60+ Trending Products to Sell Online 2022

The secret to long-term eCommerce success is not just finding any old trending product and adding it to your store. You want to find trending products that have consistently shown popularity over time to become best-sellers. Plus, of course, you want to make sure that they fit your store’s target shopper perfectly. 

So, what are these trending best-selling products you should be researching when expanding or creating your online store? Which products from previous Best-Selling Products to Sell Online lists, stood the test of time to become big sales earners this year? 

We’ve got you covered!

We compiled this list of the top 60+ trending products in 2021 to sell online in 2022 and divided them by the most popular eCommerce niches – so you can find your next big seller with ease! 

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Apparel & Accessories Trending Products to Sell in 2022

The first group of best-selling products we will explore all fall under the apparel and accessories niche – the leading eCommerce industry.  

Bodycon Dresses 

The term ‘bodycon’ comes from ‘body conscious,’ a term given to tight-fitting styles of clothing. Bodycon dresses are therefore figure-hugging dresses, which shot to fame in 2013 thanks to celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. 

2022 trending products bodycon dress

[Source: Google Trends]

Usually made from fabrics such as Spandex and Lycra, they cling to the body, designed to emphasize the wearer’s body contours and come in a variety of styles, patterns and colors. Since shooting to fame, they have been a steady best-selling product in the women’s apparel niche and have become a popular category in online clothing stores. 

prettylittlethings bodycon dress online store

Here are the global regions where bodycon dresses are the most popular, with the top locations being the UK and US:

bodycon best-selling apparel product per region 2019

Pro Tip: Before adding bodycon dresses to your store or creating a store, especially around this niche, it’s important to take into consideration who your target market is and do some research before just diving head-first into this trending product.

Here’s an interview video from Glamour Magazine, where they asked a variety of women to discuss their bodycon dress experiences. There’s a ton of insight into what they think of quality, comfort and sizing – which could be hugely helpful in manufacturing a product that stands out from the competition.


Cardigans are a great example of a constant best-selling product to add to your store for next year. As you can see from the graph below, their popularity has been constantly growing since 2008 and will continue to grow through to 2022: 

cardigan best-selling apparel product 2019

[Source: Google Trends]

With so much variety in the types of fabric – thin or thick, styles, colors and patterns – they have selling potential all year round. 

freepeople online store cardigan category

Cardigans can be particularly sale-boosting if you’re selling globally, to regions that have opposite seasons. Here are the global regions where best-selling cardigan products are most popular: 

cardigan best-selling apparel product per region 2019

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Crop Tops

Asos online store crop top category

From celebrities on the red carpet to kids at the mall, crop tops are everywhere and given their style versatility, it is no surprise why. After five years of trending, this best-selling product shows no sign of slowing down and if you’re not on the crop top bandwagon, there is still plenty of time! 

crop top best-selling apparel product 2019

[Source: Google Trends]

Bear in mind that like with all hugely popular products, the market is highly saturated.

crop top best-selling apparel product per region 2019

That’s not to say you shouldn’t throw your hat in the ring – but you want to focus on a way to make your products shine amongst the niche noise and be sure you are focusing on the right global regions when targeting your awareness campaigns with: 

  1. Google Ads for eCommerce
  2. Facebook Ads for eCommerce
  3. TikTok Ads for eCommerce
  4. Microsoft Ads for eCommerce
  5. Pinterest Ads for eCommerce


Denim is no stranger to our best-selling and trending product lists. In fact, when it comes to all-season wear, you can’t go wrong with denim apparel; and if you look at the search trends below, you will see that its popularity is still growing year-on-year:  

2022 trending products denim

[Source: Google Trends]

Here’s a list of the most searched, AKA trending, denim products currently:

Denim best-selling product trends related searchers 2019

The trick to keeping denim products popular in your store is ensuring that you’re also up-to-date with the season’s trending styles. 

J.Crew online store denim for men category

In 2020 and 2021 we saw the comeback of best-selling straight cut, bootcut, skinny fit, slouch skinny, low rise, baggy wide leg, and paper bag waist jeans.

