31 Dropshipping Resources to Grow Your Business Faster

31 dropshipping resources to run businessNot all of us are talented or knowledgeable at creating things, or have money saved to invest in a new business. That though my friends, is not an “end of the world” problem. Dropshipping steps in to solve this problem. Due to the growing supply of eCommerce stores, more and more dropshipping companies and directories are popping up to enable everyone to sell online.

In today’s post, we’re going to take a walk down Dropshipping avenue. We’ll take a look at how dropshipping works, how to pick a dropshipper, and finally, a list of dropshipping services to pick from so you can start your business in the next few hours!

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5 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Online Sales

Stop hurting your business' salesWhen you’re starting out every new visitor or sale is like a gift of the Gods.

But as you grow that quickly gets old.

You get smarter about where you can find new customers and plug the gaping holes in your website. But how can you further improve your sales if there are no obvious wins?

As you get bigger the intangible stuff becomes more important: are you speaking to the right people, do people trust your site, do they see you as an expert? These are things that many people describe as the fluffy stuff.

In this article I’m going to make the fluff real and show you five mistakes that other stores make.  I’m going to show you bad examples that will help you to avoid those mistakes and show you good examples that will take your sales to the next level. Read more

5 “Secret” Tips to Sell on Facebook (Turn Facebook into a Sales Channel)

tips sell more on FacebookAccording to a recent study conducted by AdWeek, Facebook is the leading social media network for total revenue driven to online businesses. Of revenue generated from social media networks, Facebook has, on average, been responsible for over 70%!

With that in mind, as an eCommerce seller, you’ve got to not only focus on driving traffic from Facebook to your store, but to also try to sell to your customers directly on Facebook. We want to help you understand how to use Facebook as a sales generator so grab your pen and paper. Let’s get to it.

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5 Ways Shipping Options Can Deliver a Superior Ecommerce Experience

5 shipping options for better customer experienceThere are many things that go towards creating a memorable eCommerce experience. From site layout and aesthetic appeal to ease of navigation and intuitive site architecture, ease of use is paramount in eCommerce. Factors like large and attractive product images, upfront pricing and multiple payment options are other advantages that successful eCommerce sites have in common.

Before you enhance this user experience, you need to make sure the functionality – including inventory, ordering, and payments – is foolproof. A robust eCommerce platform that scales is usually enough to take care of all of these challenges.

Now, most of the myriad behind-the-scenes cogs that keep the eCommerce wheel turning are automated. However, there is one piece of the ultimate user experience puzzle that even the best eCommerce platform can’t handle.

And that’s the final mile of shipping and delivery of the goods bought online.

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7 Post-Sale Tips to Retain Business and Generate Brand Loyalty

Retain business and generate customer loyaltyCustomer service is one of most important aspects of owning a successful business. Whether you are selling a product or providing a service to businesses or consumers, customer service can provide a means of generating loyalty between the customer and company.

The popularity and success of e-commerce has no doubt led to an increase in customer expectations and the growing trend of shopping for the best deal; which challenges businesses to constantly raise their game. Whilst this is advantageous for consumers, businesses need to strategize in order to retain customers and avoid the challenge of losing customers.

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5 Steps to Building an Engaged Brand Community (AKA Super Loyal Customers)

brand community leads to loyal customersWhy are some businesses able to create more online conversations and get people to share their products on social media all day? How do these businesses get customers coming back time after time to spend more on their products? Sure, having money helps these fruitful businesses, but the truth is that the best of the best – both online and offline – are able to stay relevant and profitable thanks in large to the existence of a brand community.

What is a brand community? A brand community is a group of consumers that engage with the brand, and with their fellow consumers to constantly discuss aspects related to the brand. In short, a brand community is “formed on the basis of attachment to a product or marque” (source).

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7 Proven Steps for Turning Order Confirmation Emails Into a Marketing Tool

order confirmation emails are a marketing toolYour order confirmation email is often the very first email your customers will receive from you after completing a transaction, so you have to make it count! These emails have a very high open rate (in the area of 70%!). The most successful eCommerce businesses capitalize on this opportunity to solidify their brand image, start a relationship with their customers, build engagement, and increase sales.

Successful eCommerce businesses understand that it typically costs between 6 and 7 times more to acquire new customers. Unfortunately, some businesses treat the order confirmation email as nothing more than a necessary transactional email. Receiptful strives to change that, and to help you out, here’s a list of what makes a great order confirmation email.

