Full List of Print-on-Demand Products and Where to Find Them

POD (print-on-demand) eCommerce businesses are becoming more popular, and as they do, the list of print-on-demand products is becoming more diverse. 

It may surprise you that it’s not only new sellers who use this type of dropshipping to launch their stores. 

Why? Because print-on-demand businesses enable them to create and sell unique products with all the advantages of dropshipping. These benefits include: 

  1. Not having to lay out huge capital for manufacturing and storing products upfront 
  2. Being able to run a very lean business
  3. Testing new product categories without huge manufacturing outlays 

In this post, we bring you a full list of print-on-demand products you can either add to your existing store or build a whole new eCommerce brand around. We also highlight a variety of services for each type of product and the demand company that manufacturer each. 

If you have a category in mind, click the link below to jump to that section.  

  1. Accessories
  2. Apparel
  3. Yoga Products
  4. Puzzles
  5. Homeware
  6. Jewelry
  7. Holiday and Special Event Products
  8. Stationery and Office Products
  9. Tech Accessories
  10. Pet Products
  11. Travel Gear

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Let’s jump in!

Print-on-Demand Accessories

Socks [Trending]

print on demand socks printful

Socks are hot right now! Not only were they top trending products lists and rank first on search, but they have been consistent sellers for years. There isn’t a target niche that socks don’t appeal to. I mean, who doesn’t need a pair of socks? Add that to the potential of creating unique designs that appeal to interested, untapped segments, and you’ve got yourself a winning print-on-demand product! 

You can find POD socks on these print-on-demand company services: 

Bonus: Here’s a POD sock store case study from Zach Inman to get your eCommerce inspiration juices flowing:

Hair Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies are a relatively new print-on-demand product option for stores. They make a great upsell accessory, especially if you match them to fashion items in your clothing store.

You can find POD hair scrunchies from this print-on-demand service: 

Shopify App Integration Tip: Have a Shopify store but new to print-on-demand business options? Most popular POD services have Shopify apps for easy integration with your eCommerce platform. They include a mockup generator, custom products, and product personalization tools, and have no upfront costs or minimum orders. 

The bigger ones – like Printful, for example – also offer warehousing and order fulfillment, which makes creating a hybrid store of manufactured and print-on-demand product categories much easier. Here are some print-on-demand Shopify App options to get you started:

  1. Gelato print-on-demand Shopify app
  2. Printify print-on-demand Shopify app
  3. SPOD print-on-demand and dropshipping Shopify app
  4. Fuel print-on-demand Shopify app 
  5. Printful print-on-demand Shopify app

For more top Shopify Apps, visit our 2022 Top Shopify Apps List for eCommerce.

Face Masks 

Reusable face masks are a huge eCommerce product trend right now. Over the last year, they have appeared in the print-on-demand product category. Many online sellers are jumping on the bandwagon to customize and brand reusable masks. 

You can find POD face masks on this print-on-demand company: 


print on demand bandannas printology

Bandanas are another accessory that have sold consistently year after year. They have multiple uses (for example, as handkerchiefs, sun protection, scarves, and wristbands), which makes them a versatile product that fit into a variety of niches. 

You can find custom and POD bandanas from these print-on-demand services: 


Whether you’re planning on adding a back-to-school category to your existing print-on-demand store or launching a brand-new niche eCommerce business, backpacks are a solid choice. Take a look at 2021 search peaks around the time school started. 

backpacks best selling and trending products 2022

[Source: Google Trend ]

By adding a custom design, you can capitalize on trend peaks (especially in the summer) by standing out from the competition. 

You can find POD backpacks from these print-on-demand services:  


Beanies are a winter staple across the world and have a lot of sales potential, especially if you’re selling globally and can target winters in both hemispheres. Print-on-demand beanies can feature embroidery, all-over print, or labels, and come in an array of fabrics, fits, and designs. 

You can find POD beanies from these print-on-demand services:  

Bucket Hats 

print on demand bucket hats apliiq

Bucket hats are a growing product category that could make a nice addition to your offering for the right audience. Whether you go with military-inspired bucket hats like in the example above, or quote trends like the Printful example below, the key here is to tailor your hat designs perfectly to your target market. 

You can find POD bucket hats on these print-on-demand companies and services:  

print on demand bucket hats printful

Flip Flops 

If you’re looking for new summer products for your print-on-demand store, unique flip flops have a lot of niche potential. You can market these products as perfect for men, women, and children, or incorporate interest-based niches like bridal parties or trendsetting beach days. The possibilities are endless! 

