60+ Best-Selling Products Online to Sell in 2022 [Updated]

Want to know what the best-selling products online are and how to find them? You’ve come to the right place.

One of the biggest hurdles eCommerce entrepreneurs face is finding those best-selling products they can add to their store to drive sales. This struggle is not exclusive to new store owners; even the most established online store business owners work hard at updating their offers to help scale their business.

It is no surprise why, when the stakes are so high!

The eCommerce industry is growing at a phenomenal rate (24% year-on-year), making it increasingly important to find those niche-winners and trending products that help you stay ahead of the competition and give your shoppers what they want.

ecommerce growth year on year

[Source: Statista]

To kick-start your search for new products, we’ve compiled a list of the 60 best-selling products online per niche. Plus we’ve compiled this step-by-step guide to enable you to find more best-selling products for your specific niche and market.  

Let’s get started!

60+ Best Products to Sell Online, By Niche

Apparel & Accessories Trending Products 

1. Athleisure

Athleisure is a term coined to describe activewear that is worn for everyday use. Clothing that is comfortable and durable, while still being stylish. Athleisure includes anything from leggings to sweatpants, sports bras, and socks.

athleisure trending products 2022

[Source: Google Trends]

One of the biggest online store inspirations in this apparel niche is the popular Lululemonwho turned their yoga gear into athleisure.

top selling Athleisure brand

2. Branded Apparel

Fun, branded apparel, designed for specific segmented niches, has become hugely popular. Thanks to companies like Printful, it’s getting easier to dropship unique apparel designs, making it more efficient for eCommerce entrepreneurs to create unique products that stand out from an already saturated market.

dropshipping branded apparel example

Some popular niches in branded apparel include pop culture, travel t-shirts and novelty socks. The trick to successfully adding branded apparel products lies in being very specific with your niche segment. Such as relating to a specific type of shopper, like fun apparel guru Look Humanor a particular demographic or location. Think ‘I love NY’ shirts.

printed shirts best selling and trending products 2022

[Source: Google Trends]



3. Beanies

Beanies are one of those apparel accessories that appear every winter. Even though they are seasonal, the amount of interest has been increasing every winter.

beanies best selling and trending products 2022

[Source: Google Trends]

Beanies are one of those products that can be included in a variety of niche apparel stores. Whether you’re adding cotton beanies to target college kids or dropshipping wool baby beanies for newborn photographers – the possibilities, and types, are endless.

4. Denim

Denim has been a best-selling product longer than I have been alive, but this summer it made a big comeback in fashion blogs. When it comes to apparel, denim products are a constant good seller.  

Google trends denim products

[Source: Google Trends]

Just because summer has ended doesn’t mean the trend will decrease, as people start to stock up on their fall jeans and jackets. The trick is to stay ahead of the current denim fashion trends to find places where you can add denim products to your store.

5. Enamel Pins

For the last couple of years the popularity of enamel pins has been growing steadily, and it looks like they’re here to stay for another year. The price and size of this crafty fashion accessory make them a good cross-selling product for your checkout pages.


[Source: Google Trends]

With the right marketing and content planning, enamel pin experts Grassroots have turned their pins from add-ons into must-haves.

fashion pins to sell on ecommerce store

6. Leggings

No one knows better than some of eCommerce’s biggest success stories, GearBunch and Noli Yoga, how lucrative leggings are right now. Whether you’re delving into the athleisure or sports apparel markets, or are looking to make your own branded products, leggings are one of the best-selling products online for 2018.

leggings best selling and trending products 2022

[Source: Google Trends]

7. Maternity Wear

According to Editedthe maternity wear market has grown by 200% since 2014, and it is not just big retailers jumping on the bandwagon.

However, it’s still quite an under-represented market. Whether you’re looking to expand your range to include maternity wear or dive into a maternity wear store, there is enormous potential here.

The trick is to find products that offer a unique spin or provide high-fashion styles in the maternity wear genre.

