How a New Coupon Pop Feature Helped Instacurve Earn Over $200K

As you probably already know, Coupon Pop is an amazing tool that thousands of eCommerce merchants like yourself use on a daily basis to grow their social communities and email lists, while boosting sales at the same time.

Now, I could tell you a thousand times that Coupon Pop is good, but rather than telling you myself, I’d prefer to inspire you through the success of a merchant just like you.

So here is the story of Instacurve – an online shop that sells body shapers for women (and men) which gained over $200,000 in sales over the last few months just by using the Coupon Pop!

If you want to learn what their secret sauce for success was then you should definitely read on!

The Problem

While their store was successful, the Instacurve team wasn’t satisfied with status quo and was in search of a fast and effective way to grow.

After reviewing their business they came to the realization that, despite the massive potential, they were not utilizing social media and email marketing to the fullest extent possible. They had a strong presence on Instagram, but that was it.

They needed something which would help them take their business to the next level!

The Solution

That was when they discovered the Coupon Pop, and they knew it was the tool for them.

After speaking with us, they became even happier when we told them about a service we started offereing – personalized Coupon Pop designs for all holidays and promotions that they would offer during the year, created by our professional team of designers!

Here’s are four of the twelve popups that we designed for them:

instacurve coupon pops

The Results

So, how did these Coupon Pops fair for Instacurve?

Social: Instacurve grew its Facebook community from 1,500 likes to over 4,700. It also added an additional 3,690 new Instagram followers.

Email: Instacurve grew its email list from 900 to 3,200.

Sales: Instacurve gained more than $200,000 in sales from the Coupon Pop alone! (You can track the sales gained from your Coupon Pop in the app’s dashboard).

Needless to say, Instacurve saw some pretty impressive results from their Coupon Pop!

What Does Allison, Owner of Instacurve, Have to Say?

“Coupon Pop helped us to accumulate followers on social media at a speed and magnitude we didn’t think possible, and the custom designs really took things to the next level.”

You heard it from Allison, get your Coupon Pop today!

Interested in custom Coupon Pop designs?

Contact Dean, one of our marketing experts. He will be happy to help you grow your business:

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