You can find POD flip flops from these print-on-demand services:  

Baseball Caps / Dad Hats / Trucker Hats 

Here’s the thing: hats don’t go out of style. However, to push through the saturated baseball cap market as a new seller, you will need to get creative. A great example of a brand that did just this is Head Crack. You can find out how this brand reached its first $500,000 in sales here.


You can find POD baseball caps from these print-on-demand services:  

Pro Tip: Not reaching enough customers with your Google Ads? Head over to our full Google Ads for eCommerce or YouTube Ads guides, or visit our  Holiday Shopping Google PPC Strategy for eCommerce Retailers posts for a full list of steps you need to follow to get your campaigns ready for the peak shopping days.

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Traditionally worn outdoors, visors have made a giant leap into mainstream shopping. The rise of activewear means visors have broken out of the amateur athlete category and are enjoying some trending success. Don’t believe me? Even Gucci is getting in on the action.

gucci visor online store

You can find POD visors from these print-on-demand services:  

Drawstring Bags [Trending Product]

inthreadable print on demand drawstring bags

Drawstring bags are another versatile accessory you can add to your online store. In fact, there is so much you can do with them, you could create a whole drawstring bag online store. Whether you market your designs as gym bags, Christmas sacks (like above), or beach bags, you won’t be short on selling opportunities. 

You can find POD drawstring bags from these print-on-demand services:  

Tote Bags [Best-Selling Product]

printful print on demand tote bag examples

Another best-selling print-on-demand product is the tote bag. They are highly customizable, so can appeal to any niche. From shoppers wanting an environmentally friendly replacement for plastic bags to beachgoers looking for fun gear, the possibilities are endless. Print-on-demand options include all-over prints, eco, and canvas tote bags. 

You can find POD tote bags from these print-on-demand services:  

Duffel Bags 

If you’re looking for a trending product to add to your online store, duffel bags have grown in popularity over the last year. 

duffel bags product trends

[Source: Google Trends]

Duffel bags are POD products that offer sellers a higher profit margin. According to the print-on-demand company, Printify, profit potential on duffel bags can be as high as 33%, depending on your overall costs. 

Pro Tip: When choosing a print-on-demand company, make sure you review not just the base cost, but also the overall marketing costs, average market revenue potential, and overall demand to make sure the product offers sufficient value. 

Duffel bags are a great addition to many stores. There has been a rise in trends in matching duffel bag designs to athleisure gear like leggings, home products, or even exercise mats. This means that as well as being profitable, they’re a good idea for raising your AOVs with matching upsells.

print on demand duffel bag example

You can find POD duffel bags from these print-on-demand services: 

Pro Tip: Looking for wholesale custom product design duffle bags for your company? Try wholesale demand companies such as Coastal Reign in Canada or Promotique in the US.


If you’re looking for a more niche print-on-demand product for your apparel and accessory store, print-on-demand neckties could be a creative addition. They may be niche, but there is huge potential for a fun necktie eCommerce business or store category. Take the personalized tie store TieCreators, for example. Here, customers can design their own woven or all-over print ties.

custom tie store example

You can find POD neckties from these print-on-demand services: 


print on demand scarves printed village

Scarves are sought-after globally, and depending on which way you decide to go with them, there are ways to lengthen your peak seasons by offering scarves for between seasons as well. An added bonus of including scarves in your product range is that they are so well known, you can be sure that your audience will be interested – as long as you come up with a unique design to break through this busy category.

You can find POD scarves from these print-on-demand services: 

Pins [Best-Selling Product]


These accessory products aren’t just hot right now – they’re sizzling! You may remember pins from our 2022 Best-Selling Products and Trending Products lists and, as you can tell, they show no sign of slowing down. Pin buttons are a popular print-on-demand product and offer a great upselling opportunity to increase those order values.


You can find POD buttons from these print-on-demand services:

Pro Tip for White Label Sellers: For those of you who wish to manufacture your own enamel pins in bulk and don’t know where to start, head over to Shopify’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Enamel Lapel Pins Online for a step-by-step how-to guide and manufacturing suggestions.



Print-on-demand pouches can fit into a lot of niches, including accessory product niches (makeup bags), travel product niches (travel pouches), and stationery product niches (pencil pouches). Whether you’re looking for makeup pouch stocking-stuffers for your holiday categories or want to add pencil cases to your back-to-school category, there is a lot of potential here. 

