How to Increase Your Email List by 40% Using Pop Ups [Case study]

Coupon Pop is an amazing tool for gaining new email leads, growing your social communities, and boosting your sales, but to use it effectively we recommend you focus on adding a great design!

Before your potential customers will read the copy or see what you’re offering them, they will see how the pop up looks. A good design for your Coupon Pop is the essential first impression you need to have a high converting pop up.

In this post we’ll take a look at one StoreYa merchant who boosted their email list by 40% after really nailing their pop up design!

The Store

Tiger mist logoStevie and Alana, sisters and best friends, opened the doors to their first Tiger Mist retail boutique in August 2007 in Victoria, Australia. In 2010 they launched their own clothing label, Rise of Dawn, named after their mother, Dawn. The label quickly gathered a cult following and was picked up by over 50 boutique stores nationally within the first 12 months of launching.

This was the beginning of Tiger Mist as it is known today.

Tiger Mist launched their second in-house label, self-titled Tiger Mist, in October 2013 – a contrasting design from their current label Rise of Dawn. Tiger Mist features block colors and fitted fabrics in both daytime and evening wear – now stocked in over 50 boutique stores nationally.

Stevie and Alana are now taking the world by storm, and introducing a new label — Billie Swimwear along with Tiger Mist fake tan, Tiger Mist Active, and Salt and Sauce Intimates. You can see the waves these two are already making as Tiger Mist has 361k followers on Instagram and 191k on Facebook.

The Coupon Pop Campaign

Although they already had a large following and a strong email list, Stevie and Alana wanted to take Tiger Mist’s marketing reach to the next level, which is why they began using StoreYa’s Coupon Pop on their website.

Tiger mist coupon popTiger Mists’s Coupon Pop was all about the design! They took full advantage of the CSS editing capabilities that Coupon Pop provides in order to create a truly beautiful pop up. (To learn more about designing the perfect Coupon Pop, check out Getting Creative With Coupon Pop).

The very first thing you notice when this pop’s onto your screen is a smiling girl wearing a very bright shirt who is looking straight at you. This makes the experience much more personal. It’s as if she’s directly at you personally and offering you a special discount.

The next thing you notice is how well the pop up blends into the theme of the website. Not only are the call to action buttons pink like the website, but the background of the pop up itself has a pink tint!

What kind of results did Tiger Mist see from this Coupon Pop?

Tiger Mist’s focus on design definitely paid off for them. People were so attracted to their pop up (and of course the offer) that over the course of six months not only did Tiger Mist grow its email list by 40%, but it also increased its Facebook reach and drastically boosted traffic to its website, social networks, and e-news platforms!

Tiger Mist Moving Forward

In December 2011, the health of 23-year-old Stevie took a turn for the worst, and she was soon diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.

At the forefront of the business, Alana worked tirelessly to create a successful business and global success.

Alana talks about how she grew so much strength from her younger sister and that she was the key to the success of Tiger Mist, driving Alana to do everything that she could for the business while Stevie fought the biggest battle of her life.

In May 2013 family and friends celebrated Stevie’s remission followed by the news that Rise of Dawn would be stocked in MYER stores nationally. With sales for both Rise of Dawn and Tiger Mist at an all-time high and Stevie on the road to recovery, this was a really exciting time for the sisters.

Having both gained strength from Stevie’s sickness, the sisters look forward to a brighter and even more successful future. They plan to push forward with all of the new leads that they have gained through their Coupon Pop in order to expand their business to new customers while working to build a culture of health and fashion around Tiger Mist through their new Tiger Mist Warriors program.

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