Talk to the Wall – Part 1

Best practice for managing your community

In this series of “Talk to the Wall” lessons, we will provide you with suggestions, tips and researches regarding your wall – what to write on it, when to write on it and how to write on it. And get this – in order to provide you with the best added value we can, we will share with you ideas that we write in one of our own Facebook stores.

Lesson I – What to write

Say you have 2,000 fans getting your posts, and every “Like” they click is a further free promotion to an average of 130 more people. You are now potentially communicating with over quarter of a million people – that is if you write something your fans find interesting enough to like or share…
So, what should you write?

As promised we are going to share with you ideas that we write in one of our own Facebook shops. This store sells jewelry, but you can easily re-phrase the examples below to fit any industry.

How frequently do we post?

  • We post every 1-2 days
  • Most of the posts don’t overtly market our product, because we don’t want our fans to feel that we are only trying to get them to buy from us
  • We do post 1-2 offers or advertisements for our merchandise a week

What do we post?

“We like to post about whatever is going on in the business in order to give our fans an inside look at how our store runs. Preferably, these posts include an image (the picture doesn’t need to be professional – this is Facebook after all).”

Here are some examples:

  1. We are working on the line for ___(the next spring/ the next show…).
  2. Tonight I dreamed about a pair of turquoise earrings, and now I am going to design them — will be sharing a picture in a week when they’re ready.
  3. We have received a big order from ____ (big fashion store/ catalog etc.).
  4. Here is a pic of what is going to be an amazing ring – see the materials today and the prepared ring tomorrow.
  5. We are going to attend the conference in ___
  6. The price of gold just won’t stop…
  7. Here’s a pic of one of our “Labs” 🙂 This is where it all starts (post a picture of the work place showing its unique cupboards and drawers full of gem stones).

These kinds of posts shouldn’t take you more than 5 min a day, and can have a tremendous effect on your sales! And hey – you might even enjoy it!

If for some reason you still don’t have a StoreYa account, open one now, and start engaging your fans!



Eyal Reich - StoreYa, COO

Eyal is the co-founder of StoreYa and a leader in social commerce. He has extensive experience in online marketing and project management. He is passionate about building amazing products that will grow your business!



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8 Responses to Talk to the Wall – Part 1

  1. […] So, you have your first 536 likes, and you are communicating with them as previously advised at “Talk to the Wall – I” during the times advised at “Talking to the Wall – II”, but now what? How can you make 500 […]

  2. Fannie says:

    So excited I found this article as it made things much quicekr!

  3. The example used here is a little too simplistic… Anyone seriously interested increasing their page engagement should search for “Facebook EdgeRank”

    The EdgeRank algorithm is: Affinity x Weight x Time Decay = EdgeRank

    The EdgeRank dictates how many people will see your post within your fans.

    As a rule if a fan has not engaged with your page in 4 weeks they will no longer see posts from you.

    Just a few pointers to point those interested in te right direction.

    • Marizhka says:

      Very insightful – thanks Laurie! Sad to know that I can only reach a portion of my fan base that I’ve painstakingly built! It’s even worst to think that I could be losing fans if they never engage with my page in 4 weeks. Any tips on how you are keeping your fans engaged?

  4. Some great tips here I have been following, hope to increase more fan base and get those all important sales!

    Anyone else want to follow me on facebook can find me here

  5. Tilly Feldman says:

    Thanks for the tips … It’s nice to be validated for doing just that … I also send gratitude and give personel appreciation to page supporters … The shop app is a new addition for me as is Etsy … Looking forward to more sales have a great day ..

  6. Aurie says:

    We have almost 400 fans and struggle with getting them to comment. Thanks for the great advice!

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