You can find POD pouches from these print-on-demand services (note the many positioning names):

Here are some ideas from Printify to get you started:

Print-on-Demand Apparel

Athleisure & Activewear [Trending Product Category]

Athleisure and active/sportswear is another best-selling category you can build a successful print-on-demand eCommerce brand around. From popular leggings and matching workout tops to headgear and shorts, there is no shortage of sub-categories you can dominate with original designs.  

You can find POD activewear from these print-on-demand services:

Trend Tip: Another trending apparel category with higher profit margin potential that’s worth considering is unisex clothing. According to CNBC, more and more shoppers are actively looking for gender-neutral apparel, and retailers are looking to meet that demand. Additionally, they reported the shopping platform Lyst reported saw a 33% increase in agender-related keywords in 2021. Plus, Athleisure ads are performing well! Check out how athleisure brand Aerie is getting 7.88 ROAS from Dynamic Showcase TikTok ads in our TikTok ads example or TikTok video ideas post.

Leggings [Best-Selling Product]

print on demand yoga pants

The internet is full of million-dollar online legging stores and shoppers desperate to buy from them. If apparel is the leading eCommerce niche, then leggings are its crown jewel. There is no shortage of creative ways you can capitalize on this high-demand print-on-demand product. 

You can find POD leggings from these print-on-demand services:

print on demand leggings prinful

Raglan / Baseball Tees

baseball tees on tee public

These tees are recognized by their three-quarter sleeve length and contrasting colors. Look at any established online t-shirt store, such as TeePublic, and you will find baseball tees. This popular t-shirt design variation appeals to many markets and can appear in casual, sporty, or funny (as shown in the above example) categories. 

You can find POD baseball tees on these print-on-demand sites:

Hoodies and Sweatshirts [Best-Sellers]

print on demand hoodie inkthreadable

There is no shortage of online shoppers on the hunt for their next hoodie or sweatshirt. Personally, I couldn’t live without my hoodies! I have thin hoodies for cooler walks to the gym, thicker hoodies for casual winter wear, and even fun hoodies for plane travel – and I am just one shopper in one tiny market segment. 

You can find POD hoodies and sweatshirts from these print-on-demand services:

Trend Tip: Hoodies are popular and crop tops are trending. Why not combine these trends with print-on-demand cropped hoodies – you can check them out here. Alternatively, have you thought about hoodie dresses

Long-Sleeved Shirts

pexels print on demand long sleve shirts

Another way to expand your eCommerce t-shirt business is to introduce long-sleeved shirts for the colder months. This simple product is a closet staple and can be easily incorporated with your existing, popular t-shirt designs. 

You can find POD long-sleeved shirts from these print-on-demand services:

Polo Shirts

prinful print on demand polo shirts

Next on the list of print-on-demand apparel products are polo shirts. They may not be as mainstream as the previous product, long-sleeved shirts, but they have potential. Like with any competitive niche, you will need to be unique to stand out from the crowd. 

You can find POD polo shirts from these print-on-demand services:

  1. Printful print-on-demand polo shirts
  2. Spreadshirt print-on-demand polo shirts
  3. Printify print-on-demand polo shirts

Tank Tops

art of where print on demand tank tops

Looking for some summer print-on-demand products for your online store, or an interesting niche to build your store around? Then tank tops could be a winner. This consistent seller can be incorporated into your online store with your current designs, or if you’re looking for a very specific niche, you could create a store around them. 

You can find POD tank tops from these print-on-demand services:


Print-on-demand t-shirts are what started it all. This well-known product has taken eCommerce by storm, so is there still a way to make your mark in this highly competitive market? There are plenty of top Shopify stores that prove that the answer is a resounding “yes.” Beautiful Disaster, for instance, has grown into a $3M+ per year eCommerce business, and t-shirts are one of their most significant product categories. Print-on-demand t-shirts can be area-specific digital or all-over print, or you can embroider your designs.

You can find POD t-shirts from these print-on-demand services:

Dresses and Skirts

print on demand dresses and skirts printful

Other products to consider on your hunt for print-on-demand apparel are dresses and skirts. Both of these product categories offer versatility and creativity, and could take your one-product print-on-demand store to the next level. Or perhaps you want to test your market with dress or skirt designs before you lay out big manufacturing money? Then print-on-demand is the way to go. 

You can find POD dresses from these print-on-demand services:

  1. Printful print-on-demand dresses and skirts
  2. InterestPrint print-on-demand dresses
  3. Contrado print-on-demand dresses and skirts
  4. Art of Where print-on-demand dresses
  5. Printify print-on-demand dresses and skirts


Print on demand rashguards printful

Next on our list of print-on-demand products are swimsuits. This is is a favorite print-on-demand category option because it’s led to a lot of creative eCommerce ideas. Swimwear includes full-body one-piece bathing suits and board shorts for both adults and kids, as well as bikinis and rash guards. 

