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YOGiiZA, was founded by wife and husband partners, Dawn and Mark Oliver. As a yoga instructor and long time yoga practitioner Mark noticed that there were no yoga brands that truly represented yoga values. Most of the brands make their clothing with polyester and nylon fabrics or conventional cotton, all chemical intensive products. As a yogi Mark prefers breathable cotton fabric.

The obvious choice for making yoga clothing that will manifest a conscious healthy Earth is Organic Cotton.

As yogis we understand that the choices we make manifest the World we choose. We are staying true to the yoga path and are working extra hard to give people a choice that is a reflection of the World in which they want to live. Dawn Oliver is the mother of YOGiiZA keeping everyone organized and well prepared. We all look up to Dawn and respect her love and devotion to the cause. Mark Oliver is the Father figure of YOGiiZA bringing strength and security to the growing YOGiiZA family. We count on Mark to ensure that YOGiiZA is a company with a mission to protect and nurture Mother Earth.

In addition to being an Eco-Conscious company YOGiiZA is committed to providing support to fellow yogis. YOGiiZA helps to promote individual yogis and yoga studios through both local and national initiatives. YOGiiZA has a home in South Beach, FL where visiting yogis form around the world always have a bed, hot shower, and loving support.

StoreYa, is a big help to our marketing efforts. We believe Facebook  is a very useful medium for advertising YOGiiZA and interacting with our customers. We find that Facebook advertising is different from Google AdWords and other forms of advertising. People do not always appreciate being redirected outside of Facebook. The most effective way to use Facebook ads is to attract people to your own Facebook page and introduce them to your brand. With StoreYa we have the opportunity to make a sale to our fans directly from our Facebook page. This is great because now we can focus our Facebook advertisements on driving people to our Facebook page with an opportunity to sell our products to them inside Facebook. Thank you StoreYa for making it so easy for us to connect our Magento web-store to our Facebook page. This is a great service!

See the below examples to understand why we (StoreYa Team) like YOGiiZa’s activity on Facebook so much!

When promoting your store on Facebook or on any other channel, you need to use attractive images. Upload a nice, eye catching banner to your Facebook shop. We recommend that you to add text such as: Enjoy great offers on our Facebook Shop. Another good idea is to add a banner that reflects your brand and continues the same look and feel as the cover page you have on your Facebook Fan page.

See below examples:
Facebook Shop Banner

Facebook Cover Page
YOGiiZa Facebook Cover Page

Product images – You can see they used professional, clean, and sharp images in their Facebook shop. It sends an important message to their fans, we invest time and money on our brand, because we care about you!

Facebook Shop Products
You can see they used StoreYa’s InstaGallery in their Facebook shop to display more day-to-day images from their studio, these images (uploaded by their followers on Instagram) are linked to their product pages, creating a social gallery, adding it an interactive look & feel.

On which image would you click? Which image would have a better CTR (Click through rate), an image of an ordinary product or an image of follower (just like you) using one of their products? I think you know the answer, Instagram images drive a much higher CTR. This tool adds a great viral impact.

See the below print screen, clicking on the blue shopping cart icon redirects the fan to the relevant product page!

StoreYa's marketing tool - InstaGallery
Finally, take a good look at the YouTube channel YOGiiZA imported to their fan page (Another one of StoreYa’s marketing tools).

StoreYa Marketing Tool - Youtube Tab
This smart move enables your potential customers a quick access to all of your videos on YouTube, exposing them to your brand, increase your views, and subscribers.

In conclusion, we can see that combining great visuals with the right marketing tools adds brand awareness, increases the traffic to your shop, boosts your sales, and increases your fan base!

Eyal Reich - StoreYa, COO

Eyal is the co-founder of StoreYa and a leader in social commerce. He has extensive experience in online marketing and project management. He is passionate about building amazing products that will grow your business!



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