9 Awesome eCommerce Podcasts Every Merchant Should Be Listening To

We are all pretty busy, right? As an ecommerce merchant, no matter if you are one day into the business or two years into it, you probably have your hands tied up with marketing, customer service, product development, working with suppliers, and more.

Those that want to improve their business, and turn it into a thriving, profitable venture tend to find ways to learn from others. One of the ways to do so is via great content. The problem is that we don’t always have enough time to take in content. Fortunately, the rise of podcasts has made it easier to take in great content. Because time is of the essence (might also be our most valuable resource) and because there are tons of podcasts, I have created a short list of the best podcasts for ecommerce merchants for your enjoyment (and education).

Before you take a look at the list (in alphabetical order), I’d like to point out that these podcasts are ecommerce or small business oriented. There are a handful of other fantastic podcasts on the internet that are great for entrepreneurs. Those however, are for another day.

1. Build My Online Store

Terry Lin is an ecommerce entrepreneur, founder of Baller Leather, and the host of Build My Online Store Podcast. He’d like to think (and he’d be right) that he is able to help people people build their first online business.

What is this show? The podcast episodes offer something different each and every time, as he covers topics that are relevant to every stage of increasing the strength of your ecommerce business. Fortunately for us listeners, although he is now a seasoned ecommerce veteran, he still approaches the episodes in a way that enables every merchant to understand how to implement the tips.

Listen to this#25: How To Build A Viral E-Commerce Business with 200,000+ Fans

Why should you listen? I honestly believe that you can take something away from each and every one of his episodes. If you are not getting better, you’re getting worse…go give it a listen.

2. eCommerce Fuel

The podcast is run by Andrew Youderian, and focuses on getting its listeners detailed information on running an ecommerce business. First of all, here is one reason to listen to Andrew: he built two dropshipping businesses that drove a combined total of over one million dollars in sales.

Andrew states that the podcast is garnered toward six and seven figure income merchants. Obviously anyone can listen, but from my experience listening, anyone that has a drive to make more and more money, while putting in the work, can learn from this podcast. He’s got some great guests too!

Listen to this: Facing the Business Doldrums: 6 Questions to Ask When Your Business Stalls

Why should you listen? If you are an above average merchant that has the motivation to turn the business into a hundred thousand dollar business, then this is for you.

3. eCommerce Influence

Austin Brawner and Chad Vanags are the hosts of this show that tends to always bring someone on board to add more value to all the tips they offer. Both are more than knowledgeable in what they do, with Austin having a solid background in sales (headed up a 15+ person sales team that did ten million dollars in revenue)

This podcast focuses on marketing, with its bread and butter being Facebook, video, and email marketing. To add to those critical topics, the two also cover conversion rate optimization. First of all, they don’t expect you to know everything about the topics they cover, as they go from zero to sixty and a speed that is comfortable for newbies.

Listen to this: 91: Jeff Sheldon, Ugmonk – How To Create The Most Authentic Online Brand So Customers Never Leave You

Why should you listen? If you feel as if marketing is your Achilles heel, then this podcast is definitely worth listening to. You only have what to gain.

4. My Wife Quit Her Job

Steve Chou is the founder and host (co-host now) of the podcast that seeks to offer an insight into how to go from beginner ecommerce to a prosperous ecommerce business. Aside from the wonderful podcast, Steve (along with his wife) owns and manages the successful ecommerce shop Bumblebee Linens.

The podcast goes through all the realms of ecommerce like many other ecommerce focused podcasts. However, there is one major difference: all of the people that he interviews have bootstrapped their business! Be sure to check out his website – before, during, or after – you listen to his podcast to check out some of the resources he offers.

Listen to this: 050: How Brandon Eley Makes Millions Catering To A Small Niche In A Huge Market

Why should you listen? If you are funding your ecommerce business, without any outside capital, you should find some time to listen so you can understand how to better manage and grow your business when money isn’t always available.