You can find POD swimwear from these print-on-demand services

Baby Clothing 

bonfire print on demand baby clothing

Baby clothing is one of the most undervalued print-on-demand products, but it has a lot of room for opportunity. There are a host of baby clothing and accessories to consider, including baby tees, onesies, blankets, beanies, bibs, bodysuits, long-sleeved shirts, swaddles, dresses, and more. 

You can find POD baby clothing from these print-on-demand services:

  1. Printify print-on-demand baby clothing
  2. Bonfire print-on-demand baby clothing
  3. teelaunch print-on-demand baby clothing
  4. Printful print-on-demand baby clothing
  5. Gooten print-on-demand baby clothing
  6. Zazzle print-on-demand baby clothing
  7. Printed Mint print-on-demand baby clothing

Baby Accessory Alert! Burp cloths and swaddle blankets are also popular products you can print on demand. They can be added as an accessory to your baby and kids’ clothing store or the baby and kids’ section of your homeware store. You can start your hunt on Gooten.

Kids’ Clothing

printful print on demand kids clothing

Last on our list of print-on-demand apparel is kids’ clothing. Like baby clothes, print-on-demand kids’ wear can be a fun and profitable addition to your eCommerce business. With bright, unique designs and bold patterns, there is a lot of potential here. 

You can find POD kids’ clothing from these print-on-demand services:

Print-on-Demand Product Apparel and Accessory Trend: Apparel sustainability is a big eCommerce trend right now, and it comes with a need for eco-friendly print-on-demand products. From eco tote bags to organic cotton baby suits, there is an abundance of eco-friendly print-on-demand product options. 

Take a look at Printful for example. This is just a fraction of what they offer in terms of eco-friendly print-on-demand products

  1. Biodegradable phone cases 
  2. Organic POD t-shirts 
  3. Premium eco hoodies
  4. Recycled cuffed beanies 
  5. Eco tote bags

Denim Jackets (New Print-On-Demand Product) 

A fairly new and unique print-on-demand product available to eCommerce brands is denim jackets. These high-margin products offer custom product embroidery. 

printful denim jacket custom product


Denim jackets come back (in terms of popularity) every fall, offering a good seasonal addition to your print-on-demand store.

Google trends denim products

[Source: Google Trends

You can find POD denim jackets from this print-on-demand company: 

Side Note: Be sure to check out Printful’s new print-on-demand denim tote bag. Alternatively, if you’re looking to custom print denim products in bulk, you can try Denim Ink for all things denim.

Print-on-Demand Yoga Products

Yoga Mats


Yoga has become a mainstream activity enjoyed all over the world, and with its growing popularity come more eCommerce opportunities. Besides popular leggings, you can get print-on-demand yoga mats, which you can use to build your yoga gear, apparel, and accessory empire. 

You can find POD yoga mats from these print-on-demand services:

Print-on-Demand Puzzles

gooten print on demand puzzels

Print-on-demand puzzles fall into a very niche segment, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have potential. As you can see from the Google trends graph below, puzzles have a steady flow of demand. By getting creative, you could create a fun category based on demographics or interests.

google trends puzzle products

You can find POD puzzles from this print-on-demand company: 

Print-on-Demand Homeware

Acrylic Blocks

POD crylic_blocks

Acrylic blocks are free-standing images encased in polished crystal. They are pretty new to the print-on-demand world, but a growing decorating trend. These would work better with images than text quotes, giving designers and photographers a leg up in the niche. 

You can find POD acrylic blocks from this print-on-demand company: 


spreadshirt print-on-demand aprons

Print-on-demand aprons make for a practical product that can be adapted to a wide variety of shoppers and sold within a range of niches. Whether you’re selling homeware, BBQ-themed merch, or kitchen accessories, this niche print-on-demand product is worth considering. 

You can find POD aprons from these print-on-demand services:

Bath Mats

print on demand shower mat

Next on our ultimate list of print-on-demand products are bath mats. This homeware item is an interesting addition to any online store that has bathroom-related categories, and offers plenty of creative opportunities. Plus, by matching designs to other products such as shower curtains and bath towels, you can create seamless bundles. 

You can find POD bath mats from these print-on-demand services:

Bath Towels

Another popular print-on-demand bathroom accessory is bath towels. Bath towels come in various sizes and can appeal to an array of target shoppers. 

