14 Top Shopify Apps for Holiday Season Success

There are dozens of amazing apps available for Shopify merchants, which is one of the benefits of using Shopify – there is literally an app for everything. Having said that, how can we claim that these following 14 apps are the top Shopify apps that’ll get you through the holiday season with more success than ever?

We can say that these are top apps, because they’ve earned that right by bringing results to their users on a constant basis. All of these apps have proven, to give their users irreplaceable benefits that lead to a better customer experience, more efficient marketing with a higher ROI, and when it’s all said and done, a more profitable business. So, on your marks, get set, go!

Please note that the apps are listed in alphabetical order, and are not ranked 1-14.

Abandon Aid

Why do you need it?

The average abandoned cart rate is 68.53%. Enough said, no?

What is Abandon Aid?

After installing and activating the app, you can have automatic emails sent to prospective customers in a timely manner (you get to choose when!) so you don’t lose out on any more customers. This is email marketing automation at the snap of your fingers!

Some of its features also include email template customization and of course statistics that show you how you’re doing with abandoned carts. A nice bonus feature is the option to send a second follow up reminder to selected customers.

Get Abandon Aid



Why do you need it?

Do you constantly get emails from customers asking where their package is? Do you spend too much time looking for tracking numbers or send customers to deal with this on their own? If so, then there is a good news: there’s an app that improves this final phase of your customer experience. Free yourself up from dealing with shipping and tracking questions today.

What does AfterShip do?

AfterShip makes it easy to auto track all your shipments, and not just those via UPS, USPS, and Fedex as the app works seamlessly with 200+ couriers. With AfterShip you can display tracking results on your store to notify customers when the shipment is in transit, out for delivery, delivered and if there has been an exception to the shipping. There’s nothing quite like creating a strong relationship that encourages transparency with the customer.

Get AfterShip


Coupon Pop

Why do you need it?

If you skipped over the benefits of email marketing or social media marketing in your business lessons, then now is the time to go back and take a look at their importance. Without lead generation you can’t hope to create a sales pipeline. Need more leads? This is for you. And yes, this is our app.

What does Coupon Pop do?

You’ve probably become used to seeing all the big sites using pop ups to generate leads, the Coupon Pop is exactly that: the most powerful tool to generate leads and sales, designed to fit small businesses’ needs. With it, you can offer visitors a coupon in order to increase sales (on average 33% increase), email subscribers, and social media followers (on average 25% growth).

The app gives you complete control not only over the design – images, text, size, and colors – but also over its traffic targeting, from returning to new visitors, and more, so that you can have a lead generation tool that works for you! How’s $40,000 in 10 days sound? Read our lead generation case study guide!

Get Coupon Pop



Why do you need it?

Do you know if your customer lifetime value (CLV) is greater than the cost per customer acquisition (CPA)? If your CLV is lower than your CPA, you are in trouble. By knowing your CLV you can get a better idea as to which customers are the most valuable and what you need to do with pricing or advertising to become a more profitable business.

What does Kissmetrics do?

Most importantly, you will know your CLV. The app automatically tracks a visitor’s behavior from the time of arrival through to purchase, and also takes into account order cancellations/refunds to generate a value for your customers. Another great feature that the app offers is automatic reminder/follow-up emails to customers that have yet to make follow up purchases by knowing the average time between sales for your repeat buyers.

On top of that, you also have access to revenue per customer by email address if they’ve made a previous purchase. That’s some strong data!

Get Kissmetrics



Why do you need it?

You need it because it is going to save you time and keep you on target when it comes to growing your business. The app is your marketing virtual assistant that works for you, and it comes at one heck of a price (you won’t find a better assistant as available or as cost friendly as Kit).

What does Kit do?

Instead of having to sit in front of your laptop, now you can send a text message Kit at anytime  to update your Facebook page so that you can capitalize on the latest events (hello to real-time marketing success!), run targeted ads, send personalized ‘Thank You’ emails, and run businesses reports whenever, and from wherever you want. They’ve also just launched more features with Instagram to keep you ahead of the competition. 

Get Kit



Why do you need it?

Email remains at the top of the class when it comes to digital marketing (topping social media) with some pointing to it as having an ROI of over 4000% and being up to 40 times more effective than the social media.

What does Klaviyo do?

Klaviyo is a leading email marketing platform for eCommerce that’s tied directly into your store, making email easy, automated, and effective. Some of the key features include: segmentation that differentiates between those that have and haven’t made purchases,  abandoned cart follow-ups that show items left in cart, and product feeds to display unique, relevant content for every email recipient.

Get Klaviyo



Why do you need it?

We just covered the customer lifetime value, and now we are looking at customer service. The connection? 62% of B2B and 42% of B2C customers purchased more after a good customer service experience, and thus eCommerce businesses can increase CLV without having to make big changes to their business model – just give excellent service.

What does Olark do?

