20+ Multimillion-Dollar Online Fashion Brands that are Winning 

Apparel is not only the biggest eCommerce niche but the fastest-growing online industry. So how do you stand out to build a million-dollar online fashion brand that is killing it? 

A good eCommerce fashion brand needs to have a well-designed site that is visually engaging to potential customers. It should use every aspect of its store to build brand and product awareness and strengthen its brand voice and vibe.

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The site should have simple, clear messaging and sell a specific look while also ensuring that all information a customer needs to make a purchase is easily available. It also needs to stand out from the crowd in the biggest online niche. 

How better to see what you need to do to grow your business into the millions than by looking at eCommerce brands already dominating their niches! 

We’ve collected 28 inspiring online apparel brands with yearly revenue ranging from $1 million to $400 million to not only help you see what you’re up against but reveal ways you can use their winning strategies for your own clothing store. Including: 

Ready for a big dose of eCommerce inspiration? 

Let’s jump in! 

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28 Million-Dollar eCommerce Apparel Brands to Aspire to and Why They Rock 

1. Beyond Retro

beyond retro eCommerce clothing store example 2

Estimated Annual Revenue: $13 Million  

Apparel Niche: Vintage/second-hand clothing 

eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus 

Combining a passion for big data and everything vintage, Beyond Retro is a unique omni-channel brand that’s been in business for over 15 years. With a significant focus on sustainability, this top online fashion brand offers trend-led vintage fashion as well as their own Beyond Retro LABEL, repurposed from high-quality second-hand material. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

Yes, the fact that Beyond Vintage capitalizes on the growing demand for sustainable fashion and reduced carbon footprints is a huge plus. However, it’s not just the environment that is winning. The whole premise of this fashion-recycling business is that each product on the site is unique and one-of-a-kind – AKA limited edition. And we know that unique products with limited availability are a huge demand-driver. Add that to its intelligent category sorting (size, style, era, brand, etc.) options that speak directly to their target shopper and its recycled LABEL, and you have a niche fashion brand that’s booming!

beyond retro product sorting example

Top Tip Takeaway: Consider your target audience, niche, and brand thoroughly for each and every aspect of your eCommerce business, including your site UX and category search flow. 

2. BlackMilk Clothing

Black milk eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $48 Million 

Apparel Niche: Women’s fashion  

eCommerce Platform: Magento 

Next on our list of winning million-dollar online clothing brands is BlackMilk. Started out of a kitchen in Brisbane, Australia in 2019, this online fashion site has personality in spades. You only have to read their About section to see how in touch this mega online clothing store is with their target audience. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

From BlackMilk’s express shipping and 60-day return policy – both of which are displayed front-and-center – to its user-friendly navigation and correctly ‘vibed’ product photos, this online store has every ingredient needed to build a successful million-dollar brand.

However, what really stands out are their lookbooks. 

Blackmillk online store lookbook example

Blackmilk online store lookbook example 2

I highly recommend going through their lookbook collection; talk about eCommerce inspiration on steroids! You can find them here. You will also want to check out their Instagram account for eCommerce content ideas. 

Top Tip Takeaway: Product photos and marketing images shouldn’t be an afterthought when dishing out on your budget. Even if you are DIYing your product photography and videos, make sure the quality and style match your brand perfectly. 

ppc automation tool

3. Bluebella

bluebella eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $8 Million +

Apparel Niche: Luxury lingerie and nightwear 

eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus 

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your niche brand, then successful Bluebella is it. Founded by designer Emily Bendell, this brand sets out to provide highly wearable, fashion-led collections for everyday use. Using unusual fabrics and trims, their product designs are very unique and do an amazing job of standing out from the crowd.

