The 5 Point Guide to More Leads, Social Fans, and Sales With Coupon Pop

Finding the most effective strategy to increase sales is difficult for every business. As you read this, there are hundreds of thousands of sales teams and entrepreneurs around the world trying to find a better way to increase sales for their business. Fortunately, site overlays, or what is more commonly referred to as a popup, have turned the tables on the difficult process of “increasing sales”.

Creating a ridiculously successful Coupon Pop is not a problem, but you’ve got to do your homework before launching the campaign. Today, I’ll be going over with you why you need a Coupon Pop, what the StoreYa Coupon Pop is, and of course how to get a successful campaign up and running, whether you are or aren’t using Coupon Pop already. 

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen that when the Coupon Pop is properly implemented, its success is almost as sure as two other things in life: taxes and death. Enjoy!

Why do you need Coupon Pop?

This might be one of the easier questions to answer. Here are a couple statistics that’ll put things into perspective.

  • On average, only 2% of traffic converts on the first visit (source).
  • For every $92 spent on driving traffic, only $1 is spent on optimizing the shopping experience for conversions (source).

Too many online professionals are overspending on generating more traffic, and underspending on taking the opportunity to maximize the return on each of its current visitors. The fact that there is such a gap between the amount spent on driving traffic and the amount converting visitors makes it easy to understand why only 2% of first time visitors are converting.

The stigma that popups are bad or annoying can be more than a stigma and be the honest truth if it sends the message, “just give me your freaking email”. A Coupon Pop that adds value to visitors helps you and them – it’s a win/win. That’s what creates more leads, social fans, and sales.

What is Coupon Pop

As you probably know, the user experience is of the utmost importance. Great marketing or sales pitches won’t get the job done if the experience before, during, and after the purchase is forgettable. So naturally, we’ve been driven toward creating a positive experience with all our apps – especially with the ever popular Coupon Pop.

Don’t think we could have said it any better :).


Over the last couple of years, since launching the Coupon Pop in 2013, we’ve seen thousands of merchants expand their social media and email leads by an average rate of 25% per month. What’s more is that those leads have also led to an increase in sales on average of 33%! Now, it’s your turn.

The Road to a Successful Coupon

What do visitors want?

If you take a look at ecommerce brands that have had amazing results over the past couple of years, you’ll notice a few common factors. These successful brands, find a way to make the customer feel part of the brand, as opposed to “just being a customer”. How do they create that feeling? There is more than one recipe, but it always includes high-quality products, above average customer support (that creates trust), and great deals.

The Coupon Pop is one of the tools available to ecommerce merchants to create the brand connection. Not only can you offer customers and visitors a great deal (free shipping, “1+1”, discounts), but by creating an effective Coupon Pop you are creating a vibe that you care about customers. The result is more trust than ever. You are not just creating a popup to generate more leads, rather you are also giving something back.  


First of all, you can target all visitors. You’ve already put the work into creating the campaign, so why not get it front of as many people as possible? That is definitely one way to go.

However, you can also customize your targeting to reach a more specific audience. For example, if you have created a new landing page or you have a new line of products, you can set up your Coupon Pop so that it only appears on that page.

What are the different targeting options available in Coupon Pop? Aside from all visitors or just new visitors, you can choose to target (or exclude) specific pages, direct traffic, paid campaigns, search engine traffic, and visitors from social media networks.

Creating the offer

After you’ve looked at the way your visitors are acting via analytics, decided on a goal for your campaign, and chosen the target audience that’ll help you reach that goal, you can now create the right offer.


The Headline should have two traits: it should be short and include numbers. Time after time, the use of numbers in headlines has brought businesses above average results: the use of a number in the headline can lead to a 45% higher conversion rate.


What else makes copy extremely successful in increasing signup rates? According to the Harvard Business Review, 60% of people do research, set requirements, benchmark pricing and rank options before they make a purchase. This means the limited text that you have should not tell people the solution you offer, rather you should be offering the benefit.

