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How to Use Humor to Build Your Brand on Social Media

How to Use Humor to Build Your Brand on Social MediaWho doesn’t like laughing?

I’m pretty sure the answer to that is no one.

So why not be a funny brand and make your followers happy?

With the rise of social media, a new phenomenon has arisen in the world of day to day marketing –humor as a consistent marketing technique!

That means not just being funny every now and then in a television commercial, but actually being funny in your day to day interactions with your fans and customers.

It’s a pretty cool and pretty effective marketing technique, and in this week’s post you will learn all about how to start using humor in your marketing! Read more

What Detroit Kicks is Doing On Facebook (And You Should Be Doing Too)

Are You Using Facebook To Its FullestAre you using Facebook just for marketing?

Well then you are missing out on some other cool things which you could be doing there!

Don’t worry you’re not alone in this, but after hearing about Detroit Kicks, an eCommerce shop that sells sneakers, you’ll understand the power of utilizing Facebook as a true center-point for your business.

Detroit Kicks uses Facebook for marketing, but it also uses it for customer support and sales. That means that it carries out its main business operations straight from Facebook…and it’s awesome! Read more

5 eCommerce Design Tips to Spice Up Your Site

5 Design Tips to Spice Up Your WebsiteDid you know that your site visitors make a judgement about your site in one twentieth of a second?

Pretty fast, huh?

That just goes to show you that the design of your site isn’t just kind of important, it’s REALLY important!

In order to keep you on the right track we’re bringing you 5 design tips to spice up your site! Read more

How a New Coupon Pop Feature Helped Instacurve Earn Over $200K

As you probably already know, Coupon Pop is an amazing tool that thousands of eCommerce merchants like yourself use on a daily basis to grow their social communities and email lists, while boosting sales at the same time.

Now, I could tell you a thousand times that Coupon Pop is good, but rather than telling you myself, I’d prefer to inspire you through the success of a merchant just like you.

So here is the story of Instacurve – an online shop that sells body shapers for women (and men) which gained over $200,000 in sales over the last few months just by using the Coupon Pop!

If you want to learn what their secret sauce for success was then you should definitely read on! Read more

6 Pinterest Marketing Tips You Can Use Today

6 Pinterest Marketing TipsInterested in a new marketing outlet? How about a social network that drives sales with an average order value of $123.50?

I hope that I have your attention at this point!

Good. In case you didn’t guess it already (or the title of this post didn’t give it away) I am of course talking about Pinterest.

Ready for some more good news about Pinterest?

83% of Pinterest users would rather follow a brand than a celebrity, plus only 5% of U.S. small businesses maintain a presence on Pinterest, meaning there is high demand and low competition!

So, with that introduction to the obvious power of selling on Pinterest, let’s get into some killer Pinterest marketing tips. Read more

20 New Places to Sell Your Products

20 New Places to Sell Your ProductsWhen you’re getting started as an eCommerce merchant (or even later on in your journey) it’s often difficult to reach the massive audience that you would like to be reaching. Which of course is not fun.

So the first thing you should do is to try to improve your marketing tactics, be it through social media, email marketing, SEO, or all three.

But there is something else you can do as well – start selling your merchandise on other marketplaces!

Usually these third party sites will get more traffic than your site, and therefore, by piggybacking on their popularity (and the new audience that you can reach) you can bring in some new sales.

In this post you’ll learn about 20 new places where you can sell your merchandise! Read more

The Life of an Online Entrepreneur: An Interview With Dana Svenson

Today we wanted to give you a little change of pace. This post isn’t about marketing tips, (you’ll have to wait until Thursday for that).

No, today is about what it’s like to be an internet entrepreneur. The ups and the downs of starting an eCommerce business.

Obviously running a business isn’t only roses and…cash. It’s also knowing equally well how to deal with success and failure. That is exactly what Dana Svenson, founder of Jerky in a Box (a jerky subscription service), discusses in this interview.

We are happy to have Dana as a customer, and are thrilled to know that our Coupon Pop and Exit Pop marketing apps have contributed to his success!

Without further ado, the interview (Courtesy of Mixergy):

Read more

How Successful eCommerce Sites do Content Marketing (and what you can learn from them)

How Successful eCommerce Stores do Content MarketingYou run a business online, you market it as best as you can (and you’re doing a great job!), and of course you read all sorts of online tips and tricks to help you improve your marketing along the way.

If that description fits you, and even if it doesn’t, I’d be willing to bet that you’ve heard quite a bit about “content marketing.”

But what exactly is content marketing? How can it help your business? How do you come up with new ideas of “content” to market?

I know those questions bothered me, and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind hearing some answers to those questions.

Which is why in today’s post we’re going to explain just what content marketing is, and show you a few examples of creative content marketing ideas that will inspire your own marketing efforts!
Read more

62 Free Tools for eCommerce Shop Owners

62 Free Tools for eCommerce Shop OwnersIt’s not easy to run an eCommerce store. Nor is it cheap.

So any tool which makes running your business easier and more effective AND is free is like winning the lottery…while on vacation…after having already won the lottery.

Since that’s the case, we decided to put together a HUGE list of free tools just for you!

There are tools here to help you with many different aspects of your business, so get ready for an all you can eat free tool buffet.
Read more

9 Tools You Can Use to Edit Your Own Product Photos

9 Tools to Edit Your Own Product PhotosRunning a business comes along with all sorts of things that I bet you thought you’d never do.

Surprising amounts of sitting, using social media more than your twelve year old child, learning more about taxes than you thought possible.

It’s all part of the job.

So, that being the case, why shouldn’t you know how to take care of one of the biggest aspects of your business – photo editing your product pics!

You already learned how to take super professional product pictures with your smartphone, but what do you do next?

In this post you will learn about 9 different tools that you can use to take your raw photos and make them look amazing! Read more

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