31 Must-Join eCommerce Facebook Groups

Make it your eCommerce New Year’s resolution to connect. Joining eCommerce Facebook groups with other entrepreneurs, business owners and eCommerce veterans can go a long way in helping to motivate you, guide you and give you ideas.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs who took the plunge before you, as well as many on the same journey as you, and joining groups is a great way to get in touch. Groups provide a platform where you can learn from others – anything from blog writing tips to online marketing – while you grow your professional network.

Here is a list of the top Facebook groups that every budding (or seasoned) eCommerce entrepreneur should join.

1. King Pinning 

King Pinning is a closed group of over 31k members. The group was created to bring like-minded entrepreneurs together, who want to expand and grow their businesses. What makes this group great is that they are pretty selective with their members, meaning it is totally free from spam while providing a platform for you to engage with other entrepreneurs.  

2. A Better Lemonade Stand 

From SEO to CRM, A Better Lemonade Stand is an eCommerce Facebook group aimed at bringing passionate eCommerce business owners and industry leaders together. Discussions include a host of topics that include CRM, content, analytics, AdWords, SEO, SEM digital marketing, suppliers, product sourcing and Shopify platform tips.

3. My Silent Team

With over 39k members, My Silent Team is a great group where you can sign up for courses and learn from other creative and successful business owners. Created by author and successful podcaster Jim Cockrum, who wanted to connect entrepreneurs across the world with others in their areas.

4. Digital Marketing Questions 

This niche Facebook group is ideal for those eCommerce owners who have mastered digital marketing or are looking for tips to help with best practices. From SEO and social media to PPC and analytics, this is a great group to ask questions, network and follow relevant industry content.

5. Ultimate Blog Challenge

I am a strong believer in creating a blog around your store niche to increase traffic through SEO and content marketing. This group is specifically aimed at people wishing to grow their store blogs for that reason. It was created as a platform for you to be able to ask blog-related questions and share your content.

6. Screw the Nine to Five Community

One of my favorite Facebook groups, Screw the Nine to Five, is perfect for all budding entrepreneurs who want to be surrounded by people who “get” you. An amazing community that helps with feedback, support and information on a wide variety of topics from marketing to getting out of the 9-5 life.

7. Shopify eCommerce Group

Specifically for those eCommerce online store owners running their eCommerce business on Shopify, this group is a great place to network, get eCommerce tips and all-round motivation. A great community resource for solving all your eCommerce hiccups and getting real feedback from others like you.

8. Shopify Strategy 

Another great group for Shopify store owners is Shopify Strategy. This is more of a niche group that focuses on sales strategies and Facebook selling. With over 38k members, all sharing and giving feedback, this group is an invaluable community for Shopify users.

9. Selling on Shopify 

Selling on Shopify is a public group for all things Shopify where its 36k group members can share case studies, success stories, their store progress, and also engage the group by asking questions, giving advice, seeking advice, liking and commenting.

10. Copy Monk

If you’re looking for copy inspiration for AdWords campaigns, your blog or social ads, then Copy Monk is the group for you. This Facebook group includes eCommerce veterans whose tips help increase conversions by providing compelling content, offering tips, tricks and ideas to get your ad copy performing quickly and effectively.

11. The eCommerce Group

The eCommerce Group is a private group made up of over 6k vendors, merchants and eCommerce experts. The group was founded by John Lawson, CEO of ColderICE Media, as a forum for members to discuss SEO, social strategy, FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), Amazon, Ebay and eCommerce best practices.

12. Advanced WooCommerce

For the more experienced WP online store owners, Advanced WooCommerce is a place where store owners, WooCommerce enthusiasts and WP developers can share knowledge and ideas. It was created to help support those store owners looking for help on features and functionality to improve their WooCommerce stores.

13. Video Marketing Group

The Video Marketing Group tackles just that: video marketing. From marketing, ranking and production, to the best video marketing and marketing tools, this group is a great resource for eCommerce store owners looking to improve traffic through video marketing.

14. The Facebook Ads Group 

The Facebook Ads Group, currently with over 38k members, was created for online store owners who would like to master the art of Facebook advertising together. So if you have a business, or you are just starting out, come join the fun and learn how to utilize the top advertising platform of the century.

15. Shopify Entrepreneurs 

With over 53k members, this group was created for Shopify store owners, store managers and expert service providers that include developers, designers and marketers. The group diversity makes the Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook group an invaluable eCommerce forum for tips, advice and motivation. Plus, as a group member, you have access to an exclusive Shopify offer: win-win!

