How a Business Gained 10,000 Emails in 5 Days Using Giveaways

When it comes to eCommerce, building your email list and growing your social communities is a must.

But what if you’re having trouble and you need a quick boost?

I know what you’re thinking, now he’s going to give a shameless Coupon Pop promotional pitch…

But I don’t need to do that. You already know all about the Coupon Pop. No, I’m coming to show you a new way you can use your Coupon Pop.

You’ve used it to give out coupons and discounts, but I bet there’s something you haven’t tried yet – using the Coupon Pop to offer giveaways!

Sounds crazy right? Crazy good! And I am happy to tell you it really works.

Not only that, I will show you how well it works with the story of Keysocks, a company with a unique solution to women’s socks.


Keysocks provides a super cool solution to women around the world – the first ever no show knee-high socks.


The idea for Keysocks was born in 2009 when Shelby McKee had a need for a sock on a cool day to wear with some cute flats a friend had lent her. The footies she had in her drawer always fell off her foot and never provided any warmth.  She decided to grab one of her husband’s socks and cut a hole in them. The rest is history.

The Problem

While Keysocks has been successful in entering the market and establishing its place, it still has trouble selling its socks in the warmer months of the year. In order to solve this problem, Keysocks introduced lighter material socks for the Spring and Summer, but still did not see strong sales in April for the new arrivals.

It became crucial for Keysocks to find a way to maintain its sales performance throughout the weaker months as well.

The Solution

Keysocks knew it was time to get creative to solve their problem, so the team got thinking. Here’s the thought process they went through:

1) What has been our marketing technique until now?

Keysocks has focused since day one on getting their socks on as many women’s feet as possible, because they believe that once someone has tried on a pair they will become a customer for life.

2) Where do we reach our customers most effectively?

Facebook, Instagram, and email are Keysocks most used marketing channels. These channels are used for getting customer feedback, interacting with customers, and for sending out special offers.

3) How do these two points interact?

The idea is that by getting a customer to try to the product they will become a customer, and then by maintaining continual interaction with them through social and marketing channels Keysocks can keep these customers, and increase their value.

4) So what can we do to exploit this process?

Now the magic starts. If the key to success is getting the product in the hands of the customers and then to interact with them from there in order to grow their value, why not just provide new customers with a giveaway (a free pair of socks) in exchange for their email address and a like on Facebook?

The solution is perfect! New people would be exposed to Keysocks, and Keysocks would be able to grow these new customers’ value through social and email marketing.

In order to implement the giveaway, the Keysocks team turned to Coupon Pop. They had been using Coupon Pop for a year already and enjoyed its ease of use, and the growth that it had helped them to achieve.

They loved the fact that by using the Coupon Pop it would be simple to determine who signed up through the promotion so as to be able to continue the relationship beyond the initial giveaway.

The Results

The promotion wasn’t just good. It was so uniquely amazing that it was picked up by Morgan Collins, a contributor for the Today show. This referral sent tremendous amounts of traffic to Keysocks, and these site visitors of course in turn claimed the giveaway through Coupon Pop.

So, what are the actual numbers?

All told, Keysocks managed to gain around 10,000 emails and 5,000 Facebook likes!

That is some serious growth for the off season if you ask me.

Keysocks Thoughts on the Campaign

“Clearly the campaign was a massive success, but the success was made possible by the Coupon Pop which we used to manage the giveaway…”

“Outside of the standard functionality that Coupon Pop offers, its ease of use allowed us to manage the chaos efficiently with so many people coming to the site.  We ran out of codes a few times, but because the interface is so EASY to use, we could quickly get the promotion up and running again without issue.”

Keysocks Moving Forward

“In the short term, the Coupon Pop momentum has given us the necessary marketing data to show retailers big and small that there is a huge demand for this type of product in their brick and mortar stores….”

“On the marketing side, we are going to use each and every one of these customer’s gained to help educate their friends and family about our product.  We’ve already realized gains from their passionate advocacy for Keysocks, and we look forward to this momentum helping us realize our goal of having Keysocks in every woman’s drawer.”

As you can see, Keysocks has decided to keep using the Coupon Pop on their site even after the giveaway has expired.

coupon pop keysocks

If you Like what you’ve Seen…

Want to open up the doors to new and creative marketing campaigns on your eCommerce site, enabling you to boost sales while growing your email list and social communities?

Then you should definitely give the Coupon Pop a shot!

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Public Service Announcement: The Keysock giveaway is no longer live.

Zack Fagan

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