The live chat app allows you to talk directly with customers browsing your Shopify store and provides you with vital information regarding the shopper, from their email address, to what their shopping cart looks like (real-time cart balances and critical shopper information at your fingertips), and much more. Instead of entering a chat unprepared, now you can enter the live chat prepared to exceed the shopper’s expectations.

Get Olark Live Chat


Persistent Cart

Why do you need it?

Remember the abandoned cart issues? Here’s another Shopify app that can do wonders for the crippling effect of abandoned carts on eCommerce businesses.

What does Persistent Cart do?

If you are not using a persistent cart, then when someone adds something to their account or shopping cart, and then leave, or get timed out from your site, they will have to start the shopping from scratch when they return. No one likes that.

Once installed, the app ensures that when a customer is logged in, all items in the cart are saved for the next time they sign in. A simplified shopping experience is something every shopper wants.

Get Persistent Cart


Plug in SEO

Why do you need it?

Google search results are still the king, and at one point a study had shown that 90% of all search traffic came from Google (eMarketer). On top of that Advanced Web Ranking previously showed that over 70% of all search engine related clicks are from the first page of Google. If you are not on the first page for your keywords, listen up!

What does Plug in SEO do?

This app first and foremost, identifies problems that play a central part in your SEO. All the issues the app points out are ones that are well worth taking the time to fix. Once an issue has been found, the app explains the benefits of making the improvement to that aspect, enabling you to make a smart decision on whether or not you’ll take time (or hire someone) to make the fix. Don’t waste time looking for SEO issues, when they can be find automatically – and for free.

Get Plug in SEO


Product Upsell

Why do you need it?

  • Customers are drawn in by sales, especially when they are directed at them specifically and related to the product they are purchasing.
  • According to the app’s developer, 30% of people will add a last minute impulse item to their purchase, if offered a relevant item that compliments their purchase.

What does Product Upsell do?

Not only is it an effective app, but it’s also extremely simple to use, as it automatically detects what your customer has already added to their cart, and then based on your settings, provides them with relevant discounted offers.

Get Product Upsell



Why do you need it?

We recently covered the potential growth and sales opportunities that can be found in transactional emails in our post “7+ Order Confirmation Emails to Skyrocket Sales”. Here are two bits of data that should make it clear to you that sending a receipt can be very valuable!

  • The cost of repeating customers is seven times less than the cost of acquiring new ones!
  • Email open-rates of order confirmation emails are at 70% (in comparison to the average 18%).

What does Receiptful do?

The app supercharges your receipts to enable you to send engaging e-mail receipts that turn a plain old receipt into a marketing opportunity without any coding. The emails include targeted upsells and product recommendations that aim to turn your current customers into repeating ones. Of course, the emails look good and convert no matter whether opened on desktop or a mobile device a marketing opportunity.

Get Receiptful



Why do you need it?

  • Last Black Friday and Cyber Monday over 26% of orders come through a mobile device (Custora).
  • 57% of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site, and 40% of consumers will actually go to the business’ competitor following a negative mobile experience (Compuware).

What does ShopPad do?

This app enables you to, without any code,  quickly and easily optimize your Shopify store for mobile use (including tablets). Customers will enjoy a smooth and comfortable interface when they browse your store on their mobile devices, and hence be able to focus more on checking out your products and less on understanding your store’s uncomfortable layout.

Get ShopPad



Why do you need it?

Not all data was created equally, and that is certainly true when looking at the dozens of metrics that influence your eCommerce business. Don’t be fooled into thinking that metic “A” is important to your eCommerce business, when in reality it really isn’t. As we like to say, it’s all in the data.

What does SumAll do?

The app has a simple layout that enables you to see the entire history of your Shopify sales, units sold, top-selling products, and other key sales metrics. What’s more, if looking at an analytics dashboard gives you a headache, then you are in for a treat with their daily email insights – get all your vital data sent to your inbox with customized daily.

On top of the ever important sales metrics, this app also makes sure you are up to date with payment, email marketing, paid ads, and SEO data!

Get SumAll



Why do you need it?

Reviews are your word of mouth marketing, and we all know how effective that is (6 Word of Mouth Marketing Tips to Get People Talking About Your Business)! Maybe five years ago could doubt the need for reviews, but today it is a necessity: 70% of customers consult reviews or ratings before making a final purchase (PeopleClaim).

What does Yotpo do?

The customer content platform has made waves in its ability to help businesses sell more and generate more reviews. How does it differ from other review apps? The power comes from the ability to send review request emails to shoppers and allow them to leave a review from within their inbox! Not only that, but it’s the first true social review source, which in itself makes the platform’s reviews a more trustworthy source of information for future customers. The SEO effects are by and large another reason to use the app.

Get Yotpo


Pick an App, Any App

Now you know what works, so your next step should be to see which one of these apps is right for you. All of these apps, as you can clearly see, are top shopify apps, but it’s on you to pick the right one. Email the developer to get more tips on the best practices, read up on their blogs, and then start getting positive results that’ll take you to the jackpot.

What app (or two) will you be adding first? Have you or are you using any of these apps right now? Share your thoughts!

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