Dozens of Podcasts to Help You Grow Your Shopify Store

In eCommerce, you can always learn something new because there is so much to know. Any new information you learn that can help you grow your store also has the potential to give you a competitive advantage over others in the same niche market.

With more than 500,000 stores powered by Shopify alone, there are definitely other people competing with you for business. However, don’t let the number of active stores discourage you too much! There are plenty of ways to learn what it takes to be a successful eCommerce entrepreneur.

One of my favorite ways to learn new things is by listening to podcasts.

Most people think of podcasts first as entertainment, similar to watching TV or listening to music. For this reason, they tend to be drawn to podcasts that focus on stories told over a number of episodes (which explains the popularity of podcasts like Serial and The Dropout) or feature a famous actor or actress (like Blackout). However, there are a lot of entertaining podcasts that can also be helpful in your work life.

Since you probably don’t have time to listen to the thousands of podcasts that might be relevant to your business, I have created a list of some of my favorite podcasts for eCommerce. That way, you will have a list of podcasts to listen to while you work. Maybe they will inspire you to make a positive change to your store that leads to more sales!

Marketing and Advertising Podcasts  

1. Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee podcast

Marketing Over Coffee is a great podcast that is presented more like a conversation at a local coffee shop. The two hosts discuss topics like social media marketing, copywriting and SEO for 20 minutes while they drink coffee. The conversational, laid back atmosphere of this podcast makes it a great one to listen to while you work on improvements to your store. Get in the spirit of the podcast by listening while you drink a hot (or iced) cup of coffee!

2. The Science of Social Media

Science of Social Media podcast

The Science of Social Media is Buffer’s podcast. In case you didn’t know, Buffer is one of the most popular social media management platforms for businesses. One would expect this podcast to be excellent because the company that runs it is literally a leader in the industry that is the subject of the podcast. Learn everything you need to know about marketing on social media from some of the industry’s leading experts.

3. Instagram Marketing Secrets

Instagram marketing secrets podcast

Are you looking to get even more specific than social media marketing? Try just focusing on learning about one social media platform, with Instagram Marketing Secrets. Episodes will instruct you on how to gain more followers quickly, run an effective sale on Instagram, develop a winning hashtag strategy, get more Instagram influencers to post about your business and more! Each of these tactics has the potential to lead to more sales and help you attract your ideal customer base.

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4. Internet Advertising Podcast

Internet Advertising Podcast

Michael Goc, who hosts this wonderful podcast about – you guessed it, Internet Advertising – has almost two decades of experience in online marketing. In a series of episodes, he gives tips on creating effective Google ads, Facebook ads, email newsletters and more. These subjects are the foundation of advertising for your online store, and with the helpful tips you will receive listening to this podcast you can definitely maximize the effectiveness of your advertising budget.

5. PPC Den: Amazon PPC Advertising Mastery

PPC Den podcast

PPC Den is described by hosts Mike and Brett as “the world’s first Amazon PPC Advertising podcast.” Considering the important role that Amazon plays in the world of eCommerce – both for customers and Shopify store owners – listening to PPC Den is an absolute must.

This entertaining and funny podcast is also very informative and can teach you to master Amazon’s PPC advertising system and avoid common frustrations with the service. Episodes vary in length but none are over 50 minutes and include titles like The Ultimate Amazon PPC Roadmap, How to Scale Using PPC and Cranking Up Conversion Rates.

6. The Animalz Content Marketing Podcast

Animalz Content Marketing Podcast

Animalz is a full-service content marketing agency, so naturally, their podcast is all about content. They particularly focus on content marketing strategy and creation for tech, software, eCommerce and cryptocurrency companies. The Animalz Content Marketing Podcast discusses different content-related topics in each episode, providing listeners with a well-rounded understanding of how to create and distribute content that generates leads.

Episodes range from interviews with leading content marketers from top companies to titles like Challenges to Producing Great Content, How to Think Like a Content Marketer and The Shape of Successful Content.

