Talk to the Wall – part 2

Best practice for managing your community

As mentioned in the last post, in this series of “Talk to the Wall” lessons, we will provide you with suggestions, tips, and studies regarding your wall – what to write on it, when to write on it and how to write on it.
And get this – in order to provide you with the best added value we can, we will share some ideas that we use in one of our own Facebook stores. If you want to be successful in Facebook commerce you gotta start with the wall!

Lesson II – When to write and how to write

  • When is the best time to post in order to get the most comments for a post?
  • Are there any specific words that will yield more comments?

While managing a Facebook page, you have probably asked yourself those questions more than once. Well then you will be happy to hear that not only has BuddyMedia actually conducted extensive research about those very questions and other questions like them, but that we have summarized the research for you!

1. Shorten your status
Statuses of up to 80 characters got 27% more engagements (likes and comments) than longer statuses.

2. Don’t shorten your link
While services like TinyURL and are very popular on Facebook, the study shows that they significantly reduce engagement as they block users from knowing where they are going to be linked to.

3. Time of the day
Posting early in the morning or late at night yields a 20% higher engagement rate. This is because most posts are published during working hours, so by posting outside of these hours you are more likely to catch your target audience while they are available.

4. Day of the week
Generally – Thursday and Friday were found to be the most engaging days, but, this varies according to the industry. Here are the best days to post by industry:

  • Media – Saturday & Sunday
  • Entertainment – Friday until Sunday
  • Retail – Sunday is the best
  • Transportation and cars – Sunday
  • Business and Finance – Wednesday and Thursday
  • Fashion – Thursday
  • Food and Beverage – Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Beauty & Health – Thursday
  • Sports – Sunday
  • Traveling & Hospitality – Thursday and Friday

5. Best keywords for a contest
When trying to promote a contest or a sale, better use soft sales words:

  • Use “win”, “winnings” or “event” as they are considered exciting.
  • Don’t use “contest”, “coupon” or “promote” as they are considered hard sale.







6. Best questions

  • Ask “Where”, “When” and “If” in order to increase engagement.
  • Don’t ask “Why” as it is too challenging and might be considered intrusive.

7. Best question usage
Always put the question at the end of the sentence in order to increase engagement.

  • Right: “Research shows that people spend 30% of their life sleeping. What mattress do you use?”
  • Wrong: “What mattress do you use? Research shows that people spend 30% of their life sleeping”.

Now go get those likes and comments!

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Eyal Reich - StoreYa, COO

Eyal is the co-founder of StoreYa and a leader in social commerce. He has extensive experience in online marketing and project management. He is passionate about building amazing products that will grow your business!



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