Top 5 Free Magento Extensions for Email Marketing

Today we have a special treat just for our Magento users. If you don’t have Magento, don’t worry, we’ll get to you too (stay tuned for Thursday’s post)!

So, Magento merchants, do you have an email marketing extension that you love?

Magento offers probably the greatest selection of email marketing tools/ extensions, as compared to other eCommerce platforms out there. That being said, it’s up to you to choose the best available tools at your disposal to really make your email marketing pops.

Check out these 5 amazing (and free) Magento email extensions that will help you become the alpha male (pun intended) of email marketing!

MailUp Extension

If you’re looking for an advanced solution for your transactional emails and newsletters, then MailUp is for you.

Some of the featured that become available with the MailUp extension include:

  • SMTP Channel Server which is great it you’re sending out tons of emails (hopefully not spam) and want them to be delivered ASAP
  • Multi-store Implementation which is an awesome feature if you are running more than one online business

Of course, everything will be synchronized with your original MailUp account.  You can also map the personalized info of your customers to MailUp recipient fields by enabling the field mapping feature.

Mailup magento extension

MageMonkey Extension

Email marketing is relatively cheap thanks to tools like MailChimp and their Mandrill products. These are among the most widely used email marketing tools, and that is why it’s important to have a reliable bond between your MailChimp account and your Magento store. MageMonkey offers just that – seamless integration with your favorite email tools.

Some of the included features are: abandoned carts recovery messages, segmentation by multiple interest groups, subscription at checkout and many more.

Not to mention that it’s all nicely packaged and easily set up with the help of a pretty informative and detailed interface.

MageMonkey Magento Extension

Dotmailer Extension

If you’re looking for a real top of the line solution with the most modern approach to email marketing, then dotmailer for Magento is the right stuff for you.

One thing that really sets this extension apart from others is that it is very visually based, and highly intuitive. For example, this is how a set of follow up emails will look like in your Magento panel:

Dotmailer Magento Extension

Because it is so easy to comprehend and to update on the go, Dotmailer is really a great and invaluable tool for merchants with an elaborate system of email triggers.

The extension also gives you access to the ROI reporting feature, order status SMS notifications, product recommendations (instantly include in your follow up messages) and more.

EmailDirect Extension

Another big player on the market is the emailDirect Magento extension which includes some great features like purchase behavior overview and reporting. This information is very useful for merchants looking to incorporate more behavioral targeting into their email marketing campaigns.

One more great feature email direct provides is the ability to place a value on your subscribers by enabling you to see the exact earnings you received from any specific subscriber on your list.

EmailDirect Magento Extension

As you can see, there’s plenty of info to dig around. But this is not the whole list of features the extension offers. You can also send product review request emails, boost your lead generation, and more!

E-Goi Extension

While it’s not one of the biggest players out there, this solution offers a very valuable and affordable take on multi-channel marketing. E-Goi includes a convenient widget system, which allows you to easily add functionality to your email marketing campaigns.

Egoi Magento Extension

This extension also offers a pretty easy integration of coupon offers into your emails, which is great if you’re in a business that heavily promotes and uses discounting tactics.

Things to Remember When Choosing an Email Extension

If none of these impressed you and you’re choosing a different email solution to go with your Magento store, always remember a couple of important factors:

  • Support: Does the extension maker provide support for their product? Do they communicate with the community of their users?
  • Functionality: If you have to sacrifice some of your marketing practices to use a product, then this product is probably not for you.
  • Flexibility: Is it simple to install and maintain? Does it require you to hire an IT professional to operate? Will you need all of these functions that you’re paying for?

Have you tried any of the extensions above? What’s your favorite email marketing tool and why? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

Alex Plotnikov

Alex Plotnikov is a marketing manager at is a one-stop solution that includes everything you need to launch your Magento online store.



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