7 Small Businesses Killing It with Video Content

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed all the fears we as small business owners and content creators have with creating video content and the big misconceptions that surround this type of content. The main misconception being that we need to professionally produce video content or we will hurt our brands. This is just not the case.

To show you that everyone truly can do it and the benefits of video content, here are 7 small businesses killing it with video content.

1. Kosmios Regrams Like Pros

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Who said you have to produce your own content? Kosmios is a good example of online merchants reposting (or regraming) customers who have posted content about their stock. As well as how they engage with their customer base to highlight their products by using user video to grow their community.

2. FitGirls on Facebook

If you’re looking for video inspiration, Fit Girls is it. Slideshow videos do not require much video tech knowledge. Apps like Animoto and Facebook’s slideshow tool make it easy for you to produce a similar slideshow video. Allowing you to adjust the animation, text, music and/or style to easily create your own promotional, informative or product video content yourself.

3. Behind the Scenes with Angelus Direct

Behind the scenes videos are great for engagement. They tell the story of your products and tap into the emotion of the consumer and your brand while instilling trust and confidence. These don’t need to be professionally shot, your phone will do. Take some snaps while you’re packing stock. Live stream a new arrival. Show your customers how a product is made. The possibilities are endless.

4. Hair Bow Company Going Live


You can’t deny that live video is the next best thing to hit the internet. Hair Bow Company shows us with their latest Facebook Live video that we don’t need to be afraid of the medium and that looking comfortable, is easy.

5. Simple Product Displays

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Casesalemode‘s use of simple product display videos show us that you don’t need anything more than your phone to sell with video. This simple video generated good engagement and therefore reach – maximizing exposure.

6. About Us Section

Be Inspired Boutique inspires us with their ‘About Us’ video. Not only does it make relevant info more palatable, but allows users to relate to the business on a more human level. This is so important when attracting new customers so don’t be afraid to be yourself!

7. Promoting Tips Through Influences

We’ve said it before: If you’re looking to kick butt with content, becoming an authority within your niche is imperative. That means tips, advice and all the relevant info you can give your audience, and video is a great way to do this. Vanity Planet pushes video tip content from popular influences from their YouTube channel, creating relevance.  If you don’t know a relevant influencer, you can use FameBit, a StoreYa partner, to find influencers to promote your brand. Plus, if you use this code: storeyapartner, you’ll get $25 off!  

I hope these inspired you as much as they did me! If you’re looking for more small business tips, jump onto our Facebook page and give us a like.


Nicole Blanckenberg

Nicole is a content writer at StoreYa with over sixteen years experience and flair for storytelling. She runs on a healthy dose of caffeine and enthusiasm. When she's not researching the next content trend or creating informative small business content, she's an avid beachgoer, coffee shop junkie and hangs out on LinkedIn.



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