15 Slideshare Presentations That Every Small Business Owner Should See

15 Slideshare Presentations That Every Small Business Owner Should SeeThere are many mediums for content on the internet. And when I say many, I mean hundreds, if not thousands of different ways to share content on the web. Think about social media, blogs, news sites, tech sites, your own website, your friend’s website. The possibilities are limitless. BUT there is one site that delivers the most digestible content of them all – Slideshare.

When was the last time you listened to a lecture, or heard someone speak and there wasn’t a slideshow playing in the background? Unless your answer was 1547 you’re probably lying (or going to the wrong kind of lecture). Slideshows give content creators the ability to condense, simplify, and, at the same time, magnify what they are saying into easy to read and easy to understand slides.

Granted, not everyone learns better through visualization, but the majority of people do. With that in mind, we wanted to create a list of Slideshare presentations that can be used as a solid base of information for any small business owner. These slides are not only informative, but also easy to read and understand due to their design.

So sit back, and enjoy these 15 slideshows that will help you with your business.

Your Brand

1. The Art of Branding by Guy Kawasaki, Canva

This sideshow was put together by the marketing mastermind Guy Kawasaki who is currently working as the Chief Evangelist for Canva. While using a very clean design, Guy gives eight tips for how a company can work on its branding.

2. Brand Trust: The Six Drivers of Trust by Nick Black, Concerto Marketing

Brand trust is one of the most important factors for any company’s success. You can have all the recognition in the world, but if no one trusts what you do then you will not succeed. Due to its powerful statistics, good insights, and actionable advice this slideshow can be a perfect starting point for any company’s brand trust strategy.

3. How to Name Things by Victor Pineiro, Big Spaceship

Maybe the name of your company was obvious to you, or maybe you slaved over it for hours. Either way, I’m sure that the next time you think about starting a company, naming a product, or coming up with a name for anything else (except for your children of course) you will find at least one of the websites that Victor mentions useful.

Social Media and Marketing

4. 10 Big Social Media Challenges (and how the right tactics can address them) by Rand Fishkin, Moz

This slideshow by Rand Fishkin outlines the very basics of social media marketing. It goes through some of the first 10 questions you should ask yourself when getting started with social media, and provides quality answers for each one.

5. 6 Ways to Create Great Content in 15 Minutes a Day by Mark Schaefer

First of all, this slideshow is beautiful. There are only a few words per page, mixed in with some very good graphics which makes all of the information provided very easy to understand and internalize. On top of that, Mark shares six actionable tips, supported by some statistics as well, for how you can create and share content across the web.

6. 11 Secret Ingredients to Viral Facebook Posts by Ross Simmonds

Obviously you’re sharing content on Facebook, but what you really want is for your content to go viral, right? Of course! In this slide show Ross gives 11 “secret ingredients” that you can add to your posts to help them gain exposure. This slide show can also be used as a great example of how a good slideshow looks. It is attention grabbing, easily digestible, and carries the theme of the title (secret ingredients) throughout the slides.

7. 10 Ways to do Marketing Without a Budget by Iris Shoor, Takipi

As a small business I’m sure you have said to yourself, “I don’t have the budget to market my company.” Well, here’s your solution! Iris details 10 different ways that you can market your brand for free.

8. Social Media Crisis Management by Simon Kemp, We Are Social Singapore

Social media is an amazing way of connecting directly with your fans, but what you have to realize is that it gives your fans the ability to speak directly to you, and in a public forum to boot. What that means is that you have to be prepared for the occasional unhappy (or plain furious) customer that will leave negative comments. Lucky for you, Simon goes through every step that you should take in order to be prepared for this so that you can manage the situation quickly and efficiently.

9. What Anchorman 2 Did is Kind of a Big Deal by Gary Vaynerchuck

In this slideshow Gary uses the movie Anchorman 2 as a comical, but very real example of how a brand can go beyond the regular social media channels that have become so standard in order to generate even more buzz. Obviously some of the methods that Gary points out are too grand for a small business to undertake, but the concepts that he discusses can definitely be adapted for a small business looking to find a new marketing angle. (Notice as well how Gary’s use of color ties the slideshow together).

10. How to Get Local TV, Radio & Newspaper Coverage for Your Business by Fit Small Business

For a local business, or really any business, local attention is necessary. The question is, how to get this attention? Easy, get covered by the local news. Want to learn how to do that? Great. Take a look at this slideshow for a few actionable tips on approaching local media, gaining press coverage, and what kind of press coverage to get.

PR and Customer Happiness

11. Imagine Your Customer Becomes Your Friend by Steven van Belleghem, B-Conversational

The title says it all. Think about it. Wouldn’t your customers be far more loyal, respectful, understanding, happy, and of course, buy more, if they were your “friends”? In this slideshow, Steven explains how a brand can in fact befriend its customers.

12. 9 PR Posters for Your Office Walls by Prezly

This slideshow by Prezly frames some excellent PR advice with a clever idea of PR posters for offices. Flip through this slideshow for some useful tips, and, who knows, maybe you’ll even print out one of these posters for your office.

13. 6 Keys to Creating a Stronger Customer Experience by SAP

A happy customer is a repeat customer. How do you make customers happy? By providing the simplest, most intuitive, or, plainly put, best customer experience possible. This presentation by SAP provides 6 ways to accomplish this goal.

Presenting Skills

14. Make Your Presentation Memorable by Ethos3

As would be expected, this slideshow is full of bright colors, attention grabbing graphics, and bold text. And let me tell you, it does the trick! Ethos3 provides 7 great tips for creating better presentations that will stand out and get you noticed.

15. Your Sales Pitch Sucks, and What You Can Do About It by Slides That Rock

As a small business owner you find yourself pitching things pretty frequently, and if you haven’t yet, you certainly will as you start to expand. This presentation absolutely nails the classic pitch that most people give for their company or products, and points out exactly why this is not the right strategy. It then gives some great actionable tips for how to create a winning sales pitch.

Moving Forward

The internet is full to the brim with outstanding (and not so outstanding) advice. In this post we tried to gather together a taste of that for you, while also providing you with some great examples of how visual content can be utilized for your business. Now that you have this taste, we encourage you to think about which of these is most important to your business, or needs the most work, and to sharpen your knowledge of that by continuing to explore and search for new information that will help you along the way.

Zack Fagan

Zack is a social media enthusiast who loves all things digital. He is the inbound marketing manager at StoreYa where he spends his days searching for the newest social marketing scoop. If you’d like to chat with him, feel free to connect with him on any social platform.



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