7 Secret Shopify Features You Need to Know About

Calling all Shopifiers! Looking to up your Shopify game? These hidden Shopify features can help you streamline your business and your day.

1. Easy Quick Search

Need to quickly find a product, blog post, customer, collections or page? Shopify’s Admin Search is a simple, yet so often overlooked, feature. Simply press the ‘S key’ when you are anywhere within your store admin to bring up the search, or press the search icon.  

Shopify admin search


2. Scheduled Product Launches

Future publishing is a great feature for those store owners who want to schedule a new collection, post or page ahead of time.

how to schedule product launches on Shopify

Say you are launching a new sale page or your summer stock, and want to get all your ducks in a row before customers can access these items; future publishing allows you to get all your content and images loaded and then lets you decide when it will become visible.

Future Publishing for Products and Collections

Product Scheduling on Shopify

3. Handy Shortcuts  

Shopify uses keyboard shortcuts to make admin work much easier and time efficient. These include:

F Focus Search Bar
M E Go to your profile
B Y E Log Out
A P Add Product
A D Add Discount
A C Add Collection
A U Add Customer
G H Go to Home
G C Go to Customers
G R Go to Reports
G A Go to Apps
G O Go to Orders
G P P Go to Purchases

For a full list, check out Shopify’s official document on keyboard shortcuts.  

4. Quick Hide

If you have started your entrepreneur journey while still working in the 9-5, or work from public areas, then this little trick is just for you. If you are working in your Shopify Admin, and need to hide your store quickly from view, type BOSS. This will mask your store to looking like a spreadsheet and prevent any onlookers from seeing what you’re actually working on.

Shopify BOSS shortcode

5. Two-Step Authentication

Fully protect your store with Shopify’s two-step authentication feature.

Shopify two-step authorization

Using this feature means that even if someone gets their hands on your password, they still won’t be able to access the store without a single-use authorization code that is sent through your app or via SMS. You can access this feature by going Settings > Account > Name and then scrolling down until you find ‘Two-step authentication’ and click to enable.

6. Customer Groups

We know how important it is to segment your potential customers with regards to marketing, but what about your existing customers? When it comes to repeat sales, retargeting and email marketing, grouping your customers is a must.

how to segment customers on Shopify

how to create customer groups on shopify

Shopify’s Customer Group feature does that just that. You can set up customer groups by saving searches you have done on customers based on filters. You can group customers by how much they spend or where they have bought from and adapt your loyalty programs, emails, etc. to match. Find out more from Shopify’s Customer Creation Manual

7. Customized Branded Gift Vouchers

shopify voucher customization

On professional or unlimited Shopify plans, Shopify allows you to create gift cards for your online store. By default these are generic, but there is a way for you to personalize your vouchers to your brand. You can do this easily by uploading an image and then editing your gift card template file. Here’s how:

Uploading New Image

Source: Shopify 

Editing Your Shopify Gift Card File

editing shopify gift card file

For most themes, it will look like this:

shopify gift card code

Then you will want to:

editing shopify gift card file

We hope these 7 Shopify features help make you more productive in less time, so that you have more time for the important things! Have some awesome Shopify tips of your own? Share them in the comments below.

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