The 11 Best WordPress Plugins for eCommerce

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for website management these days. As of last year, 23% of the top 10 million websites were WordPress sites!

One of the things that makes WordPress so appealing is the massive amount of plugins that are available in the WordPress Plugin Directory — currently numbering over 34,000. Not only are there a lot of plugins, but there are a lot of very good plugins that can really help to improve your website, increase your productivity, and help market your business!

I bet you’re wondering now how you can possibly find the plugins you need if there are so many available?

For that very reason, we decided to create our list of the 10 best plugins for WordPress! This list is by no means exhaustive – but these 10 plugins are ones that we really like, and think can be of the most help to you.

1) W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache wordpress plugin

W3 Total Cache is the be all and end all of site speed optimization! This tool is designed to improve user experience and page speed by caching and minifying just about every aspect of your website. You know what that means for you?

Faster load times, improvement in your overall site performance, better web server performance – or to put it in less technical terms – your website will work really really well!

If you need some more convincing, then how about the fact that this plugin is trusted by sites like AT&T and Mashable!

2) Jetpack

JetPack wordpress plugin

Jetpack is a plugin built by the WordPress team that is designed to boost your site’s functionality in basically every way!

With Jetpack the sky is the limit as it enables you to customize your site, add mobile themes, distribute your content, boost your engagement, improve your site performance, and lock down your security. This plugin has too many features to even list, you have to see for yourself!

3) Akismet

Akismet WordPress plugin

Akismet didn’t become the most downloaded plugin in the WordPress repository for no reason! This amazing tool monitors all of the comments on your blog in order to weed out those pesky spam commenters.

After a comment has been marked as spam, Akismet enables you to review the comment so you can decide for yourself if you think it is spam or not. In order to help with this decision, Akismet also displays the source URL in the comment body so you can see if there is a shady or misleading link.

If you need more help deciding if a comment is spam, you can also view the commenter’s approval history.

Overall, this plugin helps you to easily manage the comments on your site’s blog in order to maintain decorum.

4) Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps wordpress plugin

If you’re having trouble getting pages on your site indexed then Google XML Sitemaps is right for you!

This plugin’s function is very simple – it will create an XML sitemap for your website that will enable search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo,, etc.) to better index your site by making it easier for their crawlers to see your site’s structure.

5) Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin

Need to add contact forms to your website? Contact Form 7, with its ridiculous 20.5 million plus downloads, is by far the most popular choice around – and for good reason. This plugin is simple to use and provides all the functionality and customization that you would expect from a good contact form plugin.

6) Backup WordPress

BackUp WordPress Plugin

Backup WordPress, as the name suggests, is a plugin that can back up your entire website, including your databases, on a regular schedule of your choosing. It will condense all of the information into the smallest possible file (so as not to take up too much room), and then, if you want, it can email you the backed up files as well.

Keep on top of things and stay prepared by backing up your site!

7) Redirection

Redirection wordpress plugin

Redirection is great for managing your page errors and redirects. This plugin helps you to keep your site running smoothly by tracking all of your 404 errors and enabling you to quickly apply 301 redirects to them. You can also actually turn any URL into a redirect, and send your site visitors to the page that you want. These functions are especially handy if you’re switching to a new site, or rearranging your current one.

This plugin has many more features as well that make it a must for error and redirect management.

8) WPtouch Mobile Plugin

WPtouch mobile plugin wordpress

WPtouch automatically creates a beautiful mobile theme for WordPress websites. You can customize how your mobile site will appear and include the option for users to switch between the mobile and desktop view of your site.

Overall, this plugin will provide your users with a comfortable and intuitive mobile experience.

9) Add This

Add This WordPress plugin

Add This is a multi-faceted tool that works to boost engagement with your site. Two of its main features are social share buttons (over 300 sharing options are supported) and recommended content tabs. These recommended content tabs are amazing for getting your visitors to remain on your site for longer periods of time.

By encouraging promotion of your content with sharing buttons and increasing the average time on site, Add This can really help give your website a boost!

10) iThemes Security

iThemes Security WordPress Plugin

Unprotected, your site is vulnerable to being hacked — so why not protect it?

Ithemes Security provides you with over 30 different ways to guard your site from hackers. This plugin works on many different levels in order to provide your site the security it deserves!

By the way, did I mention this plugin has insanely high satisfaction ratings? Over 3000 five star ratings to a mere 192 one star ratings. Not bad at all!


11) WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

If you want to promote your WooCommerce store products on the most popular merchants like Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Pinterest, Facebook, and 110+ other popular marketplaces, you can use the WooCommerce Product Feed Manager.

You can create accurate product feeds for all these marketplaces using the Auto-Sync with Google Shopping, Category Mapping, Extensive Filter Options, Schedule Auto-update of the Feed, Advanced Custom Fields(Brand, GTIN, UPC, Age-group, Gender, etc.), and other amazing features.

Bonus – StoreYa’s App Suite

Coupon Pop WordPress plugin

First on the list is the Coupon Pop, a plugin designed to help you automate your sales and lead generation processes. This tool works by popping up a deal (determined by you) to your site visitors which they can redeem in exchange for leaving their email address or joining you on a social network.

Our merchants have seen amazing results reporting large boosts in sales and in new leads gained!

Exit Pop WordPress plugin

Exit Pop uses innovative “Exit Intent Technology” to track your site visitors’ cursor movements, in order to be able to display a pop up offer the moment they show intent to leave your site. This tool is fantastic for converting abandoning visitors and reclaiming your sales.

WooCommerce Facebook Shop WordPress plugin

If you have a WooCommerce store and you have a Facebook page, why not combine them? With this plugin you can import all of your products directly to your Facebook page in a matter of a few clicks.

Want to match the design of your Facebook shop with your eCommerce site? No problem! This plugin provides customization options that will make it simple for you to design your Facebook shop even without any coding or design knowledge.

Explore to Find New WordPress Plugins!

Take a look at the plugins we mentioned, but remember, there are many, many more! If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this list, don’t you fret, I’m sure you can find it in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

We would love to hear what amazing new plugins you find – so please share them with us in the comments below!

P.S. Want to learn more about using pop ups to sell on your WordPress site? Check out the Ultimate Guide to Pop Ups for eCommerce below!

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