You will also want to keep an eye on viral denim trends such as: 

  • Low-slung straight
  • Ribbon
  • Hem details 
  • Pintucks
  • Embroidered denim
  • Longer high-rise, straight-leg denim

As you can expect, denim is a popular product in most global regions, with the US, UK, Australia and South Africa leading the pack. 

Denim best-selling product trends per region 2019

Enamel Pins 

Another best-selling product that has sustained its popularity this year is enamel pins. These trendy apparel accessories are a high-selling category across many popular eCommerce platforms and websites, including Etsy

Etsy online store enamel pins category

As you can see from Google’s trend graph and region map, the last couple of years have proven that enamel pins’ popularity isn’t slowing down just yet – especially in the US:

2022 trending products enamel pins

enamel pins best-selling product trends per region 2019

[Source: Google Trends]

Newbie Tip: Here are four steps from Shopify for successfully making and selling enamel pins:

 1: Research and pick a popular enamel pin niche with potential 

how to sell enamel pins

2:  Design or source your enamel pin designs

how to start enamel pin business online

3: Manufacture your enamel pins 

how to start selling enamel pins online

4: Build your online store and get selling! 

Floral Dresses

Summer may be coming to an end in the US, but the floral trends aren’t. Remember, as a global eCommerce entrepreneur, summer in Australia, South Africa and more is just getting started. 

2022 trending products floral dress

Floral Dresses trends per region 2019

[Source: Google Trends]

And if you think that floral is just for summer, think again. Consistently trending, this classic women’s apparel pattern is popular in a variety of regions all year round.

macys floral dress category for fall

[Source: Macy’s]

In fact, floral dresses often make top fall lists with floral midi dresses trending well. As you can see from the below graph, midi dresses are hot, hot, hot! 

2022 trending products midi dress

Gingham Products

gingham best-selling product trends 2019 per region

Selling or planning to sell in North America, the UK, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand? Then you may want to consider trending gingham products.  

If you aren’t familiar with gingham, it’s a plain-woven fabric of medium weight that is made from carded, medium or fine yarns and has a checked pattern. As you can see, gingham products have been steadily popular and make it a niche with big potential to break into. 

2022 trending products Gingham

[Source: Google Trends]

Popular in both men’s and women’s apparel niches, there is a variety of options you could go with. If you want to start a new clothing store that’s extremely niche, why not a gingham product store? Here are some product examples from Nordstrom

noordstroom gingham popular product category 2

Lace Bras 

Another constant, best-selling product to sell online in 2022 is lace bras. After going viral and then falling, they have climbed since 2008 to become a stable, product trend. 

2022 trending products lace bras

lace bras product trends 2019 per region

[Source: Google Trends]

Although their popularly seems to be highly concentrated in North America and Australia, you only have to look at the success of Shopify stores such as Brayola or underbares to see the enormous potential. 

lace bra store example


Another best-selling product to consider selling in 2022 is leggings. It should be no surprise that online legging stores are hugely popular at the moment, with top stores generating millions in revenue annually.

2022 trending products leggings

[Source: Google Trends]

As you can see, leggings’ popularity extends into many global regions: 

leggings best selling product trends 2019 per region

There is a wide variety of legging types in various niches you could sell in, including athleisure, sports apparel, yoga leggings and legging fashion brands. Some popular examples and searches include: 

  • Yoga leggings
  • Black leggings 
  • Pushup leggings (in the US)
  • Fleece leggings 

But there is one type that really deserves its own mention… 

Trending Product: Leggings with Pockets 

Pocketed leggings are so hot right now!

From yoga pants with pockets to athleisure wear, these trending apparel products have become best-selling superstars and a popular fashion blog topic. 

2022 trending products leggings with pockets

[Source: Google Trends]

From discrete inner pockets to two thigh pockets, there is no shortage of products to try. 