Maternity wear best selling and trending products 2022

[Source: Google Trends]

8. Men’s Shoes

If you’re looking to get into men’s apparel or add men’s accessories to your store, you might want to consider men’s shoes.

mens shoes best selling products to sell online

[Source: Google Trends]

Men’s shoes have been steadily climbing since around 2012, with top searches coming from the UK, US and Australia. And with December around the corner, there’s still time to take advantage of their peak search times between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

9. Novelty Socks

If you’ve been following StoreYa’s eCommerce posts for a while, you will already know I am a huge fan of Happy SocksAnd I am not the only one who loves a good novelty sock!

novelty socks best selling products to sell online

[Source: Google Trends]

Fun socks have been trending for some time now. However, they seem to do particularly well over the holidays (my poor/lucky boyfriend gets a Happy Sock gift box every year), and make for good revenue boosters overall. You can read more about them and my other favorites in our How to Upgrade Your Unboxing Experience post. 

best novelty socks from happy socks

10. Shapewear

No trending products list would be complete without a mention of shapewear. This apparel/health product’s popularity has been growing steadily. In fact, it is so popular that there are eCommerce stores that start their business selling nothing but shapewear.

shapewear best-selling product trends 2019

[Source: Google Trends]

11. Unicorns

unicorn product examples

Unicorn products are all the rage this year. From unicorn pencil cases to unicorn slippers, the market has gone unicorn-crazy. You really can’t go wrong adding some unicorn sparkle to your store – as long as your target audience is into it.

One product worthy of special mention is the launch of the unicorn bag. Since becoming famous in 2017, it has become a consistent seller. 

unicorn best selling products to sell online

[Source: Google Trends]

With the next season around the corner, if you want to cash in on this best-selling product, you better get in now!

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Beauty, Hygiene & Personal Grooming Best-Selling Products 

12. Balayage Products

When it comes to the hair styling and care niche, hair trends always play a part in finding those best-selling products. Balayage refers to a hair color style that is more natural than its predecessor, ombre, giving the fashionable sun-kissed highlight look. It has been around since 2008 but is climbing steadily and is still a hot topic in leading beauty mags such as Marie Claire and Glamour

Balayage popularity, especially in the US, has opened up a bunch of popular products for the beauty and grooming eCommerce sector including hair lighteners, color, application brushes and spatulas, toners and aftercare products – just to name a few.

Pro Tip: There are even balayage hair extensions; the possibilities are endless and with the right content marketing, blogger/influencer collaborations and PPC campaigns, this could be a great seller for your store.

13. Bamboo Toothbrushes

If you’re looking for more environmentally sustainable products to suit your environmentally conscious audience, then bamboo toothbrushes could be a winner.

Cashing in on products that appeal to shoppers following a more minimalist lifestyle could help you get ahead of this trend. Even the big marketplaces are already cashing in on this Keyword search trend for Google eCommerce PPC campaigns.

search terms bamboo toothbrushes

14. Beard Oil

You may remember we mentioned beard oil on our top 2017 viral products list, and it’s been enjoying its top spot since!  

Although it’s become a very competitive market with the likes of Dollar Shave Club, there is still room for you to dig deep into your creativity to drill down into saturated markets to find more segmented beard grooming niches.

15. Dude Wipes

As the male grooming segment of this niche grows, so does the number of trending products you can sell online. Outside of beard and shaving, it is still often an overlooked niche and getting in on hygiene products for men such as the popular Dude Wipes could be lucrative.

Pro Tip: It’s not just male hygiene stores that can benefit from this product. If you’re selling in the camping or outdoor market, they could make a handy up-sell product for your target audience’s next rugged adventure. Such as these biodegradable from Dude Wipes themselves.

dude wipe product options

16. Charcoal Beauty Products

After a short plateau charcoal beauty products are rallying. Charcoal skin products are said to draw oils and dirt out of the skin in a natural way and have become a well-used beauty and makeup product. But its product reach is much broader than that, with activated charcoal toothpaste, masks, scrubs and soaps.