What else? The word “now” has proven to bring terrific results for ecommerce businesses. Why? The word “now”, like “today”, “only”, “hurry”, and others create a sense of urgency. Under “The Deal” you can see how “Raw Generation” used urgency in a flash sale (short lasting offers, usually up to 24 hours) to create a surge in sales.


Five of the top six performing Coupon Pops over the last week all used the word “now”. In one week, together they’ve added nearly 90,000 new leads to their social media profiles and email lists.

The Deal

This is where things start to get interesting. According to survey that we conducted, we found the following results:

  • Products of up to $100: 10% is indeed the sweet spot.
  • Products between $101-$200: The sweet spot moves up a bit towards 15% – but doesn’t go up any more than that.
  • Products above $201: The sweet spot actually moves down. Merchants should settle for a 5% discount! Even 10% takes you beyond the tipping point.


Overall, we found that on average, the discount that created the highest increase in sales was 10% (we call it the “sweet spot”).

However, there are exceptions to every study and every rule. “Raw Generation” used a 60% off sale in order to boost sales quickly with an attractive flash sale. The results were unforgettable. Within three weeks they increased sales by over $20,000 just from the Coupon Pop. On top of the nice increase in sales (nice might be an understatement  :)), they were able to also add in excess of 1,900 new email addresses.

 Raw Generation


The same rules that apply to social media or any other digital media apply here as well: people respond to images more than they do just to text. What types of images resonate best? It all depends on what you sell. If you sell shoes, or any type of footwear then an image of a smiling person might not be what you need.

No matter what you sell, these are the guidelines for picking an image that go with your Coupon Pop.

  • Action catches our eyes and makes us stop for a second. The rods in our eyes are more sensitive to movement. Why? Who knows, but know that you know that, see what movement or action can be added to your images to get each visitor to stop and look at your offer. Notice the background image here – it’s the right use of an “action” that fits in perfectly with the brand’s products.


  • Keeping it simple the name of the game, and it’s why visuals work. Don’t try to recreate the universe with your images. This is a situation in which “less is more”. The image to the left of the offer is pretty simple, yet extremely attractive. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to create an image that resonates with visitors.


  • Emotion is what drives sales. Emotion stands behind 99% of purchases (whether you know it or not). Every audience has a different emotion that needs to be struck. Creating happiness might be your goal or it might be pride. It depends on your audience and your product. What emotion do you want to strike? For some of us, this might not stir an emotion, but for the brand’s visitors it creates a feeling that leads to sales.


Pro Tip

Here’s something to take note of when deciding when to have the Coupon Pop come center screen: according to a study by Chartbeat, after analyzing over 2 billion website visits over a one month period, they found that 55% of those visitors spent fewer than 15 seconds on a page. Over the years we’ve seen that Coupon Pops that “pop up” within the first seven seconds generate the best results.


Angelus Direct: Over the course of just five months Angelus Direct gained 5,400 new Facebook fans (an increase of 70%), plus an additional 5,942 new followers on Instagram. These new fans have resulted in an increase of $40,000 in revenue.

Angelus direct facebook growth

Instacurve: Their Facebook community grew by more than 3,000, while on Instagram they added an additional 3,690 new followers. Their email list grew from 900 to 3,200. Above all, Instacurve gained more than $200,000 in sales from the Coupon Pop alone! (You can track the sales gained from your Coupon Pop in the app’s dashboard).

So you remember that 2% conversion rate I mentioned? That 2% conversion rate doesn’t have to hold true for your store. Tiger Mist used Coupon Pop to increase its email list by 40%, while Beginning Boutique used the Coupon Pop and saw an increase in sales of $40,000 in ten days. No matter if you want to increase sales, grow your leads, increase the size of your social communities, or do all of that, Coupon Pop might just be the tool for you :). 

Do you have something to add? Do you have a question? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. We’d love to chat with you.

Ty Rothstein

Ty is a digital marketing enthusiast that can't get enough social media marketing and content marketing. He is the inbound marketing manager at StoreYa where he spends his days searching for the newest social marketing scoop and creating amazingly awesome content. If you’d like to chat with him, feel free to connect with him on any social platform.



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