Get Better Facebook Ad Results in Just 90 Minutes

If you are not sure whether your Facebook ads are getting you the conversions they should, whether you’re paying too much, or looking for a scientific approach to optimizing your Facebook ads to the max, then this post is for you! Optimizing for peak performance will help you beat the main reasons your Facebook ads aren’t performing before they can send your ROIs downward.

The first step to better results is to spend five minutes defining your goal. Your goal will determine the metrics you’re after for tracking your guide to it. Website conversion Facebook ad campaign goals are the best place to start for new or small businesses – showing you how much each new customer is showing.

Right, now let’s get into it. Here’s how you can optimize your Facebook ads to peak performance in just 90 minutes.

30 Minutes: Analysis

The first thing you will want to do is an analysis of your Facebook ads. To track your results, create a spreadsheet that includes each of your assets and campaigns, their target audience, ad spending, etc. Here’s an easy step-by-step analysis guide.

Step 1: Sort Ads

The first step is to sort your Facebook ads, in descending order, by the amount you have spent. You will want to concentrate on the top 10 ads first, to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth on your top spenders.

Step 2: Study Your Weekly Metrics

Next, you will want to look at their conversion rates, CPCs, CPAs and CTRs. These metrics will point to where you need to be optimizing first. Like for newer ads that have the lowest CTRs or ads with large impressions – as this affects your click through rates (CTRs). The best way to see how campaigns are performing in the moment, is to use Facebook Ad Manager and select the last 7 days.

Step 3: Dig Deeper into Monthly Results

Next, you will want to look at all your older campaigns over the last 30 days. You want to look for differences in peaks. For example, if your ads had a big jump in cost-per-click towards the month’s end, it could point to ad fatigue or to a small edit you made that had a negative effect on your ad results. If your campaign is underperforming from the beginning, look at the metrics to point to why. 

Step 4: Check Ad Placement Stats

Is placement hurting your results? Track your ads over the last 30 days and track where the results are coming from. If you see that mobile gets you most of the conversions, higher impressions or higher CTRs (depending on your objectives).

Once you have looked at all of these stats, input them into your comparative spreadsheet so you can see what needs to be optimized in the following ways.

15 Minutes: Tweak Ad Placements

One of the first tweaks you can do is to your ad placements. As mentioned above, it’s better to be putting more money into the placements that work. You may find that this changes from campaign to campaign, depending on your audience and/or product. Once you have reviewed your stats, as set out above, you can adjust your ad placements on current multiple campaigns like this:

FB ad Sets

15 Minutes: Tweak Frequency

Recent research proved that Facebook ad CPC could as much as double when someone views the same ad more than once. As we touched on briefly above, ad fatigue can diminish your ad results. Ensuring you have complete control over your ad frequency can ensure ads are optimized in just ten minutes.

FB ad frequency

You will want to ensure that your frequency numbers are under 3. If they are over 3, chances are your audience as ad fatigue and you will need to tweak your audience and/or your ad text and images.

Tweak Audience

If you are targeting audience based on interests, adjust the interests to include new relevant interests. If you are using custom audiences, pause your campaigns for at least 10 days, giving your audience a break from seeing your ads too often.

Tweaking Images (+ Additional 30 Mins)

Mixing up your visuals and changing your images can be a relatively quick fix to getting your ads back to peak performance. If you have been using carousel format, try a single image or create the perfect Facebook video ad to correspond with your brand. Once you have brainstormed a few visual revamp ideas, try setting them to see which one’s the winner before replacing your campaign. You can do this by copying your existing ad set to create a duplicate ad, but with the same image.

15 Minutes: Exclude Previous Converters/Clickers

Another big optimization trick we often miss is to exclude those people who have already clicked and bought on your store, from your target audience. If you continue to target these converts, they will continue to see the specific ad, but as they have already clicked, are less likely to click again through that ad – resulting in more costly ads for fewer results.

15 Minutes: Change Ad Display Times

According to your spreadsheet analysis, what times of day are you getting the most impressions?

FB time frequency

By adjusting your ad’s schedule to ensure it’s showing at peak performance times can give you a higher return on your ad spend. Go to your campaigns > edit > click on Run adverts on schedule. Like the example below:

This will allow you to have better coordination control, where you can deliver different ad sets to different audiences on different days – optimizing each for peak performance.


Bonus Tip: Scaling Optimized Ads

Other tweaks you can make to your performing ads include increasing your audience and mixing up landing pages. Do you have perfectly-optimized ads but want to scale up for even more conversions? Watch this helpful video tutorial with Facebook Ads expert Ben:


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