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

However, it’s not just Bluebella’s designs that stand out, but their ethos as well – which is all about empowering women with strong dialogue and providing an aesthetic that supports this with a modern take on sensuality. Their online store has everything you would expect a successful eCommerce brand to have, including quality product pages with top-notch product photos, size guides, delivery information, and more. All tailored to their target audience and brand ethos. 

bluebella product page example

Top Tip Takeaway: Your eCommerce brand ‘vibe’ doesn’t stop with your products and primary copy. It should be reflected in your store’s design, descriptions, layout, marketing messages, and more. Even better if you can streamline this with the right eCommerce automation tool

4. Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $3-5 Million 

Apparel Niche: Women’s fashion 

eCommerce Platform: Shopify 

Founded in 2006, Beautiful Disaster online clothing store has grown into a mega-brand on a mission to “empower the beautifully broken and perfectly imperfect.” Like with any successful eCommerce brand, every product they offer speaks to their mission, engaging directly and continuously with their target audience to find the perfect collections for their store. 

Glow in dark apparel example

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

When it comes to running a million-dollar online store, Beautiful Disaster provides a lot to aspire to, but what really sets them apart from the competition is their community-building. They are not just a clothing brand; they have created a tribe and identity for like-minded people to connect and support each other. You can read more about how they build their brand in our success post: Exclusive Look at Multimillion-Dollar Clothing Brand’s Success Secrets.

Top Tip Takeaway: People don’t want robot brands anymore. Showing off your brand’s human side and creating a sense of community can go a long way toward word-of-mouth marketing and a successful return business rate. 

5. Bohemian Traders

Bohemian Traders eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $8 Million 

Apparel Niche: Bohemian fashion 

eCommerce Platform: BigCommerce 

Another brand that shows how important it is to pick a niche market within apparel to stay relevant and successful is Bohemian Traders. Bohemian Traders started as a jacket store in 2016, but has grown a lot since then! Building their whole brand around European, modern bohemian styles, they now offer a wide range of women’s, men’s and kids’ fashion and enjoy a year on year growth of around 160%

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

From multiple views and online reviews, their eCommerce site has every ingredient a store needs to win at shopping experience. However, what is extra impressive is their journey from a small online jacket seller to a huge omni-channel brand that has opened its first brick-and-mortar store in Australia! 

Bohemian Traders store

Top Tip Takeaway: When growing your eCommerce empire, you want to start small but think big. Set out clear success goals and be ready to adapt and grow to increase business and reach.

6. Cutter & Buck

Cutter & Buck eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $25 Million 

Apparel Niche: Athleisure and sportswear 

eCommerce Platform: BigCommerce 

Cutter & Buck’s story goes as far back as 1990, when they started creating top-quality sportswear for the golf course and beyond. Today, they have grown into a chic athleisure lifestyle brand that aims to help shoppers look polished and professional while remaining comfortable, as well as maintaining their sports collections. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

Cutter & Buck is all about comfortable luxury – which means they have to work hard at maintaining their brand image and the quality of their products. They do this through smart branding, good product images, descriptions, and pro shop partnerships. 

cutter and product page example

Top Tip Takeaway: Customers will invest more in products they trust to be worthy in terms of quality. When you’re selling high-end products, you need to make sure that every aspect of your site, products, customer service, and messaging portray the quality of your brand.

ppc automation tool

7. Dorothy Perkins

dorothy perkins eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $58 Million 

Apparel Niche: Women’s fashion boutique 

eCommerce Platform: Custom 

Dorothy Perkins has a history dating as far back as 1909 and is a UK household retail brand with a whopping 125 outlets around the world. However, they have been putting more effort into their online presence over the recent years, leveraging their name to sell globally through eCommerce – which is why this omni-channel store brand has made it to this list.

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

When it comes to brand vibe, this store has it. In fact, it’s one of the best examples of how you should be creating a feel for your eCommerce brand in everything you do: from your product photos to your social media content and info pages. To give you a taste of their brand magic, take a look at what they have done with their About page.

dorothy perkins eCommerce about page example

Top Tip Takeaway: Information pages are often overlooked when creating an eCommerce brand voice. When you add your creative style and brand voice and copy to these pages you help enforce your messaging. 

