How WaterCheck.Biz Boosted Sales by $15,000 [Cart Abandonment Case Study]

Did you know that 98% of the potential customers that visit your eCommerce site will leave before making a purchase? On top of that, of those 98%, a whopping 70% of them will never return to your store.

Did you know as well that 68% of people who add items to their shopping cart will abandon their carts without buying anything?

That’s a tremendous amount of potential customers (and sales) that are slipping away from you every day.

Don’t get too depressed though, there is a solution. And to show it to you we are going to take a look WaterCheck.Biz, a New York-based company that has managed to turn those numbers around by using StoreYa’s Exit Pop tool.

Want to learn how to retain abandoning customers and cut shopping cart abandonment rates, boost your sales, and gain returning customers? Of course, you do.

Read this cart abandonment case study to learn how.

What is the Exit Pop?

Just in case you don’t know what the Exit Pop tool is, we’re going to give you a brief overview of how it works.

Exit Pop is an automated sales tool that uses our innovative “Exit-Intent” technology to track your customer’s cursor movements in order to detect the exact moment that they intend to leave your eCommerce site, at which point Exit Pop displays a screen to the visitor encouraging them to stay in exchange for a coupon.

Exit pop example

By providing your site visitors with a coupon just as they are about to leave your store or, more importantly, abandon their cart, you can boost your sales tremendously.

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The Store began with one man’s simple idea. He wanted not only to make a local, regional, and national difference, but also a global one by promoting the sole thing we can all agree is as important to one person as it is to another — H2O. Since 2004, founder and CEO Leslie Gabriel has advocated for a new love, insight and respect for water. He calls it “Water Consciousness.”

In addition to selling over 400 of the best water-related products on the market,, based in Hillsdale, N.Y., supports water groups around the globe through its H2O Leadership Program.  For Gabriel, it’s not so much about being a successful entrepreneur, but more so about a commitment to a quadruple bottom line — water, people, planet, and then profits.

The Exit Pop Campaign began using StoreYa’s Exit Pop just 2.5 months ago, and with this Exit Pop below, have already managed to retain and convert a tremendous number of customers.

WaterCheckBiz Exit Pop did a great job making their Exit Pop really stand out. The bright blue color which they chose not only reminds their site visitors of water, but it, coupled with the large text, really attracts the eye. (For more on creating effective Exit Pop campaigns, check out Getting Creative With Exit Pop.)

This strategy seems to be working quite well for WaterCheck as they have boosted sales by $15,000 in a very short period of time.

“Exit Pop allows our customers to get the best deals possible on all our great H2O items while we grow our global community of water warriors.”- Mr. Gabriel

WaterCheck Moving Forward

WaterCheck has seen tremendous success in boosting its sales and increasing water awareness through the use of StoreYa’s Exit Pop. What’s more important even than the initial sales though, is that the Exit Pop helps to create a group of return customers.

By providing customers with a coupon you can show them that, not only does their patronage mean something to you, but that there is also the potential for future deals. This creates a sense of trust, and a desire to return to your eCommerce site.

As WaterCheck builds up a larger group of core returning customers and continues to generate revenue from new customers, Mr. Gabriel will be able to spread the good word about water to a larger and larger audience.

If you want to see these kinds of results for your business then download the Exit Pop today.

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