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5 Effective Ways to Increase Online Sales With a Blog

5 Effective Ways to Increase Online Sales With a BlogDo you want to increase online sales for your ecommerce store? That’s probably one of the only questions in the world with one answer – “yes”.  

Then there is only one thing standing in your way – the how. Luckily, there are dozens of different tactics and hacks that you can use in order to increase sales. Today, I want to let you in on one incredibly effective tactic that’ll increase online sales for you: start blogging.

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eCommerce Legends: 8 Successful eCommerce Entrepreneurs

successful eCommerce entrepreneursBuilding a highly successful company from the ground up is no easy task. Sure, in the movies creating a masterpiece can look easy, but in reality it’s far from that. Every successful eCommerce entrepreneur has had their share of struggles – and then success.

What makes a successful entrepreneur? It’s a crazy debate that doesn’t have a right answer. However, to get you on the right track, we put our heads together to bring you some awesome insights from a handful of the most successful eCommerce entrepreneurs to ever grace the planet! Read more

9 Proven Tips for the Best Email Subject Lines

9 proven tips best email subject linesDid you know that approximately 35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone and that 69% of email recipients report an email as spam solely based on the subject line (via ConvinceandConvert)?!

The lesson is clear: if you want higher conversion rates, more leads, loyal customers, and an above-average ROI on marketing efforts, you’ve got to be using the best email subject lines.

What do you get out of being an eCommerce merchant that uses the best email subject lines? You can be part of the 55% of companies generating over 10% of sales from email – eCommerce companies need to be the ones leading the way!

To make sure you get higher open-rates on your emails, here is an awesome list of proven tips and tricks for writing the best email subject lines.

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20 of the Best Marketing Blogs to Read

20 of the Best Marketing Blogs to ReadAre you ready for a new week? I sure hope so, but even if you aren’t ready, I’ve got a gift for you. To make this week better than ever, I’m sharing with you my marketing treasure chest: an awesome list of the best marketing blogs that I can’t stop reading. Why am I sharing these blogs with you?

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. – Dr. Seuss

The quote by Dr. Seuss seems like a pretty straightforward answer, but if not, then here’s why I’m sharing this list with you: the internet is the most competitive market on earth. Unless you’re driving a few million people to your site every month, you can learn more about digital marketing.

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11 Tips for Creating the Perfect Call to Action

11 Tips for Creating the Perfect Call to ActionThere are many different aspects to an eCommerce website – the homepage, the product pages, the header, the imagery.

Each is important in its own right.

At the end of the day though, the point of an eCommerce site is to get a user to take an action.

Therefore, one of the most important aspects of your site (if not the most important), is an effective, well placed call to action (CTA).

Call to actions are those buttons, links, and images that you want your users to click on in order to get them to shop, buy, upgrade, sign up, etc.

Without a good CTA, unfortunately, your site will probably not perform very well.

Lucky for you, it’s not too hard to add a CTA…oh yeah, and I’m going to show you some absolutely awesome tips for putting together the best call to action for your site. Read more

How Raw Generation Used Urgency to Get Instant Sales

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Boy, I could sure use more sales right about now”?

I’m sure you have.

Jessica, co-founder of Raw Generation, had just the same thought – and then she did something about it, and the sales rolled in!

This is her story. Read more

5 Tips to Improve Your Customer Service on Facebook

Customer service on facebookEveryone knows how important customer service is to an online business. What many people don’t realize though is that customer service is evolving.

As consumers have become more focused on the internet and social media they expect solutions to their problems just as speedily as they expect a friend to answer a text message.

This of course has led to the use of Facebook by consumers to express dissatisfaction with a brand, to ask questions, or to say something nice about a brand.

That being the case, you, as an online business owner, have to be ready to adapt, and to begin using Facebook for customer support.

In this post you will learn 5 super important tips for customer support on Facebook. Read more

How to Use Humor to Build Your Brand on Social Media

How to Use Humor to Build Your Brand on Social MediaWho doesn’t like laughing?

I’m pretty sure the answer to that is no one.

So why not be a funny brand and make your followers happy?

With the rise of social media, a new phenomenon has arisen in the world of day to day marketing –humor as a consistent marketing technique!

That means not just being funny every now and then in a television commercial, but actually being funny in your day to day interactions with your fans and customers.

It’s a pretty cool and pretty effective marketing technique, and in this week’s post you will learn all about how to start using humor in your marketing! Read more

What Detroit Kicks is Doing On Facebook (And You Should Be Doing Too)

Are You Using Facebook To Its FullestAre you using Facebook just for marketing?

Well then you are missing out on some other cool things which you could be doing there!

Don’t worry you’re not alone in this, but after hearing about Detroit Kicks, an eCommerce shop that sells sneakers, you’ll understand the power of utilizing Facebook as a true center-point for your business.

Detroit Kicks uses Facebook for marketing, but it also uses it for customer support and sales. That means that it carries out its main business operations straight from Facebook…and it’s awesome! Read more

5 eCommerce Design Tips to Spice Up Your Site

5 Design Tips to Spice Up Your WebsiteDid you know that your site visitors make a judgement about your site in one twentieth of a second?

Pretty fast, huh?

That just goes to show you that the design of your site isn’t just kind of important, it’s REALLY important!

In order to keep you on the right track we’re bringing you 5 design tips to spice up your site! Read more

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