Using Coupon Pop for a Giveaway Resulted in Sensational Growth

When it comes to creating a successful eCommerce business, you always want to keep an eye on lead generation. Why can’t you just focus on making sales?

On average, 98% of web store visitors end their visit without making a purchase, and 70% of them will never go back to that web store. Thus, not implementing a lead generation practice is kind of like shooting yourself (or your sales) in the foot.

In today’s post, we are bringing you the success story of how Angelus Direct used our Coupon Pop in order to run a giveaway. In one month, without spending any extra money on ads, they were able to generate 6000 new followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Meet the Store

Angelus Direct is a leather care, custom, and restoration product online store that prides itself on continuing its history of producing products in America. Their product catalog is vast; Angelus Direct distributes for a 108-year-old company: Angelus Shoe Polish.

Angelus Direct Giveaway Success

Angelus Direct specializes in selling products deemed the best by many worldwide for use on customization of shoes, handbags, belts, and many other leather articles. Aside from products working on shoes, handbags, belts, and many other leather articles their products also work on canvas and many other materials.

The company pitches their products mainly for sneakers due to the fact that if it can work on sneakers, it can work on anything; if you can do a shoe, you can do the anything else. Here’s a lovely, and quite inspiring example.

Angelus Direct Product Quality 

Why a Giveaway?

“We chose to do a giveaway because we wanted to try something different while attempting to grow our social media following simultaneously.”

They’ve had a ton of success with changing their giveaway and using different marketing methods for a while now. The web store has been rapidly growing for two years, so experimenting with Coupon Pop and giveaways came as something ‘natural’. They felt that they had to experiment.

Coupon Pop has brought us awesome results, and so have giveaways, so combining them just felt natural. As Tyler Brucato of Angelus Direct told us, “if you think about social media as a revolving door of sales, it is often times more worth it to get followers than it is to sell some product at a discount”.

Still, why stray away from something that has worked so successfully, and continues to lead to sustainable growth? “We did the numbers based on how much money we were potentially giving away for those followers (coupon codes). It was a large sum compared to a pair of shoes that would at top cost ~$300. Granted, with discount codes, you will possibly get larger volume sales, but we wanted to work on our social media presence for the month.”

The Results

In the last month, we received 2700 likes on Facebook and 2300 additional followers on Instagram just from Coupon Pop. That does not even account for our normal growth (followers attained without the Coupon Pop). They have been lucky to receive over 1,000 likes/follows every week on a constant basis. That is a huge amount of extra growth for a small margin.

“Coupon Pop has been an incredibly easy integration for our website. They also edited the specs for my website to make it work easier. It works hand in hand with my Zopim chat software since they look really nice next to each other on the pop-up of my website.”

Angeuls Direct Coupon Pop Growth Results 

Angelus Direct Moving Forward

If you were wondering, Angelus Direct will be running more giveaways, but they’ll pepper them in with sales promotions. For instance, for one month, they may offer a 20% off type coupon, while during another month, they’ll give away some sort of product.

This is a prime example of what great businesses do! They don’t just conduct split testing on popups or other elements of the website itself. Rather also run tests on what they offer and how they are engaging.

In addition, Angelus Direct hopes to grow their social media community to 300 thousand followers (at the current growth rate, that should happen without having to run any extra promotions). Aside from social media growth, Angelus Direct is also seeking to be as innovative as possible in order to ensure growth for years to come. That includes venturing into collaborative work with like-minded businesses, staying transparent, and having the best customer service. “Here’s to hopefully many more fun years of hard but fun work expanding!”

Closing Thoughts

Thanks to Angelus Direct for sharing their insights. Aside from this being another story about the successful use and results from Coupon Pop, there are a few lessons you should be walking away with.

  1. Think outside the box. Coupon Pop isn’t necessarily a giveaway app, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for that or any other promotion.
  2. Be innovative. Innovation goes far beyond the product.
  3. Test the different promotions and discounts you are offering.

Take these lessons with you. Update your promotions, and start doing something new to grow your business.

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