take them. District Grain’s goal is to stay connected with customers for many years to come. As people grow, so do their needs and styles. We plan to be there with a bag every step of the way. Read more

Content Calendars for Your eCommerce Blog: 5 Content Management Tools

5 Content Calendar Tools for eCommerce BlogsIf you’re into content marketing for your eCommerce store (which you should be), then you should probably also be into content management tools. Blogging for eCommerce can be difficult — it’s hard to keep track of your blog while you have so many other tasks on your mind.

Why not make things a little easier for yourself? Content calendar tools can be extremely helpful for organizing, scheduling, and automating content, while also enabling simpler collaboration with your colleagues.

In order to make your content marketing just a bit simpler, we’re going to take a look at a five content management tools that you can start using for your eCommerce blog! Read More

How to Use Google Plus For Business: 8 Marketing Tips to Take You to the Top

How to use Google plus for businessGoogle Plus marketing. That’s probably something you’re not overly familiar with. Who uses Google Plus for business? Everyone uses all of the internet giant’s other tools, but for some reason, Google+ seems to have slipped through the cracks. Or has it?

Google+ has over 150 million active monthly users, and 50% of its users sign on daily. Wow! So with that much activity, maybe Google+ is a good place for businesses after all.

Not only is marketing on Google+ a good idea, it is a great idea! There are tremendous advantages that G+ has over other social networks, like its influence on SEO, and some incredible tools that can’t be found elsewhere, like Google Hangouts and Google Plus Ripples.

Using Google Plus for your business can be an amazing way to reach a new audience, boost your SEO, and increase sales. In this post we’re going to take a look at 8 marketing tips for Google Plus.
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Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Ads [Infographic]

Everything you need to know about mobile adsBusinesses have been advertising, adapting to the times, and advertising some more throughout history. From the door to door salesman to television commercials, businesses have always found ways to reach their consumers. Now, mobile ads are set to become (and have already become in many ways) the next big thing in advertising.

Mobile ads have many advantages over more traditional mediums, not the least of which is the cost. On average it costs $2.85 to reach 1000 iPhone users with a mobile ad. Advertising in a national newspaper on the other hand can cost as much as $100 for 1000 views.

Mobile ads give businesses the ability to reach their consumers at all hours of the day, which is important, because according to a study conducted by Nielson, US adults now spend more time surfing the web from their smart phones than from a computer.

Clearly there is a lot that can be gained from mobile ads, but there are also a lot of people using them. If you want to stay ahead of the pack then you have to be informed. That’s why we brought you this infographic, courtesy of WhoIsHostingThis, that will explain Everything you Need to Know About Mobile Ads. Read More

How to Improve Email Open Rates: The Small Business Owner’s Guide

How to improve email open ratesIf you run a small business then you definitely know how frustrating email marketing can be. You do everything you can to build up your email list, you spend hours composing your emails, you send out your emails, and then you wait. But sometimes you just keep waiting, and nothing happens.

Maybe you’re problem isn’t in the content of your email, but getting your email opened in the first place. Before you can worry about click through rates and conversions, you need to have a high email open rate.

This post will go through a few ways that you can increase email open rates for your business. Read More

Facebook Pages App Update: Now Easier to Manage your Page on the Go

Facebook Pages UpdateAs many of you may have noticed, Facebook recently updated its Facebook page administrator app – “Facebook Pages.” The updates have made the app cleaner, easier to use, and more efficient. In this post I will discuss a few of the updates that Facebook made to the Pages app.

What is the Facebook Pages App?

For those of you that don’t yet use the Facebook Pages app, let me start by explaining what the app can do for you.

The Pages app was designed by Facebook in order to provide business owners the ability to easily manage their Facebook business pages. From the standard Facebook app you can interact with people, but it is much more difficult to run a page. Read More