8. Envy Stylz

envy stylz eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $1 Million + 

Apparel Niche: Casual Southern Chic

eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus 

Next on our list is Envy Stylz. Located in Mineola, Texas, this successful eCommerce brand offers shoppers affordable, casual Southern chic ladies’ fashion, subscription boxes, kids’ apparel, accessories, and more. They also now provide their regular shoppers the convenience of easy, mobile shopping with their inhouse app.

envy stylz eCommerce app example

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

Envy Stylz shows us that you don’t have to be a huge, omni-channel store to reach the million-dollar eCommerce level. In fact, they prove that all you need is a good product that speaks to your target shopper and a robust marketing plan to reach them.

With the help of strategic PPC campaigns that take advantage of StoreYa’s cross-platform advertising solution, they were able to increase yearly sales by a whopping 470%.

eCommerce facebook ad example

Top Tip Takeaway: If you want to run with the big eCommerce dogs, you need to invest in a robust cross-channel marketing strategy. If you’re looking to take your store to the next million-dollar level, take a look at our Traffic Booster Pro option. 

9. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $400 million 

Apparel Niche: Affordable fashion

eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus 

Fancy increasing your eCommerce revenue to $400 million per year? Then you may want to take a page out of Fashion Nova’s book. Created around affordable fashion, this winning brand is dedicated to offering the most sought-after, up-to-the-moment trends, to anyone, anywhere in the world!

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

Another example of how you can leverage your brick-and-mortar brand to break into eCommerce in a considerable way, this omni-channel has it all. From clever referral and reward strategies to strategic celebrity endorsements, they were the #1 most-searched fashion brand on Google in 2018 and are a force to be reckoned with in terms of their social media presence. Don’t take our word for it; have a look at their Instagram account with 18.5 million followers! 

Top Tip Takeaway: If you’re not investing in organic social media content and engaging with your fans, customers, and potential shoppers, you’re being left behind! 

fashion nova ecommerce instagram example

10. Frankies Bikinis

Frankies bikinis eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $2 Million 

Apparel Niche: Swimwear and accessories

eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus 

Another Shopify Plus store giving us all the feels is Frankies Bikinis. This global online brand was started by designer Francesca Aiello in 2012 and is already enjoying massive success with providing fashion-forward beachwear. Inspired by Malibu and made in Los Angeles, this swimwear brand is known for its luxurious fabrics, trending shapes, and cheeky bottoms.

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

There is a lot to love when it comes to Frankies Bikinis, including their GIF product displays and awesome lookbooks. However, it’s their product launches that give me the eCommerce excitement shivers! Using automated product launches with the help of Launchpad, their product releases can generate up to $150,000 in sales in just an hour. 

product launches for eCommerce app

Top Tip Takeaway: Turning product launches into big events not only adds excitement which drives interest, but also creates urgency – which drives sales. 

11. Gearbunch

gearbunch eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $5 Million 

Apparel Niche: Athleisure 

Platform: Shopify Plus 

If you’re looking for a winning eCommerce apparel brand to emulate, then Gearbunch should be at the top of your list. This young-ish brand was launched not so long ago – in 2017 – and in a very short time, they have managed to hit millions in revenue. Starting with leggings, they now offer a variety of athleisure and sports apparel including sports bras, men’s leggings, and yoga shorts. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

From Gearbunch’s robust automation solutions to their well-designed, user-friendly online store, there is a lot of inspiration to be gotten from this brand. However, what really deserves special mention is their approach to video marketing. 85% of their new customers come from video ads and they invest a lot in creating good-quality content. 

ecom successful facebook ad example

You can read more about how they get awesome engagement and other eCommerce secrets to their success, here

Top Tip Takeaway: Video, video, video! If you are not prioritizing your video marketing on Facebook for eCommerce, Instagram, and YouTube (Google Ads for eCommerce), you’re way behind the curve. Here are two quick guides to give your video success a boost:

12. Get The Label

Get the Label eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $27 Million 

Apparel Niche: Affordable designer wear and accessories 

eCommerce Platform: Custom  

Get The Label describe themselves as the ultimate online store to buy designer clothing and footwear at discount prices. Founded in 2009 with just 300 products, they have since grown into a global eCommerce brand offering thousands of product options for women, men, and kids. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

From their brand name to their site design and About section, everything about Get The Label tells shoppers what they are getting. It’s clear, consistent, and totally on-brand, but most importantly, their category and navigation setup makes searching, finding, and buying products super easy for customers. 

get the label product category example

Top Tip Takeaway: Keep site and product messaging simple and concise to ensure potential shoppers know exactly what you’re selling! 

13. Glamorous

Glamorous eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $1 Million+

Apparel Niche: Women’s fashion 

eCommerce Platform: Shopify 

Another UK-based global eCommerce brand on our list of top online fashion brands is Glamorous. This brand is aimed at fearless women who are looking for fashion that’s individual as well as accessible, and carries through their product line, site, and social media marketing. 

Glamorous instagram content example

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

As the old saying goes, never keep all your eggs in one basket – and Glamorous certainly does not. Not only does this brand sell online, but they have partnered with leading global retailers to have their products available offline as well. Other ways that they are mixing things up is with Stay Positive charity t-shirt initiatives and their mystery bag products – totally in love with this product idea, BTW! 

Glamorous mystery box product ideas

Top Tip Takeaway: Sure, there are tried and tested eCommerce package and business strategies. However, look to your niche and target market for inspiration, and don’t be afraid to test a variety of options to keep your offerings fresh.

14. John’s Crazy Socks

Jons crazy socks eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $7 Million+

Apparel Niche: Socks

eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus 

Proving exactly why socks keep topping our best-selling products list, this multimillion-dollar sock brand is a force to be reckoned with. If you’re not familiar with the story, John Cronin started the John’s Crazy Socks brand with his father at just 22 years old. Getting their idea from World Down Syndrome Day, where people traditionally wear fun socks, John decided to launch with door-to-door deliveries – which turned out to be a spark of marketing genius. Add that to their charity partner initiatives and a lot of creativity, and their brand exploded! 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

It’s their unique branding and marketing perspectives that set them apart from all the other sock brands. Taking John’s journey toward happiness, quirky designs and approach, and turning into a unique brand has helped propel them into such a successful online store. 

johns crazy socks charity options

Top Tip Takeaway: Authenticity goes a long way toward success. In fact, you could argue that customers are drawn to it more than anything else. It makes your brand relatable and trustworthy, both of which will help you convert. 

15. Lavish Alice

Lavish Alice eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $5 million 

Apparel Niche: Women’s contemporary fashion 

eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus 

Lavish Alice is a contemporary womenswear label that has grown into a big, successful eCommerce site. Loved by A-list superstars such as Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Ashley Graham, Jessica Biel, Eva Longoria, Olivia Munn, and Nicole Richie, this fashion brand has gone mainstream with their unique mix of femininity with a modern edge, in the best possible way. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

From their clean-cut home page to the store’s easy navigation and filtering, Lavish Alice has a lot going for them. What I really love is how they use the same filters and tone throughout their site, social media, and product photos – giving a consistent vibe that talks their target customers’ language, so to speak. 

Top Tip Takeaway: Creating consistency through tone and filters on your site, product photos, and UX goes a long way toward creating a strong brand, as well as giving shoppers a clear feeling of your product vibe.  

16. millk

milk eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $2.7 Million 

Apparel Niche: Kids’ apparel 

eCommerce Platform: Shopify 

Launched in 2016, millk is a small, creative kids’ fashion label offering soft, natural fabrics and clean designs for comfort. Their range is limited and handmade, ensuring every item on their site is well-designed for play. Since opening, they have extended their product lines to include designs for moms as well. 

millk product display example

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

This leading online kids’ store is all about simplicity. Letting their products do the talking, they have gone with a simple yet bold online store design focused on quality lifestyle product photos. Every aspect of their store design matches the clean-cut simplicity ethos of their products, showing that sometimes less really is more. 