5. Niche Pursuits

Spencer Haws is the host and founder of the Niche Pursuits podcast. Spencer’s background is a bit different, in that his bread and butter is about taking niche websites and turning them into gold. He’s built, bought, and sold hundreds of websites over his career, and made it profitable by finding the right keywords to rank higher for.

There is a difference – marketing wise – between having a store that sells mainstream items and one that sells a very specific type of product that doesn’t get much love on the web. The podcast shows how these very specific niche sites can be just as successful as a mainstream business. That being said, the principles behind the tactics he suggests can be implemented by any ecommerce merchant.

Listen to this: Podcast 64: How Steve Chou Built a 6-Figure eCommerce Store without Quitting His Day Job

Why should you listen? If you are an ecommerce merchant working in a not mainstream niche, rather you sell something very specific, then listening to this podcast should be on your to-do list.

6. Shopify Masters

This podcast is not just for Shopify ecommerce shop owners! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, what you need to know is that it offers great interviews from highly successful ecommerce businesses.

The podcast differs a bit from episode to episode, as it caters to the strengths of the business being interviewed, so you can learn more from that business, and not necessarily focus on a certain topic. For instance, there might be an episode that focuses on content, while another focuses on branding or crowdfunding.

Listen to this:  EP58 – How Content Drives Sales For HasBean.co.uk (Produces Hundreds of Videos and Blogs)

Why should you listen? If you want to not only increase sales, but also create a thriving online business, then listening to this podcast could be a step in the right direction.

7. Small Business Big Marketing

Timbo Reid is the extremely experienced host of Small Business Big Marketing. He has spent over 20 years in marketing, helping clients, such as Gillette, Yellow Pages, Diners Club and AXA at agencies that he has worked at (not too bad!). Today he has his own small business, “The Ideas Guy”, a marketing agency for the small business.

The podcast mixes in tips for both offline and online business on how to do marketing for their small business, with just as much quality as any big business, while not going over budget. Every episode is packed with actionable marketing tips and strategies that ecommerce merchants can use to further their business.


Why should you listen? First of all, he’s got over 20 years experience working with giant businesses. Now he uses those tactics on his own small business. If anyone knows how to implement strategies on both levels, this is the guy (and the podcast).

8. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is kind of like an online entrepreneur hero to many online professionals. After getting laid off from his job in 2008, it took some time, but he built Smart Passive Income which has become one of the top sources on the net for those trying to make a living on it.

What’s his podcast all about? Pat shares insights from his successful journey about making money online. The tips are usually focused on topics such as blogging, email marketing, product development/launches, and building an active community. He may not be an ecommerce professional, but what he has done – exceptional branding and marketing – is something any business would love to have on their resume.

Listen to this: SPI 161: How to Stand Out of the Crowd With Dorie Clark

Why should you listen? You can find Pat speaking with ecommerce and other online entrepreneurs on a regular basis so they can share their success stories that’ll regularly leave you in a better position to succeed.

9. Tropical MBA

Hosts Dan Andrews and Ian Shoen have built up a podcast that now has more than 250 episodes of great advice! This podcast in itself is a bit of a niche: how to run a location-independent business online. Unless your ecommerce store has a brick and mortar location, this podcast is relevant to you (and even if it does, this can still be relevant).

In the podcast, the two speak about the different ways you can run your business and turn it into a “micro-multinational” businesses. This just means that your business has no nationality, because you are traveling the world while running your business. The topics range from entrepreneurship, travel, internationalization, and personal freedom. With that in mind, this is not your average podcast on learning just ecommerce. However the concepts behind the strategies of working from anywhere are priceless.

Listen to this: TMBA 269: Branding is About Relationships Not Recognition

Why should you listen? If you want to be more efficient in your work, and have a better work/life balance, then this is the podcast that can get you there. It’s the MBA for being able to grow your own business and enjoy your life at the same time.

For anyone that feels like they are overwhelmed with work, and not finding time to sit back and read a bit on how to improve things here and there, listening to one of these podcasts (or more) could be a helpful solution for you. Are you listening to any of these podcasts or any others? If so, please let us know what you are listening to and what show you will be following.

Image Credit: Patrick Breitenbach

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