Pro Tip: A quick charcoal beauty product search on Amazon can help you narrow down a charcoal product for your specific store.

charcoal beauty products Amazon

17. Coconut Oil Based Products

Coconut oil products have been a consistent climber since 2008 and offer a host of product possibilities in a variety of niches. Within the beauty, hygiene and personal grooming niche, there are deodorants, toothpaste, soap, hair products, moisturizers and more.

Pro Tip: Outside of the beauty niche, coconut is very popular with people looking for healthy cooking options and there are tons of posts out there with coconut oil use tips – from using it to season cast iron skillets and frying pans to making mayonnaise. Find the use/trend that answers your target audience’s pain points.

18. Coffee Scrubs

Another consistent best-seller for your beauty store is coffee scrubs. Coffee has been popular forever – it’s certainly something this content writer couldn’t live without. But it’s its introduction to beauty products that trend-setters like Frank Body were able to capitalize on.

popular coffee body scrubs

19. Eyeshadow Stamps

A new trend in the beauty niche is the eyeshadow stamp. The eyeshadow stamp enables makeup wearers to put shadow onto the device and stamp designs onto the eyelid.

It shot to fame thanks to the StampCrease from makeup artist Jack Nogueira.


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A post shared by Jack & Nogueira (@jacknogueiramakeup) on

Its popularity has now opened the market for other eyeshadow stamps, making it a popular AliExpress dropshipping product.

top eyshadow stamp brands on aliexpress

20. Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes aren’t new, but they are a product that consistently sells. If you can find some new, fresh lash ideas, especially for the holiday season coming up, there is earning potential. Their price and use make them the kind of product shoppers tend to buy more than one of, and more often.

Here are some Halloween fake eyelash product ideas from Bustle to get your creative juices flowing.

21. LED Mirrors

LED mirrors are fast becoming a must-have product for beauty and grooming enthusiasts.

Although the wall-mounted versions may not be something you would add to your beauty and makeup store, the hand-held versions could make a popular add-on for your store. Take these top-selling LED hand mirrors on eBay:

top led hand mirrors on ebay

22. Silicone Makeup Sponges

If you’re looking for trending makeup accessories to up-sell on your makeup and beauty store, you may want to consider silicone makeup sponges. Real Simple notes that their popularity is based on how much easier they are to clean than traditional sponges, and a lot of beauty bloggers have jumped on the bandwagon. If you look at Google search trends, you can see this isn’t just hot air.

Pro Tip: You want products that customers buy more of, more often. Because silicone makeup sponges should be replaced every couple of months, it is a great product to help you build your loyal customer base.

Car Accessories Trending and Best-Selling Products 

23. Car Air Fresheners

Yeah, car air fresheners are old news, but their popularity isn’t.

From online toiletry stores like iHerb to big eCommerce giant Walmart, car air fresheners are a favorite. This versatile, user-friendly product can be added to any niche segment, from car accessories to homeware or online cleaning stores. Here are just a fraction of the types out there, taken from Walmart:

most popular car fresheners on wallmart

24. Car Organizers

After hitting their first peak in December 2014, car organizers plateaued out. Until last year, that is. They are particularly popular in Australia, which is about to hit its summer (road trip) season.

This affordable car accessory offers a variety of size, style and price options for any market.  

25. Steering Wheel Covers

Steering wheel covers’ popularity has been climbing steadily since Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) 2013 and it is a popular product on Amazon and AliExpress. Here are the order numbers from AliExpress’s top steering wheel covers.

Popular steering wheel covers on Aliexpress

Food, Health & Wellness Best-Selling Products 

26. Anti-Snoring Products

Anti-snoring products are a sought-after dropshipping product for wellness stores, and their popularity has been growing steadily. The advantage of adding this type of product to your store is that they are not seasonal products; people sleep (snore) all year round!

Anti-snoring products can include chin straps, mouth guards, and nose plugs for those that snore, and ear plugs for those living with a person who snores.

