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How to boost sales with Youtube!In the last couple of weeks we’ve discussed on how to use the different social media platforms in order to boost your online sales. We’ve covered Pinterest as a marketing tool, and how to display it on your Facebook page. We’ve also learned how to take advantage of your Twitter account and how to integrate it with your fan page. We’ve talked about Instagram as well and how to integrate your Instagram account with Facebook. Today would be a great time to talk about Youtube!

The average internet user spends 15 minutes a day watching YouTube videos. The depth of storytelling in a video is far more effective towards making a sale and leads to a better conversion rate. A good, well-made video will be reposted by many people and sites and will be shared throughout the world.

Below are some great tips we’ve gathered to help you leverage your YouTube account in order to boost your sales:

  • Find out where your viewers come from. Visit those places and try to join the conversations (Comment in forums, etc.’) in order to create more engagement and exposure to your video. Note that 50% of YouTube visitors are 20 years old or younger. 70% of YouTube users are Americans.
  • One viral video can drive a lot of viewers to related videos on your channel. Make sure your YouTube channel has several videos. Once one of them will get viral – the others will enjoy it as well. Note that 25% of YouTube videos get shared.
  • Use YouTube Promoted Video Ads! It’s an extremely low cost way to promote your videos and increase discovery of your channel and your products.
  • Which content should you use in your video? YouTube viewers are not looking to purchase anything while browsing through the site; you must think out of the box and find a creative way of presenting your product or service which will make people want to view your video and share it along to their friends.
  • Add annotations to your videos. Use them to drive traffic to other videos of yours or to a certain link. This will also improve your SEO efforts.
  • Make smart usage of the description text of your video. Put relevant links and useful information on your brand.
  • Use Captions (video guide) and subtitles to assist those who are having a hard time hearing your videos. (People who speak different language, people watching the video at work etc.). YouTube also offers a great service for captions which translates them automatically into different languages.
  • Make sure the lighting in your video is suitable for the scene. It’s better to spend few extra bucks on a professional assistance then to launch a poor, dark video. Same goes for a voice over. Hire a professional anchorman if needed; your voice might be nice, but most chances you’re not a pro.
  • It’s important to present a call to action tasks. Ask your audience questions. Ask for feedback, even if you’ll receive some bad feedback as well.
  • Don’t forget to make sure you have the rights to use other people’s music.
  • Add annotations to your videos. Annotations allow you to create clickable links within videos that can lead to drive traffic to other videos of yours or to a certain link. This will also improve your SEO efforts.  It’s super easy to use and can also be built into the storyline of the video itself. Here’s a great video guide to help you getting started!
  • The future of online advertisement is very much related to video; 30% of the content on the internet is videos. This figure is expected to climb up to 90%!We will add more tips & tricks on how to use YouTube on our next post coming out later on this week, so stay tuned!
Eyal Reich - StoreYa, COO

Eyal is the co-founder of StoreYa and a leader in social commerce. He has extensive experience in online marketing and project management. He is passionate about building amazing products that will grow your business!



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