You can find POD bath towels from these print-on-demand services:

Beach Towels

And it’s not only bath towels! Beach towels are a popular print-on-demand product idea with plenty of room for you to expand. Pair them up with matching flip flops and beach totes for combo deals or color coordinate with your swimsuits to make sets. 

You can find POD beach towels from these print-on-demand services:

Laundry Bags 

trending product laundry bags

[Source: Google Trends

Another way to bundle your bathroom accessory designs, as discussed above, is with laundry bags. This product is a consistent seller and, if marketed correctly, can be a nice little money-earner for your homeware store. 

You can find POD laundry bags from these print-on-demand services:

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are a fun and profitable product category to add to your online store. In fact, with the right branding and a unique perspective, you could design a whole store around print-on-demand shower curtains. 

You can find POD shower curtains from these print-on-demand services:



Print-on-demand blankets are the perfect way to dropship unique homeware designs. Whether you’re planning on targeting movie lovers or kids’ bedrooms, the niches and categories these fall into are almost endless. They come in thin fleece, sherpa, and more. 

You can find POD blankets from these print-on-demand services:

Bottle Openers

There is a growing number of sites offering “design-your-own” bottle opener products right now, but not too many brands are going all-out on these custom print-on-demand opportunities. This means that, although this is a very niche product, there’s a lot of untapped potential. Let’s say you are selling wine-lover themed totes. How awesome would it be to upsell a matching bottle opener? (Hint, hint!) 

You can find custom-made bottle openers at this wholesale print-on-demand company: 

Warm and Cold Beverage Tumblers 


Beverage tumblers are a fast-growing niche. As more and more people look for more environmentally friendly, fun solutions for drinks on the go, opportunities for growth improve. There are several applications for this print-on-demand product niche, such as adding warm tumblers as an accessory to an eCommerce coffee brand, creating gift bundles with wine tumblers for Christmas, or adding a tumbler category to your homeware store.

You can find POD beverage tumblers from these print-on-demand services:

Can Coolers/Koozies

Can coolers, also known as drink koozies, will pair nicely with other beverage-related products in your store. You could add them as an upsell product to a beach or camping gear bundle, or offer an add-on or free item when someone buys a certain number of cans from your Shopify drinks store. 

You can find POD can coolers from these print-on-demand services

Bottle Covers/Wraps

printed mint print on demand bottle wraps

It’s not just cans you can offer covers for. Another print-on-demand product is bottle wraps. They are a great product accessory to add to your store for those warm summer days when people want to keep their drinks cool on picnics or trips. 

You can find POD bottle wraps from his print-on-demand service: Printed Mint

They also offer wine totes, which could make a handy addition to the gift section of your store. 

Water Bottles

gooten print on demand water bottle


As the demand for plastic alternatives grows, so does the demand for reusable water bottles. These trending products are usually aluminum or steel, and offer a host of all-over print and engraving design options. 

You can find POD water bottles from these print-on-demand services:


gooten print on demand coasters

If your shoppers are anything like me, they always have coasters at the ready. Coasters are one of those products that have been around since the beginning of online shopping and make a great addition to your store. If you have enough original design ideas, you could build a whole eCommerce brand around them. 

You can find POD coasters from these print-on-demand services:

Here’s some eCommerce inspiration from one of our merchants, Old Guys Rule, who have just added coasters with all their best-selling designs to their product categories.

old guys rule online store selling coasters

Coffee Mugs [Best-Seller]

Ah, the humble yet oh-so-popular coffee mug. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that there is nothing more important to me than a good cup of joe – and I am definitely not alone! Whether it’s a gift for a holiday like Father’s Day or Christmas, or an additional perk to one’s morning coffee, mugs are a huge online seller in a never-ending list of niches and categories. 

You can find POD coffee mugs from these print-on-demand services:

Cutting Boards 

teach launch print on demand cutting boards

Cutting boards are another print-on-demand option to add to your homeware store – especially if you can offer some unique, never-before-seen designs. There are a variety of types available for print-on-demand dropshipping, including glass and wood boards both with and without handles. 

You can find POD cutting boards from these print-on-demand services:

Duvet Covers 

Another common home item is the duvet cover. Whether you’re creating a niche print-on-demand bedding and duvet cover store or looking for ways to incorporate your designs into bedding, duvet covers are a versatile place to start. 

You can find POD duvet covers from these print-on-demand services:

Here’s a how-to guide from Pillow Profits to give you an idea of the design implications of creating print-on-demand duvet covers.


print on demand pillow covers printful

Another product you can add, along with duvet covers, are pillowcases. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, this print-on-demand option can be sold in bedroom, living room, or baby room categories, depending on your market. Note: pillowcases are often referred to as pillow shams. 