Amazon popular product category leggings with pockets

Men’s Shoes 

In our 2022 list of best-selling product to sell, we pointed to the growing trend of men’s shoes. If you thought their popularity had faded, think again! Don’t take our word for it – look at Google’s search trends and most popular areas: 

2022 trending products mens shoes

mens best-selling product trends per region 2019

[Source: Google Trends]

Here are some top eCommerce brands that have made a name for themselves in the men’s shoe niche: 

Leftfoot popular product category mens shoes

Mesh Shoes

2022 trending products mesh shoes

[Source: Google Trends]

Another best-selling product to consider selling on your apparel store this year are mesh shoes. Mesh shoes have a wide variety of options in terms of gender, brand, style, and types, meaning for you, there are more ways to implement this trend into your product list. There are even options for kids!

mesh shoes trending product 2020 for kids

[Source: DSW]

Currently, mesh shoes are trending in North America, the UK, Australia, South Africa and Brazil.

mesh shoes trending product 2020 per region

Novelty Socks

If you are selling or planning on selling in Australia, the UK or North America, then novelty socks are a best-selling apparel product worth looking into in 2022.

Novelty socks best-selling product trends per region 2019

Although novelty socks enjoy seasonal popularity in the fourth quarter, their trend peaks have been constantly growing since 2014.

2022 trending products novelty socks

[Source: Google Trends]

Additionally, if you study trends of similar searches, like ‘fun socks,’ you will see that trends are starting to peak off-season as well. You only have to look at the success of brands like Conscious Step and Happy Socks to see this best-selling product’s potential. 

happy socks popular product category novelty socks

Ruffle Socks

trending product ruffle socks on wallmart

Another best-selling sock to consider selling in 2022 is trending ruffle socks. Ruffle socks come in a variety of styles and colors and have been climbing steadily since 2013, with a bigger bump in 2021. 

2022 trending products ruffle socks

[Source: Google Trends]

Although a word of warning to eCommerce sellers tempted to add this trending product to their store: it seems most of the keen interest in ruffle socks is in the US and UK. Therefore, you want to ensure this trending fashion apparel accessory is very in line with your target audience. 

ruffle socks best-selling product trends per region 2019

Safety Shoes 

As the eCommerce industry grows, so does the variety of products people prefer to buy online instead of in-store. One such product niche is footwear, which is said to be generating $109+ million a year in revenue. One category within footwear that is increasing gradually is safety shoes. 

2022 trending products safety shoes

[Source: Google Trends]

This best-selling product may not be the sexiest product, but its consistent growth shows big selling potential. Plus, its popularity – and need – has a global reach. 

Safety Shoes best-selling product trends per region 2019

But like most trending products, popularity won’t matter unless this type of product fits into your current target market or a new niche market you wish to break into. 

best-selling safety shoes store example



Making our best-selling product list last year, shapewear is back! As one of our top merchants, Waist Trainer, will tell you, shapewear is still a trending product that is selling online like hotcakes and is estimated to be a $2.26 billion industry. 

2022 trending products shapewear

[Source: Google Trends]

As you can see from the graph above, online shoppers have been showing constant, increasing interest in shapewear since 2018 and it has a global popularity reach. 

shapewear best-selling product trends per region 2019

Bonus Content: Want to know what customers are looking for in their shapewear? Be able to offer some valuable tips to help your customers?

Or maybe you are just looking for content-creation ideas to boost shapers on your store? Here’s a how-to guide from GMA: 

Sports Bras 

The next big climber to consider adding to your apparel store is sports bras. This best-selling product has been growing in online popularity alongside leggings thanks to growing yoga trends. 

2022 trending products sports bra

[Source: Google Trends]

The sports bra market is expected to grow at a rate of roughly 10.8% over the coming years. In fact, paired sports bras and leggings can be a sale-driving match if done correctly and marketed to these trending regions:

sports bra best-selling product trends per region 2019

If that’s not convincing enough, many publications including the New York Times reported that sports bras are replacing lingerie, with some of the biggest lingerie brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein jumping on the comfort bra bandwagon.

gym shark trending sport bras

Tank Tops 

2022 trending products tank top

[Source: Google Trends]

Tank tops are another summer trender worth selling in 2022; even better if you’re selling globally to different hemispheres – turning it into a year-round winner. 

tank top best selling products 2019 per region

This goes for men’s and women’s apparel and falls comfortably into the popular athleisure niche – which we will discuss next. 