27. Detox Products

Although this category has been pretty steady over the last five years, it enjoys peak interest at the beginning of each year when people are looking to make healthy changes for the new year. There are plenty of detox products out there, but one detox product enjoying popularity in 2018 is detox tea.

There are tons of ‘teatoxes’ out there and plenty of eCommerce stores have been founded around exclusively selling these teas, such as Fittea.

28. Green Tea

A long-time favorite product, green tea consistently makes the best-selling products list. Tea has become so popular that even Shopify has a whole guide dedicated to starting an online tea company

Green tea is said to be the most lucrative tea in the global tea market, with the highest growth rate. This tea trend has given birth to a lot of eCommerce businesses and exciting new green tea flavors.

best selling green tea types

29. Keto Foods

If you’re looking for the hottest product trend in food and wellness, look no further than Keto.

Keto first gained interest back in January 2017. If you are not familiar with the ketogenic diet, it’s a low-carb, high-fat diet that is said to help the body burn fats faster. Over the past years it’s become a large diet trend and with it the growth of trending keto food products, giving birth to everything from Keto subscription box services to Keto snacks.

Even Starbucks has added a Keto drink to their menu.

30. Macronutrients and Pre-Workout Supplements

Fitness products aren’t new and neither are pre-workout supplements and macronutrients. However, over the last couple of years, the demand for such products has increased quite a bit.

With the overall trend towards living a healthier lifestyle continuously growing, so will the demand for wellness products. One such trend is pre-workout powders that are intended to give consumers an energy boost to ensure a good workout.

31. Matcha

Matcha is a green tea variety that has not only grown in popularity but offers sellers good profit margins. Think of it as the Ferrari of green teas, which targets those shoppers looking for premium tea flavors and extra green tea benefits.

matcha tea trending products 2021

[Source: Google Trends]

how to set up google ads for eCommerce

Homeware and Home Decor Best-Selling Products

32. Chalk Paint

If you’re looking for a new DIY trending product, then chalk paint could be it. Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, it’s gained immense popularity and is being used on anything from boxes to walls.

Chalk paint popularity has led to a host of other trending products, like chalk paint accessories and the items that home decor DIYers can add chalk paint to.

33. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights can be seen in restaurants, yards, on balconies and even in living rooms, and are a big home decor product.

Pro Tip: Look for products within trending categories to find your best-sellers. For example, within the fairy light genre, solar-powered fairy lights, which are a huge seller on AliExpress, is a big seller.

34. Oil Diffusers

Sure, oil diffusers may seem like old news, but some of the trendiest online publications, like Elle, know that they aren’t have-beens, offering a host of the best oil diffuser content to appease their readers.

Since their climb to fame, they have been a steady best-selling product and a homeware store must. If you’re looking to jump on the oil diffuser dropshipping train, here’s the crew from Orbelo to show you how it’s done:

35. Terrariums

If you’re looking for a stable home decor product, you may want to consider terrariums.

From vases and globes to full glass houses, there is no shortage of terrarium types to add to your store. This best-seller has been steadily growing in popularity for a while now, leading to a variety of accessory products like figurines and how-to guides.

Jewelry Best-Selling and Trending Products 

36. Black Necklaces

Black necklaces are not one of those jewelry trending products that popped up overnight. Instead, they have enjoyed a steady climb to becoming a popular product to sell in 2018.

The black diamond necklace is particularly sought-after in the US. Sure, back diamonds are not a mainstream product in terms of affordability, but if you can add a pretty ‘dock-off’ costume design, you could have a winner.

37. Minimalist Watches

As the minimalism trend grows, so do the list of popular minimalist products. One such product is the minimalist watch, which has gained a lot of hype on influencer Instagram accounts.

The key to a minimalist watch is its simplicity, and an excellent example of a store winning at them is Freedom to Exist.

minimalist watch product ideas

38. Men’s Watches

With Christmas around the corner, you can expect another spike for this jewelry favorite. But it’s not just the end-of-year holidays that keep this on the best-sellers list. With the strategic help of campaigns aimed at birthdays and anniversaries, you could enjoy good sales all year round.