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The 79 Proven Tools to Grow Your Business and Increase ROI’s

best tools to grow business in 2016Now that the holiday season is over, and you have begun working toward reaching your New Year’s resolutions comes the time to set yourself up for success in 2016. To do that, we’ve put together a list of the top tools to grow your business.

Over the last few years, one of the biggest realizations for me has been that when I look for the “best” ways to get my job done, I need to constantly think in regards of ROI. It makes sense to think like that, but how many of us actually consider ROI on everything we do? 

With that in mind, here are what I like to call a collection of tools to grow your online business, from social media management, Instagram, forms, market research, SEO, and so much more! Some of the tools are a given, while others will be new to you. Some have free plans and some don’t. When reading the post, keep in mind that finding free tools was not the goal, rather to find ones that are worth your time and energy. Hopefully, you won’t end up like the guys below :).

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450% ROI Using Traffic Booster in 1 Month: The Story of ‘Running On The Wall’

Getting Targeted Traffic with Traffic BoosterYou think you’ve got an awesome site and even better products, but there is one problem: you are not getting traffic and not making sales. Like many other online businesses, you are looking for the most cost-effective ways to drive targeted traffic to your store. What do you do to get traffic? You use your social media channels, online forums, improve your SEO, work on getting referral traffic, and launch a blog but the amount of traffic still isn’t big enough to generate meaningful sales.

At the end of the day, no store (online or physical) can create sustainable growth and profits if the customer acquisition process is not efficient. When we say efficient, we are talking about ROI. For every dollar you spend acquiring a new customer, how much is made? We understand the problem that eCommerce businesses face with acquiring new traffic, and we’re here to work with you (or for you) to change this.

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How 3 Facebook Changes will Affect Customer Service and Social Commerce

Facebook Messenger is a social commerce and customer service toolUp until 2016 Facebook trended as one of the top marketing and advertising platforms on the web. That does not stand to change in 2016. However, we do expect to see Facebook changes that make Facebook a useful customer service solution, and a central social commerce platform.

What has Facebook been doing to make online professionals believe that Facebook can become a customer service solution? First there is the integration of messenger on eCommerce, then there is the Yelp-like local business directory that gained steam in late 2015, and finally Facebook integrating with Uber to bring customers a better (and faster) experience with the company. All of those Facebook changes are set to make Facebook the leading player in social commerce. Together with other future Facebook features, the site is gearing toward becoming the head of the family when it comes to social commerce. Read more

Better eCommerce Customer Acquisition: The Traffic Booster and its ‘Secret Sauce’

StoreYa Traffic App for eCommerceWhat’s more cost-effective: getting new customers or making your current customers repeat customers? Yes, you’d be right if you said that the more cost-effective route is getting current customers to become returning customers.

However, in 2016, it’s time to make acquiring new customers more cost-effective. One of the ways to do that is to enable professionals and smart technology to get you more targeted visitors in less time and at a lower cost. That’s where our Traffic Booster service steps in to make eCommerce customer acquisition easier. 

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Increase Online Sales: The New Year’s Resolution You Will Accomplish

Increase Online Sales in ecommerceI am guessing that many of you have set for yourselves a New Year’s resolution, and then there are those that have not set anything specific, rather they just want to continue improving on this and that. Whichever group you’re in, I have a question: was the 2015 chapter of your life better than those before?

This is not another one of those motivational posts on how to stay motivated, create habits that matter, or improve your overall productivity. The internet is flooded with that, with some of the content being awesome and some of that just being a waste of internet space. This post is about taking action. Below is our guide to almost guarantee that you sell more in 2015, with tips on using the right mindset and everything you need to know about creating and meeting goals.

Don’t miss the customized Google Spreadsheet for your own use at the end of the post!

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YouTube Marketing Made Simple: 5 Examples, 3 Tips, and 12 Tools

YouTube Video MarketingYou remember how Blackberry used to be popular and has now faded away? If Blackberry was the “poster child” of smartphones, YouTube is that of video marketing – but it is not going to disappear. With over a billion users (almost one-third of all people on the Internet) and year-on-year growth of 60%, YouTube video marketing should be a part of your marketing strategy!

Let me guess what’s running through your mind, “I don’t know how to edit videos” , “Creating a YouTube channel will take forever”, “I don’t have the money or the manpower to create a YouTube presence”, “I don’t need videos”, and other variations of reasons as to why you should not start pushing your business on YouTube.

The bottom line is simple: you need video, and YouTube video marketing is your best option. Here are our rock solid tips to get you rocking YouTube.

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