Better eCommerce Customer Acquisition: The Traffic Booster and its ‘Secret Sauce’

What’s more cost-effective: getting new customers or making your current customers repeat customers? Yes, you’d be right if you said that the more cost-effective route is getting current customers to become returning customers.

StoreYa Traffic App for eCommerce

However, in 2018, it’s time to make acquiring new customers more cost-effective. One of the ways to do that is to enable professionals and smart technology to get you more targeted visitors in less time and at a lower cost. That’s where our Traffic Booster service steps in to make eCommerce customer acquisition easier. 


We developed the Traffic Booster after we understood from our 400,000 merchants that their challenge was driving highly targeted traffic to their store. Although Facebook ads have been picking up steam over the last year or so, Google is still the source of the highest quality of traffic. The trouble is that creating a highly effective ad campaign in Google Adwords can be very expensive if you are not a pro. We knew that there had to be a way that we could help make running ads, especially on Google, less challenging.

To solve this challenge, we have put our experience (and pleasure) of spending over $10M on Google,  eCommerce Facebook ads, and other media buying networks, together with our development skills, to generate a flow that advertises your store for you! Combining our PPC skills with the ability to automate the process, enables us to run and manage your campaigns at an affordable cost.

In this post we would like to provide you with a complete picture of how the Traffic Booster works and why using it every month will help you gain better results. 

1. Throwing the ‘Nets’

The initial flow of advertising online can be illustrated as fishing with ‘nets’.

Any advertising company would throw a lot of targeting ‘nets’ to see which type of targeting works best for the specific store. By throwing many different types of ‘nets’, the advertisers end up spending more money than what they’d like, while waiting more time to get optimal results.

Our smart algorithm enables us to start with fewer ‘nets’. The algorithm enables us to get a head start on the other advertisers, and as a result, the campaign is more efficient. What do we mean by efficient? A higher percentage of the initial budget is spent on what works, rather than testing ‘nets’ that would come back empty.

As with any process (human or machine), the more the process is repeated, the better the end result. So as we run your campaign for a second or third month, we are able to convert your campaigns from good to great (lower cost, more conversions). We then have a large enough sample size to know what ‘nets’ bring you the most ‘fish’ (sales in your case)! 

Traffic Booster Testimonial

2. Re-targeting

On average 98% of your visitors leave your store without making a purchase. 70% of them will never come back to your store. (BTW, this is why we developed our Exit Pop :-)).

After the first two months we gain data on those abandoning visitors and set advertising campaigns to not only attract new ‘fish’ to the nets, rather also attract those that were able to escape the previous time. With re-targeting, the Traffic Booster aims to get shoppers that visited your store in the past to visit again, with the new visit intended to turn them into paying customers, or at the very least, leads that you can nurture via email.  

Re-targeting campaigns can significantly improve your sales (there’s a good reason why re-targeting became extremely popular in 2018). In order to maximize the results of the traffic-driving campaigns, it’s also recommended to use a lead generation tool to get those visitors’ email addresses (offering them an incentive with the Coupon Pop has done wonders for others).

3. Google Analytics Data & Goals

As you’ve probably noticed, we tend to keep things simple at StoreYa. The Traffic Booster sign up flow is no exception. You provide us with your store’s domain, target country, category, and define the budget you wish to advertise with.

After doing that, we need you to share with us, as soon as possible, access to your Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, we can:

  • Improve your Google advertising campaigns according to the data you already have there.
  • Optimize your advertising campaigns according to the sales you gain and report those sales to you. If you don’t yet have goals set on your Google Analytics account counting sales for you, we would set those goals for you.

4. Bids

After the first month or two, we are able to find the best pay per click bid that drives the targeted shoppers you need, while spending the least possible on those shoppers. This is something our system is set to do from day one, but it takes our system as well as the Google AdWords system time to get to that balance point.

Here’s a short story from one of our merchants, that is in love with the Traffic Booster.

Nava Zahavi: “My name is Nava Zahavi and I have been a jewelry designer for the last 15 years. I mainly sell through chain stores and catalogs, but this past November I launched a Shopify store in order to expand and reach private customers. November didn’t start great, and because I am not an online marketing expert I approached StoreYa. That’s when StoreYa set me up with the Traffic Booster. Within a month, the Traffic Booster generated over $30K for my company!”

Traffic Booster Results from Nava Zehavi

Portion of the Traffic Booster generated sales for her store

Final Thoughts

Traffic Booster is the real thing. This is not another outlet to get you a spike in traffic but no sales. This service has been created and will continue to expand in order to help eCommerce business, across a variety of industries, acquire more paying customers at lower costs so that not only sales are up, but also profits! We use fewer ‘nets’, but catch more fish! If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask your questions in the comment section below.

Ty Rothstein

Ty is a digital marketing enthusiast that can't get enough social media marketing and content marketing. He is the inbound marketing manager at StoreYa where he spends his days searching for the newest social marketing scoop and creating amazingly awesome content. If you’d like to chat with him, feel free to connect with him on any social platform.



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10 Responses to Better eCommerce Customer Acquisition: The Traffic Booster and its ‘Secret Sauce’

  1. James Bauer says:

    I don’t have a store, I have a MLM business. Can Storeya still help me.

  2. Hana says:

    I guess I’m misunderstanding a little…. I thought the fee was just a monthly fee, and that it included the advertising with it? But from this article that doesn’t seem to be the case…? Please help.

  3. I have a new shopify store

    H C shopping place

    Can you get me customers

    I don’t know how to use Facebook ads.

  4. Is the ads budget included in the 100.00 monthly fee?

    • Yes!
      All of our plans include the set up + management + optimization and ads budget.
      Go ahead and give it a try >>

      • Emmanuel Idoko says:

        You mange both google and Facebook/Instagram story ads?

        I am about launching a print on demand store with clothes and another store with bags and sneakers.
        Will storeya work with these kind of stores?

        • Hi Emmanuel,

          We start each campaign with Google AdWords (DSA, customized search, remarketing, shopping) and we add FB + IG ads when we scale a campaign to a budget of a few thousands of dollars. And yes, we work with print on demand stores. For us it’s important that you offer a good shopping experience and have a good conversion rate. While we ensure that the right traffic will be driven to your website, it is still up to you to finalize the sale.

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