4 eCommerce Brands Taking Customer Service to the Max

Revamping your customer service now you will ensure your systems are in place come Thanksgiving weekend.  Why is this important? Because one-upping your competitors in regards to customer service this season will guarantee repeat business in the quieter months and increase your customer loyalty base, and your sales, in the long run.

Personal shopping experience and a better customer experience is one of the biggest added value a small business owner can provide. It’s something that leading entrepreneurs agree on, and it’s been tried and tested. Don’t take my word for it, just as Gary Vee.

Repeat business is a must for online stores to succeed during the high and low seasons. What use is driving all that traffic to your site from leading traffic sources, converting sales, only then to have you lost your customer after a first-time purchase because you didn’t go that extra mile?

We’ve put together 4 eCommerce brands, who are taking customer service to the max, showing you what works and how you can adapt your Customer Service protocols to up your repeat business as they have.

1. Jane Divine Rocks Fast Shipping

There is not much that Jane Divine online store doesn’t do right when it comes to customer service. You only have to look at their visitor posts on their Facebook page to know I am right. But there is one thing that stands out: their fast shipping. This is especially important when it comes to contest items. So many businesses run contests to bring in business, but forget to follow through with customer service when delivering the prize, which can actually undo all the good exposure a contest brings.

jane-divine-botique shipping

Takeaway: When it comes to customer service you’ll win every time by under-promising, while over-delivering; especially when it comes to shipping. To kick-start your shipping upgrade, here’s a List of Fulfillment Companies and Services for eCommerce.

2. Premier Lacewigs Proves Online Chat is Tops

We’ve said it once, we’ve said it twice, having online chat for your web store is a must if you want to stand out of the crowd and up your customer service game. Within 30 seconds of contacting Premier using their online chat, they were answering my question live. As an avid online shopper myself, I can tell you that getting my questions answered in real time ups my chance of buying in the moment by 70%. And with eCommerce plugins such as Zopim, it’s never been easier to do so.

premier customer service

Takeaway: The quicker you deal with customer queries, the higher your sales conversions will be and online chat is the best tool at your disposal.  

3. Air Plant Supply Co. Show Us Customer Service is Not Just for Shoppers

There is so much more to customer service than facilitating a smooth sale. By going the extra mile to help consumers within your niche and engaging them on platforms such as social media, is not just invaluable branding, but a way to build trust and win new customers. Air Plant Supply gets it in a big way by engaging with everyone on their platforms and backing it up with relevant content designed to help and educate their target audience of buyers and potential buyers.

Air Plant Supply Co Customer Service

Takeaway: Customer service is more than just facilitating a sale, it’s about going the extra mile within your niche which will bring in business long-term. 

4. Little Party Dress Keeps it Personal

You’ll be hard-pressed to find one bad comment on Little Party Dress’s comment section, from their swift delivery to their high quality products there are happy customers galore. But what really stands out is the way that “Kel” keeps it personal and friendly – perfectly suited for this online store’s target audience – while replying to each and every online post from followers and none followers. Believe me, when you have an active account with over 180k followers this is no easy feat and she does it with ease. Not to mention her waiting list email setup where she notifies buyers when new stock is in — this is not only great customer service, but a super way of increasing her email marketing lists.

Little Party Dress Customer Service Example

Takeaway: Respond in line with who your target audience is. Staying friendly and keeping it real and personal gives a much better customer service impression.

There you have it, 4 web stores showing us how to kick customer service to the next level. If you’re looking for more customer service must-do’s, check out our  7 Ways to Provide Customer Service to Increase Sales post.  

Additionally, there are a host of tools you can use to help you. These include tools such as Shopify and BigCommerce integrated Facebook messenger or Facebook’s Automatic Messaging; both designed to help you take your customer service to the max and improve customer experience ten fold.

Facebook Customer Service Tools

Have any great customer service stories? I would love to hear them. Comment below to be featured.

Nicole Blanckenberg

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