39. Tassel Earrings

Another trend-setter in the jewelry category are tassel earrings, which made one of  Vogue’s 2018 must-have fashion jewelry items. It’s a trend started by some of fashion’s biggest icons and has filtered down eCommerce and retail.

There are a lot of options with this product, which means you can find a variety of earrings to suit your target audience’s preference regarding style and price.

Toy and Baby Best-Selling and Trending Products 

40. Baby Nail Trimmers

Baby nail trimmers have been trending since December 2017. A lot of their popularity can be attributed to mom bloggers and baby accessory stores whose Facebook videos have gone viral.

41. Stuffed / Plush Toys

Peaking during the holidays, plush toys have become a stable best-seller. And it’s not just kids who they are being bought for!

Yes, this is traditionally a kids’ product, but if you have an adult store don’t discount stuffed toys just yet. Apparently, as many as 7% of adults sleep with stuffed animals; when you look at the rise of 7-figure stores like Bleacher Creaturesit’s clear that they are not just for kids anymore.

42. Reborn Baby Dolls

If you’re looking for a hot, trending toy for this coming BFCM, then it may be time to dropship those “reborn” baby dolls. These dolls are designed to look as lifelike as possible, and they have a following with adults as well.

This trend doesn’t just mean opportunities to sell the dolls; it’s opened the market for doll clothes and other accessories.

Pro Tip: Be a little creative with the trends. Let’s say you’re a DIY store – sure, you may not sell reborn babies, but you could sell products that help shoppers make their own doll clothes.  

There is also a considerable market for custom-made dolls.

Kitchen Best-Selling and Trending Products 

43. Coffee Cups

If you want a best-seller that has been popular over time, then look no further than the coffee cup.

They have been consistently popular over the years, but if you really want to make a splash, you should be designing your own. Or jump on the customization trend and let your shoppers create their own, much like the brand Boldomatic does.

custom make your own cups

44. Cool Box

Cool Boxes aren’t a new trend; they have been consistently climbing the last couple of years. But they did have a bumper season this summer and are enjoying their peak popularity.

You can either add this to your store in time for the northern hemisphere’s next summer, or you could add it now to target countries like Australia and South Africa.

45. Grill Mats

To be honest, I had never heard of a grill mat until I found myself lost on AliExpress over the summer – my guilty pleasure when I can’t sleep. But, from the looks of Google trends, I may be the only one who didn’t know that it’s a huge summer BBQ product hit.

If you’re selling in the kitchenware, BBQ, camping or outdoor niches you may want to give this top AliExpress product a look.

47. Silicone Glass

Silicone wine glasses are safe and eco-friendly glasses, popular for using outdoors in the summer. Because they are unbreakable and come in a variety of designs, this product has been a steady grower over the last couple of years.

48. Silicone Baking Molds

Another silicone product – baking molds – is making a comeback!

From shaping designer cakes to cute muffins, they are an affordable product that has taken over the baking niche. You just have to look at some of the sub-categories on AliExpress to see the thousands of orders placed on such simple, affordable products.

silicon cake molds on aliexpress

49. Stove Covers

Another favorite AliExpress product is the highly-searched stove cover, designed specifically to keep gas burners clean.

stove covers best selling and trending products 2022

It’s not just their popularity that makes them a good seller; their price point makes them affordable and their weight makes them easy to ship.

50. Vegetable Cutters

We know that kitchen products are a popular eCommerce niche, with lots of best-selling products to branch into. Vegetable cutters are one such trending product and has seen great growth.

Pro Tip: Another advantage of picking trending products are their keyword searchability and therefore their SEO potential. Especially if the product is evergreen (not seasonal) like kitchen products are.

Tech & Gadgets Best-Selling and Trending Products 

51. Bluetooth and Wifi Speakers

Bluetooth speakers aren’t new, but they are growing in popularity every year as tech, in general, becomes more wireless.  

