28+ Global Photography Services, Marketplaces, Platforms and Tools for eCommerce

After all your positive feedback on our Global List of Video Production Services for eCommerce post, we’re back with eCommerce photography services, marketplaces, platforms and tools.

Although a lot of eCommerce entrepreneurs start off doing their own white background photography, more established and growing businesses are outsourcing their photography or relying on a variety of marketplaces and tools to take their product photos and Google Ad campaign images to the next level.

In this post, we will give you lists of:

Everything you need to upgrade your product and campaign photos.

Let’s jump in!  

Global Photography Services

1. Online Product Photography (Europe)

online product photography

Type: Global photography studio and agency

Pricing: From $49 per product project

Online Product Photography is a UK-based studio whose services include product, 360°, lifestyle, location, model and hand modeling photo services – and video production. After booking a service through their platform, they organize for your products to be couriered to them, do the shoot and editing, and then courier your products back to you. They work with UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece-based businesses.

2. Printful

printful global photography services

Type: Global product photography service

Pricing: On request

Is there anything this eCommerce print-on-demand app isn’t doing? eCommerce experts from Printful now offer a global eCommerce photography service. The advantage is that they will print and photograph your products on-site, therefore if you’re starting a print-on-demand clothing store you could use one company for printing, fulfillment and product photography.

3. Genero

genero global product photography services

Type: Photography and video creative agency

Pricing: Quoted per brief

Boasting projects with big brands like Uber and Trivango, Genero is another popular creative matchmaking platform. They have studios in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, London, and the United States and are best suited for larger brands needing top-notch creatives for ads.  

4. SnappyFly (Asia)

snappy fly services photography

Type: Asian photography studio and agency

Pricing: From $25 per stylized image

If your manufacturing or warehouses are close to Singapore or surrounding Asian countries, then SnappyFly could be the service for you.

5. Zooppa

photo services global

Type: Global photography and video agency

Pricing: Depends on brief and service needs

Zooppa isn’t just a leading global video service – they handle photography services as well. Working with brands such as Reebok and Jeep, they handle video, photography, graphic and creative concepts. They have offices in Milan, London, Venice and the US.

Photographer Matchmaking Platforms

6. 99 Designs (US)

99 designs photography

Type: Photographer matching and booking platform

Pricing: Packages start at $299

99 Designs is an easy-to-use service matchmaker that will connect you with top photographers in your area, taking the headache out of sourcing and managing a good photographer for your lifestyle and ad imagery.

7. StudioNow

find a photographer on Studio Now

Type: Photographer matching and booking platform

Pricing: Determined based on a brand’s specific needs and budget

StudioNow is for those million-dollar eCommerce stores that currently spend $1+ million on production, boasting they can cut that spend down to $500. In short, it offers a global pool of talented creatives – including photographers – whom you can hire through them.

Freelancer Marketplaces

8. Fiverr

fivver freelance photographers

Type: Freelancer marketplace

Pricing: From $15 per project

Helping you find local and global photographers, Fiverr is a leading freelancer marketplace. By searching by price and location and then by portfolio, you can find a photographer with a style that matches your brand for the price you want.

9. Freelancer

Freelancer marketplace

Type: Freelancer marketplace

Pricing: From $15 per project

Another marketplace to find freelance creatives is Freelancer. It works a little differently than Fiverr in that you upload your brief to the site and freelancers will then contact you with portfolios and quotes. You can then choose the service provider that best suits your needs for your budget.

10. Guru

Guru marketplace

Type: Freelancer marketplace

Pricing: Hourly rates set by the service provider

Guru is a more niche marketplace than the first two mentioned, positioning themselves as a marketplace of only the most qualified providers. Here, you can find your more high-end local artists, commercial photographers and quality photo editors.

11. Upwork

Upwork marketplace

Type: Freelancer marketplace

Pricing: Hourly rates set by the service provider

From image editing to photography and video shoots, there are thousands of freelancers on Upwork to choose from. Working similar to Guru, this platform is better suited – because of the availability of providers – for global photography enhancing and editing.

Bonus Content: For more on how to find the perfect freelance photographers and other service providers, visit our How to Find Freelancers guide specifically for online sellers.

Online Photo Editors

12. BeFunky

beFunky editing photos online

Type: Photo editing tool

Pricing: Free plan with pro upgrades from $4.99 per month

BeFunky is an online editor that includes photo editing, collage-making and graphic design tools. This includes tools that can do simple image editing such as cropping and text overlays, as well as more involved edits such as photo background changes, touchup and photo effects.

13. Photoshop

how free Photoshop works

Type: Photo editing and design tool

Pricing: From $20.99 per month

Photoshop is the world’s leading photo editing software from Adobe. Not only does it offer the most variety in terms of editing your product photos, but their automation rules can help you design and create product mock-ups and send to print automatically. You can find out more about how to do this from eCommerce online legging store Gearbunch.

14. Photoshop Express

free photoshop app

Type: Photo editing tool

Pricing: Free

If you’re looking for something a little simpler for your ad imaging or content marketing, then try Adobe’s free app, Photoshop Express. It has a host of free editing functionalities with the backing of the biggest photo editing software. Download the app here: Google Play, Apple and Windows Store.

