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5 Free Google SEO Tools Plus Best Practices

5 Free Google SEO ToolsDo you want to increase traffic to your eCommerce store? I’m going to assume that you do. In that case, one of the best ways to boost your site traffic is with SEO.

SEO! Zack, I hate SEO!

OK, OK, calm down. Take a deep breath. SEO is not that bad, and I’m going to make it a bit better for you.

First of all, if you haven’t already done so, please read our guide on SEO for eCommerce. Once you finish with that, it’s time to move on to the next step – tools to help boost your SEO strategy.

In this post we will look at 5 free SEO tools from Google! (Today we are going to focus on keyword research) Read More

6 Steps to Writing Product Descriptions that Sell

How to write a product description that sellsOk, so you set up your sales funnel – social media, email marketing, landing page, etc. Finally your customer reaches your product page and you’re done right?

I mean once they reach your products they should be so ready to make a purchase that all they need is to see a picture of your product and they’re ready to go.

Better yet, someone who finds your products through Google. They were searching for your product! What more could you need to do?

Let me dispel you of these illusions right here, right now!

There is always more that can be done to convert a lead, and your product pages are in fact the last, and possibly most important step in your sales funnel. A product page that isn’t optimized for conversions, won’t sell.

In this post we are going to take a look at one, shockingly crucial aspect of your product page – the product description. Are you ready to learn 6 ways that you can write a product description that really sells?

Ok, let’s do it. Read More

15 Ted Talks Every Entrepreneur Must Watch [Plus 3 Amazing Interviews]

15 Ted Talks Every Entrepreneur Must Watch“Ideas worth spreading.” That is the very powerful, and very accurate slogan of TED, the non-profit organization that is taking the world by storm through its concise, inspirational, and informative “TED Talks.”

These talks cover all sorts of topics from business and technology, to science and psychology. The beauty of them though lies in the fact that all of the talks deliver a very real message in 20 minutes or less.

In this post I assembled 15 of the most valuable TED Talks for entrepreneurs. These talks will challenge you, drive you to action, and change the way you think about your business, and possibly even life itself forever.

Are you ready to be inspired? Read More

Top 5 Free Magento Extensions for Email Marketing

Top 5 Free Email Marketing Extensions for MagentoToday we have a special treat just for our Magento users. If you don’t have Magento, don’t worry, we’ll get to you too (stay tuned for Thursday’s post)!

So, Magento merchants, do you have an email marketing extension that you love?

Magento offers probably the greatest selection of email marketing tools/ extensions, as compared to other eCommerce platforms out there. That being said, it’s up to you to choose the best available tools at your disposal to really make your email marketing pops.

Check out these 5 amazing (and free) Magento email extensions that will help you become the alpha male (pun intended) of email marketing!
Read More

11 Awesome Automated Email Triggers You Should be Using

11 Awesome Automated Email TriggersSo you’ve got your eCommerce store up and running, you’re making sales, things are looking good. But you’re not content to just let your business sit, no matter how profitable it is. You are always looking for ways to take your business to the next level.

If that first paragraph speaks to you (and I’m sure that it does), then you need not look any further than automated event based email triggers as the very thing you need to push your business forward!

Whoa, Zack, that’s a whole lot of words you just strung together there. What is an email trigger?

Simply put an email trigger is an action, event, or behavior related to or done by your customer (for example making a purchase) that your email service can track in order to automatically send a relevant email to a customer when the event is “triggered.”

You can use this marketing automation strategy to boost sales and customer loyalty, for retention, and more! Read More

Marketing Update: Facebook Launches Learning Platforms for Marketers

Facebook Update Learning PlatformsHave you ever struggled with marketing on Facebook?

Well with the launch of Facebook Blueprint, and its sister resource, Learn How, you shall struggle no longer!

What are these new initiatives you ask? Only a simple to use and navigate online learning center for all types of marketers!

So let’s take a look at each of these programs and see how they can help you grow your business. Read More

The 5 Best Fiverr Gigs for Business Owners (Plus the 5 Weirdest)

Best gigs on fiverr for business ownersPicture this scenario, you’re strapped for time and man power, and you really really need to get your newest marketing content out. Or this one, you need some quick design work done, but you just don’t want to pay the big bucks for it.

I’d be willing to guess that these kinds of things happen all the time in your business, which is why I am happy to tell you there is a solution – Fiverr, the $5 marketplace for freelance work!

In this post I’ll show you five of the best gigs on Fiverr that can help you grow your business!

(Read to the end, and I’ll show you some of the strangest gigs on Fiverr too!) Read More

Weekly Social Marketing Update: YouTube Cards to Replace CTA Annotations

YouTube Card UpdateYouTube is one of the most important social networks for eCommerce, which makes a lot of sense, because it enables merchants to really and truly show their products off to their customers in the most detailed manner possible.

There’s another reason that YouTube is so great for merchants though, namely the call to action feature – and it is just that feature that YouTube has updated!

Until now, YouTube offered the option for “annotations” in videos. Annotations are those clickable banners, links, and images that pop up in videos (and often really clutter the screen).

These annotations enabled businesses to direct people back to their website, encourage viewers to purchase a product featured in the video, and more.

So why the need for something new if this is already working? Read More

How to Use Upselling to Make your Customers Happy (and to Boost Sales)

How to Upsell Boost SalesWouldn’t it be cool if there was a simple way to increase your sales value per purchase and make your customers happier at the same time? Sounds impossible, right?

Well guess what, it’s not! All you need is to start a balanced upselling and cross-selling program.

But Zack, isn’t upselling really annoying? I thought customers hate that!

To answer your question, refer back to the most important word in the previous sentence – “balanced.” An upsell isn’t just throwing more products in front of a customer who made a purchase, there is a real strategy behind it.

If you want to learn how to upsell in a way that will make your customers happy then read on, because that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this post! Read More

Google SEO Update: Mobile Websites – Now a Must

Google SEO Update Mobile for eCommerceIs your website mobile friendly? If it’s not, then now is definitely the time that you should be working on making it mobile friendly, and here’s why:

Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.” (Google Webmaster Announcement)

What does that mean for you?

It means that websites that are mobile friendly will receive a boost in mobile search rankings in Google, and those that are not mobile friendly will probably lose out. Read More

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