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Product Podcasts

7. The Product Breakfast Club

the podcast breakfast club

If you are looking for a great way to learn more about amazing products and everything that goes into developing them, this is the perfect podcast for you. Jake has worked with the best companies in Silicon Valley and has changed the way companies around the world work. Jonathan runs a multi-million dollar product design studio and regularly works with the best brands in the world. Together they host The Product Breakfast Club.

You will not only learn about the world of product design and development but also hear from experts in different areas of business. You are sure to come across ideas about how to improve your store.

8. UI Breakfast: UI/UX Design and Product Strategy

UI Breakfast podcast

On the UI Breakfast podcast, conversations cover UI/UX design, products, marketing and more. The guests are all experts in the industry and share knowledge that can help you choose products, market them and design your store to attract visitors and keep them coming back. They even have an episode on GDPR so that you can make sure your business follows Europe’s new data privacy regulations. In a different episode, you will learn how to develop an effective digital strategy!

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Entrepreneurship Podcasts

9. Hardcore Entrepreneurship

Hardcore Entrepreneurship podcast

Are you looking for entrepreneurial advice and something to get you in the mindset to grow your business and make it successful? Listening to a podcast like Hardcore Entrepreneurship could be the key to getting you to think like a successful businessperson. The podcast is produced daily and offers business and life advice from business mentor Billy Farrell.

10. The Offbeat Life

the offbeat podcast

If part of the reason you decided to start an eCommerce business was to provide yourself with a location-independent lifestyle, this podcast is for you. The Offbeat Life with host Debbie Arcangeles is a podcast about digital nomads, freelancers and location independence. Debbie interviews entrepreneurs who have developed businesses that allow them to be truly independent and travel the globe!

11. Visionary Life

Visionary Life podcast

If you are just starting your journey as an entrepreneur and/or want to listen to inspiring stories from other people who had an idea and started their dream business, then Visionary Life is the perfect podcast to turn on in the morning. Podcast host Kelsey Reidl chats weekly with visionaries and asks them the one question that listeners want to know the answer to: “How did you create, launch and build the business of your dreams?”

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eCommerce Podcasts

12. eCommerce Fastlane

ECommerce Fastlane Podcast

In this excellent podcast, host Steve Hutt interviews a different eCommerce entrepreneur in each episode. If you are looking for inspiration from some of the biggest names in eCommerce, look no further than eCommerce Fastlane. All types of eCommerce related subjects are discussed so you will be sure to find the tips, tricks, and solutions you are looking for to help you grow your eCommerce business.

13. The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast is hosted by Kurt Elster, a senior eCommerce consultant and Shopify Plus partner. The goal of Kurt’s podcast is to answer the following question:

“How’s an entrepreneur like me supposed to grow my Shopify store?”

After all, this is probably the most common question that Shopify entrepreneurs ask themselves, especially when starting a new store. The podcast answers this question through discussions with eCommerce visionaries mostly focused on growth strategies.  

Kurt has a wealth of knowledge about eCommerce and always makes his posts fun to listen to while continuing to focus on providing listeners with an answer to the main question.

14. Shopify Across the Pond

Shopify across the pond podcast

Shopify across the pond is a podcast focused entirely on Shopify, with discussions of the latest news in the Shopify universe. However, the target market for this educational podcast is UK based Shopify merchants (hence the “across the pond” reference”).

The podcast is produced by Blend Commerce, a Shopify Expert Agency. The episodes are designed to help listeners start, grow, and automate their Shopify businesses, and a new episode is released every month. So if you have a Shopify store and are based in the UK, from the UK, or even just a fan of the UK, I highly recommend you click on the link I provided or search for the podcast and press play.


No matter where you are on the path of eCommerce entrepreneurship, you now have a list of podcasts that will provide you with the knowledge and motivation you need to turn your goals into reality.

However, if you still feel you need a little extra help with a development, design or marketing project, you can hire one of Storetasker’s vetted Shopify experts to help you. To get a free estimate for your project, just follow this link.


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