3 Tips to Reduce Email Unsubscribes [Video]

Today I want to give you 3 quick tips on how to reduce email unsubscribes.

Did you know that 42% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that they have an email relationship with? Having said that, seeing your customers unsubscribe from your mailing list go can be a real bummer. Thankfully, there are things you can do in order to prevent them from hitting that button.

Tip no. 1 – Customize your email frequency.
One of the main reasons people unsubscribe from a company newsletter is that they are simply overloaded with emails. So, having a small adjustment such as offering them a choice of receiving an email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis can really make all the difference. Ideally, you should have them submit their preferences when they sign up for your newsletter, but if you haven’t done that, you can always send them a quick survey asking them to help you improve their experience. Have it on the landing page of your unsubscription center and remember that not everyone will take the time to indicate their preferences, so you’ll still have to do regular frequency tests to keep track of those numbers. So, let your customers decide how much email is right for them and they’re more likely to stick with you for the long term. Looking for more tips on the subject? Learn how to automate email marketing campaigns.

Tip no. 2 – Offer relevant content.
While 69% of people buy a product based on an email marketing message, 49% of them unsubscribe from an email list because the content is either repetitive, irrelevant or just boring. So, make yourself a favor and make your content stand out. Have your customers choose topics they are most interested in and then segment your mailing list into groups and niches. For example, no one likes to receive emails on special offers on gym membership when they’re already a member. Instead they’d like to receive some fitness advice or maybe nutrition…So go ahead and start sending relevant content. As you see, it’s all about giving your contacts more options and not getting in their way. Beat the Average With 10 Email Marketing Tips for eCommerce.

Tip no.3 – Exclusivity.
Here is some food for thought: 70% of readers open an email from a company or brand in a search of a discount, promotion or a coupon. Having said that, don’t be one of those companies that copy paste news from their homepage and make your subscribers feel as if they’re getting something extra, something that they wouldn’t normally get. It could be access to special feature that is available only to them or a special promotion. Whatever it is, you must make them feel VIP. This way they will stay motivated and they won’t be tempted to leave.

So, these three tips if done correctly can really boost your email marketing and significantly decrease your unsubscribe rate.

Anna Kachur

Anna Kachur is a marketing enthusiast and the inbound marketing manager at StoreYa. She spends her days searching for the newest social marketing scoop and creating amazingly awesome content. When she's not in front of the computer she loves hiking in the outdoors, exploring new places and meeting new people.



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