Import your Amazon store to Facebook

Import your Amazon store to Facebook
We are very happy to announce that StoreYa now supports Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer!
Using our 1 click import process, Amazon sellers can now import their stores to Facebook, increase their fan base and boost their sales!

Why should you import your Amazon store to Facebook?

  • The traffic is there
  • You spend time, efforts, and money on Facebook, but you don’t see any revenues from it
  • A Facebook shop will help you promoting your products to your community
  • It’s time for you to treat your fans as VIP customers, let them enjoy discounts, and special deals
  • Engagement is the key for success here, and a great way to engage with your fans is by using your Amazon Facebook store
  • Your Amazon Facebook shop is equipped with all the social buttons such as: Like, share, tweet, pin it, G+, want and own. These buttons will help you gainning the viral effect you need.
  • Social commerce is the next step in the eCommerce evolution..Your competitors are already there, you can’t afford to miss it

StoreYa’s features and benefits will help increase your revenues, and will make you a social commerce hero!:)

  • One click import from Amazon to Facebook
  • No design or coding skills required
  • Statistics dashboard
  • A full marketing suite with proven success records, see an example of our Group deal tool:

Amazon in a nutshell: Established in 1994, Amazon is today the world’s largest eCommerce platform with $34 billion dollars in annual revenue and over 137 million customers a week.

Eyal Reich - StoreYa, COO

Eyal is the co-founder of StoreYa and a leader in social commerce. He has extensive experience in online marketing and project management. He is passionate about building amazing products that will grow your business!



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