You can find POD pillowcases from these print-on-demand services:


Kit.ly print on demand magnets

Magnets are small, cheap, and easy to sell. Adding them to your homeware, stationery, or accessory store is a good way to convert first-time shoppers. Alternatively, use them as an upsell to increase order values. 

You can find POD magnets from these print-on-demand services:

Ottomans and Bean Bag Chairs [Trending Products] 

Ottomans are relatively new to the print-on-demand scene – most services only launched these products in 2019 – but they are not new to homeware. It’s important to note that these are probably the most expensive print-on-demand products and to compete, you may need to adjust your margin expectations. 

You can find POD ottomans and bean bag chairs from these print-on-demand services:


Next on our list of print-on-demand products for the home are placements. Whether you go with images, patterns, or quotes, be sure to keep them unique. This is another product designers and photographers can add their original images to for a lot of success. 

You can find POD placemats from these print-on-demand services:


napkin example product

And what goes with placemats? Cloth napkins! You could pair your placemats with complementary napkins, or add festive napkins to your store as a unique holiday product. Think of ways you can stand out of the crowd here, like MoMA has done with their bright, bold color schemes.

You can find POD napkins from this print-on-demand service:

Tablecloths and Table Runners

POD table cloths

Tablecloths and runners are another product category that can help strengthen your brand. Applying your unique designs to print-on-demand tablecloths and bundling them up with other table decoration products like placemats or napkins could have significant profit potential. 

You can find POD tablecloths and runners from these print-on-demand services:


Trays have many uses, and can be functional, decorative, or both. That’s what makes this print-on-demand homeware product a fun addition to your store. Whether you go with unique patterns or feel-good slogans, trays can be relatively inexpensive to add to your store to boost sales. 

You can find POD trays from these print-on-demand services:

Tea and Dish Towels 

print on demand kitchen towels

Why not take your kitchenware a step further and pair your trays with a complimentary tea towel design? Widely used across a range of target markets, they are usually made from cotton-linen and are machine washable. 

You can find POD tea and dish towels from these print-on-demand services:

Indoor / Outdoor Floor Mats

gooten print on demand floor mats

Next on our list of print-on-demand homeware products are floor mats. There are a few types of floor mats you can integrate into your online store, such as indoor or outdoor mats. It is important to keep in mind, though, that larger, heavier mats will be more expensive to print. 

You can find POD floor mats from these print-on-demand services:

Luxury Product Alert: Looking for the luxury upgrade to floor mats? Consider print-on-demand rugs. You can start your search on Pillow Profits and Gooten.

Scatter/Throw Cushions

kite.ly print on demand throw pillows

Throw cushions are a popular home decor product used in living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. They are extremely adaptable to your target shoppers’ demographics and niche, can be sold with or without the inner pillow, and come in various shapes and sizes. Plus, they usually offer profitable margins if you keep your design standards high and creatives fresh. 

You can find POD throw cushions from these print-on-demand services:

Canvases [Best-Seller] 

Next on our homeware and decor list of print-on-demand products are canvas prints. Canvas artwork is a sought-after home or office accessory. Whether it’s a large, luxury lifestyle image print for someone’s living room or a smaller Instagram marketing-worthy quote for a home office, there are multiple applications for adding this product category to your store. 

eCommerce Wannabe Tip: Are you a photographer, artist, or designer? Create an online store on your website that sells print-on-demand canvases and other print types of your work!  

You can find POD canvases from these print-on-demand services:

Metal Prints [Trending Product] 

Metal prints are relatively new to the print world and even newer to the list of print-on-demand product types. Because of this, they are still not common in stores using print-on-demand services, which means you have a chance to dominate this niche. 

You can find POD metal prints from these print-on-demand services:

Posters and Wall Art 

poster print on demand

If you’re looking for a simpler and less expensive wall art or art print option for your eCommerce brand, consider adding posters to your online store. Print-on-demand posters have been around as long as print-on-demand has, and depending on your target audience, can be a quick mover. 

Bonus Content: Building a 7-figure Business Selling Posters Online [in 6 Steps]

You can find POD posters or art prints from these print-on-demand providers:

Wall Decals [New Product]

printed mint print on demand waller paper

One of the newest print-on-demand products is reusable wallpapers. Often referred to as wall clings or decals, these products offer an alternative to painting and are usually transferable. If your target market is renters, you could have massive success with this niche as it’s not saturated yet. 

