20 of the Best Marketing Blogs to Read

20 of the Best Marketing Blogs to ReadAre you ready for a new week? I sure hope so, but even if you aren’t ready, I’ve got a gift for you. To make this week better than ever, I’m sharing with you my marketing treasure chest: an awesome list of the best marketing blogs that I can’t stop reading. Why am I sharing these blogs with you?

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. – Dr. Seuss

The quote by Dr. Seuss seems like a pretty straightforward answer, but if not, then here’s why I’m sharing this list with you: the internet is the most competitive market on earth. Unless you’re driving a few million people to your site every month, you can learn more about digital marketing.

Here is my list of 20 of the best marketing blogs for you to start devouring. Enjoy, and be sure to let me know which ones you love!

The Hall of Fame

If I were you, I’d subscribe to these ones as soon as possible.


An easy to read blog, that has you covered when it comes to social media. Unlike many of the other thousands of blogs on “social media marketing”, not only does Kevan Lee, the blogger at Buffer, put into action the tips and insights that are shared on their blog, but he also shares where things have gone wrong along the way. In short, read and get actionable tips for your social media marketing.


Honestly, here it was love at first sight. The blog is set up so that it actually includes three different blogs: Marketing, Sales, and Agency. Just want to read about sales? Terrific! They have a blog on sales (and they know what they are talking about!), so you won’t get bothered with content that does not interest you. Also, notice that the Hubspot blog doesn’t waste your time with meaningless text, rather all the content is “short and sweet” as well as unique (so no need to worry about reading the same thing twice).


The Kissmetrics blog gets labeled quite often just as an “analytics” blog, however it is more than that, with fabulous posts on optimization, images, content, growth hacking and more. The defining trait of this blog is that it is backed by knowledge, and not by opinions.

Occam’s Razor

If you are not getting the most out of your analytics platform then now is the time to start. To ensure that you know as much as possible about your analytics, be sure to hop aboard this blog that is 100% dedicated to bringing readers all the “must-knows” of mastering analytics. Did I mention that Avinash Kaushik (author and owner of the blog) is the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google?!

Social Media Lovers

Not getting the engagement you’re looking for? Getting traffic from Facebook, but no sales? These blogs have got you covered.


First of all, this is not just another blog on how to run your Twitter profile or your other social media profiles. At Hootsuite they believe that you should have fun while reading and that is what happens when you get into their content. Their posts are generally not “platform specific”, meaning you can take the insights and use them as you please.

Mari Smith

When a one-woman blog has more than 150,000 likes, you know she is doing something right. Mari Smith is a pioneer in social media marketing and constantly shares insights on her blog as to what you should not do and what you can do to get better results. Sometimes knowing what not to do can be infinitely more helpful than knowing what to do.

Social Media Examiner

CNN is for breaking world news. Social Media Examiner (SME) is that, but for social media. In addition to the news on the latest in social, the Examiner uses images to tell a story probably better than the rest of the gang. The bottom line is that if you know the ins and outs of the platforms you’re using, engaging can become your focus.

Social Media Today

First of all, they go above and beyond just blogging. If you have not attended one of their webinars, well then my friends, you’re missing out. In addition to the valuable webinars, the site has curated some of the best content on the web in regards to social, so that if by chance someone “small” writes a fantastic post, it too gets noticed.

SEO Pros

SEO is still alive, and your attention needs to be on it just as much as ever.


Struggling to improve your SEO? One option is hiring a search engine optimization professional. Another option is to subscribe to this blog. If you subscribe, you probably won’t turn into a search engine optimization expert overnight, but maybe in time you will, as the bloggers at Moz do an excellent job at creating their content. The posts are created as guides, so you can easily grab an insight or two every time.

Search Engine Roundtable

SEO may start with Google, but it certainly does not end with one platform. Websites that have mastered SEO have generally done so by doing well on more than one search engine. Why am I bringing this up? Unlike many other blogs, SE Roundtable doesn’t forget that, and has content that can honestly help your rankings across the different search engines.

Search Engine Watch

As previously stated, learning from other people – whether it be good things or the bad things – is critical to your business’ success. At Search Engine Watch they keep that concept in mind when creating content for readers, and on top of that keep you up-to-date with news on all things related to search engines.

Search Engine Land

Get 2-in-1 with Search Engine Land. Not only do you get updates on the latest news on SEO, but you also get content that isn’t written solely for SEO pros. With their content, you can easily read, understand, and implement a better SEO strategy that gets you ranked higher in searches.

Pro Tip: Did you know that almost half of the searches on Google have local intent? You can follow blogs like Ronkot for deep dives into local SEO ranking factors and top local SEO optimization hacks.

Content is King

Content.ly Magazine

I read this as often as I can because content is an art form, and like any art form, you are always looking to get better at what you do. Their magazine provides readers with enjoyable content that can always be implemented into a unique content marketing plan for their own business. If you need to unleash better content, then this is one way to get on the road to that goal.


As VentureBeat said, this blog may very well be “the bible of content marketing”.Their growth story is inspirational for any marketer, and it’s based heavily on the extremely valuable content that they create. The bottom line is that each post has something that you can use to improve your own content. Plus, you can listen to their podcasts whenever you feel a need to jump-start your content.

Convince and Convert

If you don’t know anything about content or are still a beginner then this blog is one you should start reading. C&C doesn’t just deal with the content-creation part itself, rather it also delves deeper and shares wonderful bits of information on working in and around content – along with tips needed to create better content.

Content Marketing Institute

If you are looking to turn the page and go from “good” content to “great” content, that can go viral, then reading some (or all) of the posts on CMI is something you should consider doing. How do can they help you do that? By analyzing some of the best content on the net, the team is able to give you simple insights into what works best.

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