Top Tip Takeaway: Do your online store design and layout match the feel of your brand and the products you are selling? When refreshing your site, you should always go back to your brand vision and target audience and make sure that their experience on your store matches your vibe. You can review your store with the help of this Store Feedback Guide

ppc automation tool

17. Mini Rodini

mini rodini eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $11 Million

Apparel Niche: Kids’ apparel 

eCommerce Platform: Magento 

Another kids’ apparel brand that is inspiring AF is Mini Rodini. This Swedish brand is all about imagination and sustainability. Founded by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin as a tribute to her own children, Mini Rodini focuses on creating playful and humorous designs that speak directly to children.

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

From quality product designs to their social media and marketing messaging, I am crushing on this brand hard. But what really catches one’s attention is their collection pages. Every collection has its own story; a description of what the design collection represents, where the fabrics were designed, or the sustainability of the products. 

mini rodini collection desription example eCommerce 2

Top Tip Takeaway: Finding a way to make your collections stand out from the competition can go a long way toward helping you convert potential shoppers. It is also a way to create a story around some of your most popular categories, which can improve your store impression in a big way. 

18. Oh Polly

Oh Polly a label eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $26 Million

Apparel Niche: Women’s fashion boutique 

eCommerce Platform: Magento 

Oh Polly describes themselves as a fashion-forward online boutique for free-thinking women. They have a wide range of categories – all centered around their seamless, comfortable fabric – making it a perfect blend of comfortable high fashion, athleisure, and sportswear. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

What really makes this million-dollar eCommerce business a winner is how they have integrated business structures to suit their younger demographic – this includes Student Beans and Unidays events and discounts. They also include Klarna and AfterPay options at checkout, to make it possible for shoppers to pay in smaller installments. 

add student discounts to online store

Top Tip Takeaway: When it comes to niche-ing down to smaller segments, it’s not just product categories you should be thinking about. Drilling down to a very specific target audience for your products and brand helps ensure they are always speaking your potential customers’ language – which in turn will help you convert them. 

19. Noli Yoga

Noli Yoga eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $3.5 Million 

Apparel Niche: Yoga apparel/activewear 

eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus

Another niche apparel brand that is so hot right now is Noli Yoga. This Shopify Plus store was launched in 2015 and rose to the million-dollar category very quickly. Focused on supplying high-quality materials, all their products are made in the US and designed to last. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

There is a lot to admire about Noli Yoga, from its well-designed store to their winning marketing strategy. However, it’s the owner’s early pivot that caught my eye. When Noli was initially launched, it was done under the name No Limit Fitness and geared more towards gym tanks and t-shirts. However, the founder quickly saw the gap in the market for yoga pants specifically, and changed his line to suit the growing popularity. And as you can see, it really paid off, reaching the five million dollar mark in just three years! You can read more about his brand secrets here

Top Tip Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to pivot. eCommerce is an ever-changing market and now more than ever, eCommerce entrepreneurs need to keep their fingers on the pulse and adapt quickly to changes, to ensure they can grow their businesses.

20. Olive Clothing

Olive Commerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $8.8 Million

Apparel Niche: Contemporary lifestyle brand 

eCommerce Platform: BigCommerce 

Olive is a UK-based omni-channel brand that combines modernity and simplicity. Shipping globally, this family-owned company uses their home page strategically to reflect their style ethos and draw in potential shoppers, while (of course) making it easy to navigate and shop. They offer women’s and men’s clothing and accessories. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

Olive Clothing is another winning eCommerce retailer that draws shoppers in with their simple yet on-brand homepage. Of course, their site also offers everything else a successful and functional online store should have: from easy navigation to perfect product pages with all the relevant information needed to help them make a sale. However, everything matches their simple, clean designs and playfulness of their brand and products, proving once again that less is more.

olive clothing product page example online store

Top Tip Takeaway: It’s a balancing act. Too much noise on your site and it will not only confuse your potential shopper but dilute your brand trust. However, not having enough information on the site can have the same effect. You want to keep your site and product pages clean and simple while also ensuring that you provide all the information your shopper needs to help them complete a purchase. 