As you can see by the trend graph, their highest peaks are usually between Black Friday Cyber Monday and Christmas. If you’re looking to get into the action this Cyber Monday, here’s Burst’s (Shopify) Sell Bluetooth Speakers Online guide to get you started.

52. Drones and Drone Accessories

Another oldie but goodie are drones and drone accessories. Drones have grown from an obscure hobby to invaluable tool over the last couple of years. With big companies like Amazon using them to deliver orders and police forces using them for security, they have gone mainstream.

From a consumer point of view, the drone hobbyist market is increasing, as are their use by service providers such as photographers – so we don’t see them disappearing anytime soon.

53. GPS Key Trackers

It is no surprise why this trending product is so popular. It was designed to answer a very real problem that so many of us have. And with the help of Bluetooth and intuitive apps, they are now a best-selling product. A good example of how this product has linked eCommerce with tech is tracker expert Tile.

54. LED Lighting

LED lighting is so hot right now. From bulbs and photography light boxes to mirrors, it seems LED is on everything these days. Not only are they lighter on electricity, but they are a lot less breakable.

It is very likely that in a few years LED will replace most of the current lighting solutions. The rise of smart lighting is also thanks to LED lights and technology.

It seems like everything is going smart these days! Some smart lights respond to claps, some work with apps to automatically time light and color settings, and some are motion-activated. In short, the possibilities are endless.

55. LED Ring Lights

Another LED winner is the LED ring light.

LED Ring Light trend graph

These best-selling photography accessories show how you can take a bigger trend like LED and bring it to smaller niches like photographers or bigger markets like hobby iPhone photographers. As you can see from the following AliExpress top LED ring light listings.

AliExpress top LED ring light listings

56. Phone Cases

Phone cases are another best-selling product that has been growing in a big way since 2009. That’s because they are an inexpensive product that almost everyone (with a phone) needs.

Silicone phone cases are hugely popular (most new covers are made with silicone), as are the new kids on the block: marble phone cases. But if you really want to break into this competitive market, the trick is to take these trends and design something unique to your brand.

57. Smartwatches and Other Wearable Tech

Another best-selling smart product are smartwatches – we have Fitbit and Apple Watch to thank for that. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for eCommerce to compete.

The wearable tech industry has grown to include items for kids, GPS trackers, mindfulness tech, and devices that track posture or the amount of sunlight you’re receiving. There is truly a wearable for every niche. Plus, let’s not forget about all the accessories such as screen protectors, cases, cleaners, cables and chargers that go with it.

58. 360-Degree Cameras  

With the growth of the photography industry comes the growth of trending photography products. Once such product is the 360° camera.

These products are still relatively new but were designed with VR capabilities in mind. For now, they allow photographers and videographers to shoot 360-degree photo and video, which makes for awesome travel photos like this one:


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A post shared by Geoffrey Morrison (@inveterate_adventurer) on

59. Video Doorbells

Next on our trending tech products list are video doorbells. Their popularity is mostly driven by the growth of the home security industry, and they are one of the leading products in that niche.

True, it is not an easy niche to break into – you will need to put a lot of research time and effort into adding these products to your store. But if you do it right, it could be a good money-maker.

60. Wireless Headphones

Last, but by no means least, we have trendsetters wireless headphones. They are steadily growing in popularity year on year, but as you can see below, their real shining moments are Black Friday Cyber Monday!

Last year they made USA Today’s 15 most popular things our readers bought on Cyber Monday list, and you can see from the trends, this Black Friday Cyber Monday shouldn’t be any different.

Pro Tip: There is still time to add products and get your store ready for BFCM. Here’s our BFCM checklist to get you started.

And this just the tip of the iceberg! Looking for best-selling print-on-demand products? We’ve got you covered! 

No matter what niche you’re selling in, best-selling products are dynamic. It is important to always ensure that if you add trending products to your store, they fit your brand, your market and your budget. You also want to try to have your own spin on it if you want to enter an already saturated market.

Looking for more tips on not only finding the best products for your store – but marketing them like a pro?? Head over to these popular guides: 


Have questions? Post them in the comments below.

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