You can find POD wallpaper and decals from these print-on-demand services:

If you’re looking for traditional print-on-demand wallpaper options, try Printed Mint. Or if you really want to go niche for homeware, try print-on-demand fabric from Art of Where.

Print-on-Demand Jewelry [New Category]


printify print on demand bracelets

Print-on-demand bracelet engraving is still a relatively new POD category, so styles are limited to silver, gold, stainless steel, and leather-strapped bracelets. However, as it is still fresh, there’s potential to make your mark in this area, or add a unique accessory to your apparel and accessory eCommerce brand.  

You can find POD bracelets from these print-on-demand services:


Another jewelry product to consider adding to your online store is necklaces. These are usually engraved silver or gold and come in a variety of lengths and styles. 

You can find POD necklaces from these print-on-demand services:

Starting a print-on-demand online jewelry store from scratch? Here are some top tips and tricks from Printful.

Bonus Product: Consider adding print-on-demand jewelry boxes from teelaunch to your online store as well. 

Print-on-Demand Event and Holiday Products

Greeting Cards

print on demand greeting cards pwinty

There is a lot of potential in adding greeting cards to your online store. It can be a quick upsell you offer when shoppers are buying a product on your store as a gift, or you can create themed cards to target big holidays, birthdays, and life events.  (Check out these seasonal sales promotion examples for inspiration.) 

You can find POD greeting cards from these print-on-demand services:

Holiday Stockings 

print on demand Christmas stockings contrado

Another hot holiday product you can add to your store to boost Christmas sales is holiday stockings. Although seasonal, they can give your store a much-needed fourth-quarter boost. The trick here is to create highly unique designs that appeal to segmented audiences to ensure you can stand out in this busy niche. 

You can find POD holiday stockings from these print-on-demand services:

Holiday Tree Skirts

print on demand tree skirts

Tree skirts are decorative fabric circles that sit under the Christmas tree. They have become a popular holiday purchase. Bear in mind that this product has a very short window of opportunity, so you will need to be original to make your mark and ensure your in-store CTAs and banners, holiday strategy, and eCommerce marketing strategy is on point. 

You can find POD tree skirts from these print-on-demand services:


print on demand Christmas ornaments

Now that we have taken care of the bottom of the tree, it’s time to decorate the top! Seasonal holiday ornaments can bring you the end-of-year sales boost you need to meet your sales goals. From quotes to geeky designs, there is an endless supply of niche segment opportunities. Print-on-demand ornaments are usually all-over prints on ceramic or glass, and come in an array of shapes. 

You can find POD ornaments from these print-on-demand services:

  1. Gooten print-on-demand porcelain ornaments
  2. Printed Mint print-on-demand glass ornaments
  3. Printify print-on-demand ceramic ornaments
  4. Contrado print-on-demand ornaments

Print-on-Demand Stationery & Office Products


print on demand wall calendars gooten

Looking for office accessories or stationery to add to your online store or build your new eCommerce business around? Calendars could be an effective place to start. Yes, they are highly seasonal, but they also expire, which means they create repeat sales opportunities. The added bonus of offering print-on-demand calendars rather than white labeling them is that you won’t get stuck with out-of-date calendars you can’t use. 

You can find POD calendars from these print-on-demand services:

Notebooks and Journals

print on demand notebooks and journals blurb

Another consistent seller to consider this year for your stationery or office category is notebooks and journals. Yes, the competition in this segment is fierce, so you will need to get creative with your concepts to offer shoppers something exceptional, especially if your prices are higher than big-name brand stores. 

You can find POD notebooks and journals from these print-on-demand services:

  1. Gooten print-on-demand notebooks
  2. Blurb print-on-demand journals
  3. Printify print-on-demand stationery
  4. Art of Where print-on-demand notebooks
  5. teelaunch print-on-demand notebooks
  6. Pixels print-on-demand notebooks
  7. teelaunch print-on-demand hardcover journals

Mouse Pads

theme printed mouse pads for store

[Source: Amazon]

Next on our list of print-on-demand office products are mouse pads. These aren’t new, but the types available for print-on-demand have increased over the last couple of years. Create square, circular, or rectangular mouse pads for specific shoppers like gamers, entrepreneurs, or kids. 

You can find POD mouse pads from these print-on-demand services:

Some other office products to consider are desk mats, available on Printed Mint.


Stickers are another stationery product that have a host of applications and can fit into many niches. They can be circular or square, die cut or kiss cut, and aimed at adults or kids with varying interests. They are cheap, but their low cost can make them easier to sell in larger quantities. 

