7 Important Google & Facebook PPC Updates for eCommerce [May 2020]

There has been a flurry of 2020 Google and Facebook PPC updates and changes over the last week that could affect your eCommerce marketing strategy and not in a bad way! From lower CPMs to free Google listings, there are a lot of exciting changes to help you maximize PPC channel results for the best ROAS.

Here’s a breakdown of May 2020 Google and Facebook PPC changes, news and updates, as well as insights into what these mean to you as an eCommerce entrepreneur.

Facebook PPC Updates for eCommerce May 2020

1.  Global CPM at an All-Time Low

May is a great time to maximize your Facebook ads reach for less. With the rapid changes facing the online market, eCommerce marketers are presented with significant opportunities, specifically when it comes to Facebook. Not only are there fewer advertisers on the platform, but less competition, which is driving Facebook CPMs to an all-time low.

facebook cpm may 2020

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Add this to the fact that, according to Facebook, users are spending far more time on the platform; you’ll also likely be getting far more eyes on your ads. In short, for those who can, now is the perfect time to invest in more Facebook Ads campaigns as well as ensuring you are improving Facebook ad performance for your current Facebook strategy.

Pro Tip: Do a free audit and improve your Facebook Ads account within minutes using the free Growth Hero app for eCommerce.

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2. Facebook Nixes Campaign Budget Optimization Mandate Plans

Another important update coming from Facebook this week is that it is, thankfully, pulling back on the Campaign Budget Optimization mandate. After quite a bit of blowback, Facebook announced it was reversing its decision that would have eCommerce marketers use its Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) feature. What does this mean for Facebook advertisers? You will now have the choice to manage budgets at the campaign or ad set level.

Google PPC Updates for eCommerce May 2020

3. Shopping Opens Up Free Listings for All

In an abrupt deviation, Google Shopping is opening up free product listings to all online sellers. Although, it’s important to mention that this will only be in the body section of the Shopping tab. In my opinion, this change doesn’t affect most advertisers and is mainly a PR change. This is because they are changing only the Shopping tab, while Google’s regular search results for shopping carousels are still reserved for ads. However, it’s not without some merit. Google’s change will appeal to both sellers and consumers in terms of helping them get more listings on their tables for better organic search result visibility.

Here is a summary of how Google’s new program will work according to Search Engine Land:

  1. Free listings will be powered by product data feeds uploaded to Google Merchant Center.
  2. Thanks to a new partnership with PayPal, merchants who use PayPal will be able to link those accounts to the Google Merchant Center.
  3. The main Google Search page is not changing, and the carousels of product listing ads (PLAs) will continue to consist of ads only. Shopping ads will appear at the top and bottom of the page on the Google Shopping tab, just as they do on the main search results tab.

4. Get 20% Better CTRs with Bolded Search Ad Tool

Here’s some great news for eCommerce marketers bolded Search Ads are getting 20% better CTRs. Additionally, from what we are seeing, both bolded search and emoji ads are much better CVRs as well.

Bolded Search Ad Tool

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Although this doesn’t look to be an officially supported feature, marketers who have tested AdTools.org are seeing great results, if used strategically. With one A/B test, it was revealed that CTRs saw a 19.4%+ increase with bolded text.


You can read more about this study by Search Engine Journal, here.

5. Google Expands Verification Program

There is another big change that could affect eCommerce marketers and that’s Google’s drive to increase transparency through advertiser identity verification.

Google Expands Verification Program

This expansion means that all advertisers will need to confirm their identities, as this makes it easier for Google Search to understand who the advertiser is behind the ads they see.

6. Google Beta Tests New YouTube Video Builder

New YouTube Video Builder

YouTube has announced that they are busy testing its new video builder. In a nutshell, this tool will help brands create 6- or 15-second videos using existing assets and YouTube’s free audio library. What does this mean for eCommerce advertisers? They could more easily turn product photos and/or lifestyle images into a nice, converting-oriented video that you could then promote as YouTube Shopping ads.

7. Google Ads Website Links to Call Ads

The last May 2020 Google PPC update to consider is for those using Call Ads. Google now offers the option to include a website link to ‘Call Ads.’ The goal is to give searchers more contact options, and therefore, limited lousy customer experiences caused by peak-call volumes and times.



There you have it, seven important May 2020 Google and Facebook PPC updates. Stay tuned to our blog for other Facebook and Google news, updates, and changes. If you have any PPC questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below, and I will get back to you!

Happy selling!


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