21. Réalisation Par

Realisation Commerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $8 Million 

Apparel Niche: Designer label 

eCommerce Platform: BigCommerce

This online fashion label has originality in spades. Focusing on individual pieces instead of collections, Réalisation Par focuses on ensuring every item sold is special. Founded by Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot, this store aims to inject individual pieces into shoppers’ personal styles. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

What particularly stands out for me in their store is their ‘farewell’ sales section and the use of lifestyle photography on their product pages. Because it’s a designer label with limited numbers of each design, their ‘farewell’ sale section copy is right on brand and adds to their product exclusivity. While their lifestyle photos create a vibe around what their design label represents and stands out from the crowd.

Réalisation Par product page example


Top Tip Takeaway: Every word of copy on your online store counts; even your micro-copy. Every word on your site should be in line with your brand voice – from your CTAs to your category names and long info pages. Also, don’t forget your meta descriptions

22. Revelry

revelry Commerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $3 Million 

Apparel Niche: Custom bridesmaid dresses 

eCommerce Platform: BigCommerce

Next on our list of successful online clothing store brands is Revelry. Offering a unique way for brides and bridesmaids to shop for dresses, Revelry allows shoppers to try on dresses at home before committing to a purchase. Add this to their user-friendly online store, top-quality designs and product photos, and you can see why this made-to-order online brand is a winner. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

Talk about owning one’s niche! This online fashion brand is a top example of why drilling down to a specific niche and market can have huge conversion success. Revelry has done magic with their niche, by not only creating custom designs that shoppers can now buy online but positioning themselves as a bridesmaid dress brand that caters to all women.

try on before you buy online store

Top Tip Takeaway: Go back to basics and drill down your niche. Even if you’re offering a wide range of products for men and women, you want to look at your target market and see how you can make your brand stand out from the crowd. 

23. Rollie Nation

rollie eCommerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $16 Million

Apparel Niche: Designer shoes 

eCommerce Platform: Shopify 

Another apparel brand that proves going niche with your products is the best way to win at eCommerce, is Rollie Nation. The Rollie Nation shoe brand was launched by Vince Lebon in 2012, after having an idea to design a more lightweight, comfortable shoe for his flight attendant wife, Kat. Now they are a multimillion-dollar shoe brand offering a variety of styles using their unique lightweight shoe design.

rollie lightweight show design

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

Let’s put aside their on-trend designs and eye-catching online store product displays, and focus on the product itself – they are uniquely awesome! We all know that shoes are a vast apparel niche, but this brand found an original design and positioning to fulfill a big gap in the market. This is translated to every aspect of their eCommerce brand, including their site design and social media content marketing.

ecommerce instagram account rollie anation

Top Tip Takeaway: To grow your eCommerce business into a mega-brand, you need to not only find a niche market but make it your own. The key is coming up with unique products within your niche, whether it’s a whole new take on a familiar product like Rollie Nation has done, or creating new designs for tried and tested products like t-shirts.  

24. SIR

SIR Commerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $5 Million 

Apparel Niche: Designer women’s apparel 

eCommerce Platform: Shopify 

SIR is an Australian brand selling contemporary women’s collections that focus on simple and minimalistic designs. Looking for a way to expand their brick-and-mortar stores located in Sydney, their online store caters to international and out-of-state shoppers looking for the types of designs they are selling. Their design ethos is successfully represented across their bold yet minimalistic Shopify site and all their marketing. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

SIR is another winning online store that has all the right UX and displays. However, what I am crushing hard on are their online collection pages and product photography. Not only do they fit the brand and target shoppers, but highlight the quality of the designerwear.

collection page examples

Top Tip Takeaway: Lifestyle product photography is an absolute “must” investment for a successful online clothing store. Not only do shots help potential shoppers see how a product wears in real-life moments, but create the whole vibe of your brand. 

25. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch Simmons Commerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $6 Million 

Apparel Niche: Men’s apparel 

eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus 

Taylor Stitch is a clothing label that specializes in tailored menswear that is both sophisticated and cost-effective. Founded in 2010 as a shirting company, they have grown their brand substantially to offer a wide range of products, while simultaneously doing all they can to limit their environmental impact. Additionally, they pride themselves on creating products that will last a long time. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

What truly gets my eCommerce creative juices flowing about this omni-channel brand are their content marketing and storytelling. From a variety of Facebook and Instagram post types to their own branded Spotify playlists, they are able to create a story for every product and their overall brand on every platform.

branded playlists on spotify

facebook story telling post ecommerce

Top Tip Takeaway: Brand storytelling is a marketing strategy that helps you strengthen your brand awareness while connecting with your potential customers on an emotional level. Creating a personal connection between your brand and products, and the audience helps build trust, strengthens how your products solve problems in your segment, and helps give a human voice to your store that people can relate to. 

26. The Pink Lily Boutique

Pink lily Commerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $15 Million

Apparel Niche: Women’s clothing and accessories 

eCommerce Platform: Custom 

After an Etsy and eBay selling hobby blew up, The Pink Lily Boutique was founded by the husband-and-wife team, Chris and Tori, to turn their hobby into a full eCommerce brand. Offering sustainably-made, high-quality fashion products, they pride themselves on always keeping their design collections new and fresh, and have grown into a booming business with 200,000+ orders per year!

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

What really stands out about this multimillion-dollar store are its robust reward and affiliate programs. Their affiliate program offers a commission to influencers and bloggers, while their Pink Perks VIP reward program offers shoppers points for sharing social content, placing orders, and having a birthday. Points can then be used as discounts on future purchases. Additionally, the more points you earn, the more VIP perks you get. 

 ecommerce vip reward program example

Top Tip Takeaway: Reward programs are essential to not only growing your reach but improving your repeat business rates. The trick is to create one that suits your shoppers and market, to ensure your target audience buys into it and participates. 

27. Verge Girl

verge girl Commerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $28 Million

Apparel Niche: Women’s apparel 

eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus 

Another brand winning the younger market with fresh designs and Afterpay options is Verge Girl. The brand was founded in the early 2000s by Daniella and Natalia, with a desire to help women have the freedom and confidence to follow their own style. 

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

There is a lot about this mega online clothing brand to admire, but what separates them from the competition are their give-back programs. Partnering up with some good causes, they pride themselves on giving back to communities in need. 

give-back programs ecommerce

Top Tip Takeaway: Aligning your eCommerce brand with charities isn’t just good for the people and planet; it also has positive effects on your brand. Supplying social responsibility products can build trust and brand impression, which in turn can drive sales and increase customer loyalty long-term.  

28. YALA

Yala Commerce clothing store example

Estimated Annual Revenue: $3.7 Million

Apparel Niche: Women’s boutique 

eCommerce Platform: BigCommerce 

YALA Designs is a global omni-channel brand created and run by women, for women. With a strong focus on sustainability, they have grown their categories over the years to include menswear, bedding, and accessories. Each of which is displayed beautifully on their site with crisp, clean product and category page layouts.

yala category product displays

Why this eCommerce Clothing Store Example Rocks! 

YALA’s focus on sustainable products is not only on-trend but good for the planet. Every aspect of product design – from material sourcing to knitting and sewing – is done with sustainability and social responsibility to creators in mind. 

sustainable product for ecommerce clothing brand

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 28 winning, million-dollar online fashion brands kicking butt!

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