You can find POD stickers from these print-on-demand services:

Pro Tip:  Consider adding fun stickers to your packages as a surprise gift. Read more about upgrading your unboxing experience to pro level here.

Print-on-Demand Tech Accessories

Popsocket Grips

Popsocket grips have been trending since around December 2017. For those of you selling in the phone accessory niche, print-on-demand popsockets enable you to test the product with your own customizations without huge outlays on manufacturing. They don’t have huge markup potential but are cheap, and if you move enough of them through upsells (think micro sales), they can make a difference to your sales. 

You can find POD popsockets from these print-on-demand services:

Laptop Sleeves, Cases and Skins

print on demand laptop sleeve

The next print-on-demand tech products that are relatively easy to get onto your online store are laptop cases and sleeves. From gamers and travelers to entrepreneurs or college students on the go, there are multiple directions you can take your designs and marketing.   

You can find POD laptop sleeves and cases from these print-on-demand services:

Consider adding tablet and iPad sleeves, cases, and skins as well! You can start your search on Kite.

Phone Cases [Best-Sellers]

When it comes to phone cases, there is no shortage of print-on-demand services. This booming niche is very, very busy as almost everyone needs a phone case. 

However, with a creative idea you can still make an impact. If you are a cartoon artist, designer, photographer, or copywriter looking for merch ideas, these are a relatively popular one to start with.

You can find POD phone cases from these print-on-demand services:

Some other niche print-on-demand tech products to consider are headphones, car chargers, and power banks.

Print-on-Demand Pet Products [Trending Category]

Pet Bandanas

print on demand pet bandanas printed mint

Pet bandanas have become a popular pet accessory. One of the easiest products to customize and market, there are a bunch of ways you can turn this product into a gold mine. 

You can find POD pet bandanas from these print-on-demand services:

Pet Beds

print on demand pet beds

Another stable pet product is pet beds. Pet beds have become a good seller and there is a lot of potential if you have some unique themes in mind. These are usually weather- and mold-resistant, and lined with fleece to keep your furry friends warm! 

You can find POD dog beds from these print-on-demand services:

Pet Mats 

These are non-slip surfaces pet owners put down under their pets’ bowls. Pet mats also help keep the floor of the eating area spill-free and are easy to wipe down. Here are some examples of pet mats on Amazon at the moment.

pet mats on amazon

As you can see, they are all plain, giving the right sellers with good design ideas an edge. 

You can find POD pet mats from these print-on-demand services:

Some other trending print-on-demand products to consider for your eCommerce brand are pet tees, tanks, bowls, and ID tags.

Print-on-Demand Travel Gear and Accessories

Luggage Tags

contrado print on demand luggage tags

Another inexpensive item on our list of print-on-demand products to consider are luggage tags. Although they will fit nicely in a travel accessory store, you can also include them with bags and other accessories.  

You can find POD luggage tags from these print-on-demand services:

Luggage and Luggage Covers

custom suitcases from contrado

Slightly more niche but with a lot of creative potential are custom covers for suitcases. These luxury travel items can be fully customized and have enough juice for you to create a whole store around. 

You can find POD luggage and covers from these print-on-demand services:

Some other travel accessories to consider are travel and weekend bags. You can start your search on these top print-on-demand sites: InterestPrint, Gooten, and Printify.

Final Thoughts: Choose the Right Demand Company for Your Brand and Then Fine-Tune Your Products

There you have it: a list of print-on-demand products you can add to your store in 2022, and where to find them.

Ideally, you want to choose your print-on-demand company first to ensure they offer services or features that are in line with your business goals. 

Before choosing a service or print provider, ask yourself if the print-on-demand company: 

  1. Has a wide range of products that suit your specific niche 
  2. Offers high enough profit margin potential and optimum base costs 
  3. Integrates easily into your store and business model 
  4. Offers additional services you may need such as demand product designs, order fulfillment, warehousing, and branded packaging and inserts 
  5. Includes a high-quality mockup generator
  6. Allows you to order test prints to ensure they offer high-quality products 
  7. Doesn’t have an order minimum – especially relevant for new store owners 
  8. Has a good track record in terms of customer service 
  9. Integrates seamlessly with your eCommerce platform and store 

We will update this post regularly, so check back soon! If you have any questions about print-on-demand, post them in the comments below.

If you are ready to convert your print-on-demand products and grow your eCommerce brand, check out our full guides on successful eCommerce ads strategies, eCommerce Google Ads, and Facebook Commerce. Also be sure to check out our top list of automation tools for eCommerce

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