16. The Unofficial Shopify Podcast Insiders

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast Insiders Facebook group is a relatively new group made up of savvy, opportunity-seizing entrepreneurs. The only requirement to join this forum is that you have to have a Shopify store. It being a niche group makes it a great way to get one-on-one feedback from other eCommerce entrepreneurs.

17. The Amazing Seller 

If you are familiar with The Amazing Seller Podcast, then you will love this Facebook group. The Amazing Seller discussion group was set up to discuss previous podcasts, picking up the conversation and taking it further, as well as providing a forum where you can help select future shows. Started by Scott, the aim of the podcasts and the group is to learn how to make good money using FBA and private labeling to sell physical products.

18. Grow and Sell 

Grow & Sell is a Facebook group where you can discuss eCommerce ideas and best practices with other forum participants. With over 14k members and growing, this group is the perfect platform to share success stories, get help and/or offer assistance. Although it is powered by Shopify staff and merchants, every store owner or prospective entrepreneur is welcome.

19. Ecom Insiders 

Ecom Insiders is a great Facebook group with more than 7k energetic online sellers, with 26k members in total, who are happy to contribute from their experience and share insights and tips.

20. Niche Site Project 3.0 

Niche Site Project 3.0 was set up by Spenser, the creator of Niche Pursuits. Niche Pursuits is a learning program for budding entrepreneurs where he shares what he is learning along the way in regards to SEO, creating valuable businesses online, and of course the tips and tricks he discovers for business in general. He created the group as a platform for students to interact with coaches, get exclusive updates, ask questions and swap strategies.

21. Ecom Empires 

With a mission to help eCommercers succeed, Ecom Empires is a place for everything to do with eCommerce, building an online business and helping new entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams. Additionally, the 23k members have free access to Ecom Empires membership training, making it an invaluable forum for up-and-comers.

22. Shopify Mastery – 6 Figure Shopify Group 

Shopify Mastery is a group designed for eCommerce entrepreneurs with the purpose of helping each other reach their businesses’ full potential. Currently this group has 29k members and covers all eCommerce topics from Google Shopping ads to scaling a business.

23. Online Samurais

If you are looking for juicy eCommerce marketing tips, then Online Samurais is the group for you. This group currently has 31k members and covers all types of digital marketing.

24. Facebook Ads Rockstars 

Facebook Ad Rockstars is a group created and managed by Alex Fedotoff, who has managed a variety of Facebook ad agencies and consultancies. His group is for those online store owners looking to discover and collaborate on advanced FB marketing, training, strategy and tactics that generate 1,000%+ ROIs and ultimately offering a forum to help you take your Facebook advertising to the next level.

25. Shopify Brand Academy 

This is a great group created by people who have been through the process of going from zero to a winning eCommerce brand, offering all the insights into what it takes to build a winning brand on Shopify. Managed by Weesqueak owner Susan and social media and email marketing expert Meghan, the group is designed to help you fast-track the Shopify learning curve by getting an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at their authentic brand.

26. Shopify Masters 

This group covers everything you need when building a successful, physical product eCommerce business. Founded by marketer Stephanie Henry and performance coach Keith Dougherty, it gives you instant access to a team of helpful, knowledgeable Shopifys.

27. eCommerce Elites Mastermind 

eCommerce Elites Mastermind is a group with just over 18k members. A great place to learn and network with like-minded entrepreneurs, in this eCommerce Facebook group you will see shared content on an array of topics including Shopify/Magento, Facebook ads, digital and social marketing, sourcing products, fulfillment processes, traffic strategies and more!

28. Shopify Newbies 

If you are just getting started with your Shopify store or thinking of taking the eCommerce plunge, then this group is a great resource. This is a group where newbies are welcome to ask any questions.

29. My Shopify and Ecom Empire 

Despite its name, My Shopify and Ecom Empire is a group for all online business owners wanting to build their own Ecom empire. Run by Tobias Berlin (who manages Mobile Profit Mastery, The Healthy Entrepreneur and The Future of Mobile Business pages) and internet marketing expert Al Friedl, there is lots of helpful, valuable information in this forum.

30. Shopify 7 Figure Group 

Another successful 33k-member mastermind group is Murray Edwards’ Shopify 7 Figure Group. This group promises actionable advice that its members can instantly implement for great results. If you are looking for good insights into creating an awesome Shopify brand and building your eCommerce business, then this is the group for you.

31. Shopify eCommerce Manufacturing and Sourcing 

If you are sourcing or making your own products, then this group is a gold mine of information. Hosted by Sourcify, an all-in-one platform to streamline client-manufacturer relationships, this up-and-coming group offers support to small or large eCommerce store owners.

Have a favorite group or run a group of your own? Share them in the comments below!


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