15. Pixlr (Online Platform)

Pixlr mobile app

Type: Photo editing tool

Pricing: Free plan with pro upgrades  

Another online photo editor to consider for your social content and promotional images is Pixlr. Their phone app is great for editing pics on the go and as a whole is more affordable than Photoshop Pro but on par with Express.

16. Pixc

PIXLR free product photo editing tool

Type: Product photo editing

Pricing: Per photo or monthly from $79 per month

If you’re specifically looking for an easy way to edit your white background and other product photos, then Pixc could work for you. Specially designed for eCommerce product photos, they even have a Shopify app to streamline your product photo editing process.

eCommerce Apps

17. Malabi Background Remover (Shopify App & Platform)

Type: Shopify product photo editor

Pricing: $4 per month with a 30-day free trial

If you’re doing your own product photos and want to try automating some of your editing, then Shopify app Malabi Background Remover and platform could be worth a look. It boasts that it is fast, easy to use and cost-effective, ensuring you have better-quality product photos in minutes.

18. Photolock (Shopify)

Type: Shopify photo protector

Pricing: Free and paid plans from $5 per month

This handy Shopify app will ensure that none of your competitors, or anyone for that matter, can copy photos from your site. Photolock will protect your photos from right-click saves on desktop and prevent people from being able to screenshot your photos. This will also help with your SEO, as site viewers will have to share links of your products – not images – to friends.

19. Swap Photo Editor (Shopify)

Shopify photo editor

Type: Shopify photo editor

Pricing: Free, with paid plans from $15 per month

Another Shopify App for photo editing worth considering is Swap Photo Editor. This is a free-to-download tool that enables you to change backgrounds and easily swap product photos around. With their free plan, you only pay for the edits you need. This app is best-suited for newer stores or stores with limited editing needs.

Top Stock Photo Sites

20. Burst

free stock photo site burst

Type: Royalty-free stock photo marketplace

Pricing: Free  

Burst is Shopify’s free stock photo site. It offers royalty-free photos you can use for your site, blog content and ads. Burst has photos in a variety of categories including backgrounds, art, beauty, business, fashion, children, work, transportation, travel and more.

21. Creative Market

creative market stock photos for social

Type: Creative product marketplace

Pricing: Prices vary based on licensing and seller

Creative Market is a marketplace for a variety of creative assets, including stock photos. With 2+ million photos in their market, there are a variety of options to suit your website, content or ad image needs.

Some other paid stock sites include Getty Images, iStock and Shutterstock.

22. Fotolia

Fotolia stock photos for photoshop

Type: Stock photo marketplace

Pricing: Prices vary based on licensing and seller  

An Adobe platform, Fotolia is a popular stock photo marketplace with a variety of categories. It integrates seamlessly with Photoshop, making workflow between the marketplace and your designing easier.

23. Gratisography

unique product photos

Type: Stock photo marketplace

Pricing: Free

Gratisography is one of my favorite stock photo marketplaces. It’s ideal for those of you looking for unique stock photos that aren’t so ‘stocky.’ All their photos can be used for commercial (ads) and content needs. Their only stipulation is that you can’t redistribute their images, meaning you can’t resell them on sites or ask for permission from the photographer if you want to use them on products to sell.

24. Unsplash

free quality stock photos

Type: Stock photo marketplace

Pricing: Free

Another favorite of mine is Unsplash. It’s user-friendly, the photos are more realistic and they have a variety of dimension formats – portrait, landscape, Instagram, etc – to choose from. They are also considered not too ‘stocky’ and, as you may notice, I use them quite a lot for this very blog!

Some other free stock photo marketplaces include Pexels, FreeDigitalPhotos, Life of Pix, and Pixabay.

DIY Photography Guides, Courses and Tutorials

25. Pixc Photography Guides

diy phorotgraphy guide for online stores

Type: DIY photography ebooks

Pricing: Free

Photo tool Pixc has a great blog and photography guides to help you with DIY photography. Their guides section includes free downloadable ebooks including Product Photography Basics, How to Photograph Clothing for Your Shopify Store and How to Photograph Jewelry.

26. Popular Photography

popular photography magaziner

Type: Photography publication  

Pricing: Free

One of the best-known photography publications, Popular Photography is full of high-value content. It includes equipment and gear suggestions and reviews, shooting tips and more.

27. StoreYa Full Product Photography Guide & Blog

Type: Product photo tips blog

Pricing: Free

Looking for a step-by-step guide on how to shoot white background product photos and what equipment you need? Visit our Full Guide to White Background Product Photography post. Don’t forget to sign up for our blog to get more guides like this in your inbox. Here are some other guides we have covered:

28. Tuts+

Type: Tutorials and how-tos

Pricing: Free

Tuts+ has a bunch of free photo and video editing tutorials to help with your eCommerce photo needs. They cover everything from people touch-ups to live video tutorials.

There you have it, 28+ global photography services, marketplaces, platforms and tools for eCommerce. We all know that when it comes to eCommerce, images and videos are often the only visual confirmation a buyer has before buying. Therefore, investing in excellent photography services and tools can really pay off in the long run.

Have questions? Post them in the comments below.  


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