Newbie Tip: Starting an online store from scratch? Consider testing the market with a print-on-demand model, using tools like Printful.

printful tank tops


Athleisure wear is leggings, sports bras, tank tops, shorts, tights, yoga pants and more that look like exercise wear. This niche of apparel has become more and more trendy in the last five years, but don’t be put off by the moderate trend spikes. You want to add products to your store that are constant good-sellers, not trends that go as quickly as they come. 

athleisure best-selling product trends per region 2019

[Source: Google Trends]

The point is, if you are looking for a stable best-seller with global popularity, athleisure could just be the right niche to add to your store for 2022. 

athleisure best-selling product trends per region 222 2019

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some of the top athleisure brands: 

ADAY athleisure trend example

Baby Apparel, Gear & Accessories Trending Products to Sell in 2022

The next group of best-sellers worth adding to your store in 2022 to boost sales fall under the baby apparel and gear niche. 

Baby Carriers 

Baby carriers are getting more and more popular every year. For the last five years, they have been a constant best-selling product in the baby gear niche. You can still see trending blog posts on publications like Wired and Today that help new parents choose the right carrier for them. 

baby carrier best-selling product trends 2019

[Source: Google Trends]

Baby carriers have become a popular choice for parents, which parents say have a host of benefits such as easier transport and better bonding. If you’re looking to expand your online store to include baby gear, then baby carriers could be a lucrative place to start. 

Let’s not forget to mention that their popularity is global! 

baby carrier best-selling product trends per region 2019

Baby Hip Seat 

After their initial viral spike in 2004, followed by a slow plateau, baby hip seats are making a trending product comeback! 

baby hip seat best-selling product trends 2019

[Source: Google Trends]

A hip seat is a type of baby carrier that is designed for shorter periods of time and intended to make carrying babies around the house easier. The idea is to be able to seat a baby on the seat instead of in your arms, to help reduce back strain.

baby hip seat best-selling product trends per region 2019

Baby Wrap Blankets 

Baby wrap blankets, or swaddle wraps, are another new parent staple that could prove to be a profitable addition to your online store in 2022. 

2022 trending products baby wrap blanket

[Source: Google Trends]

Most popular in the US, UK and Australia, this trending 2022 product is both practical and cute – offering a lot of potential when it comes to product photography. 

baby wrap blanket best-selling product trends per region 2019

A spin-off product package you could look into selling here is wrap blanket and hat combos, as you can see from MilkMaid Goods’ swaddle section.

example of store selling matching head set and swaddle blankets

Breastfeeding Pumps 

Whether you’re selling in the baby products or maternity gear niches, breastfeeding pumps could be just the best-selling product to add to your store in 2022. 

breast pump best-selling product trends 2019

[Source: Google Trends]

With their globally increasing need and trends, there are stores that specialize in breastfeeding products alone, and they are a hot topic on many mommy blogs such as Mother.ly

breast pump best-selling product trends per region 2019

Here’s an example breastfeeding products store, Aeroflow.

aeroflow breastpump store example

Pro Tip: Looking for creative ways to market to millennial moms? Here are 5 quick tips to get you started, from Entrepreneur

  1. Build connections with potential shoppers and customers that are meaningful and human 
  2. Start with product functionality  
  3. Align yourself with other brands that are like-minded 
  4. Keep your long-tail keywords super specific 
  5. Don’t forget about millennial dads 

Convertible Strollers

Convertible Strollers

[Source: Bugaboo]

Another best-selling product that has been very dependable over the last five years is convertible strollers. These are strollers you are able to convert to suit different stages of a baby’s needs as they grow, or that you can switch from a single stroller into a stroller/ride for two. 

2022 trending products convertable stroller

[Source: Google Trends]

Although, as you can see from Google’s region map, its popularity is concentrated in North America. Therefore if you’re looking for products to sell outside of this region, we recommend proceeding very slowly – testing your specific market first.

convertable strollers best-selling product trends per region 2019

Sippy Cups

Sippy cups have become a hot eCommerce commodity, growing steadily after two viral jumps in 2008 and 2015. They have become a good consistent seller for a baby accessory store.

2022 trending products sippy cup

[Source: Google Trends]

From no-spill super stout to straw and trainer cups, potential types, styles, and designs are endless. And, as you can see from the map below, sippy cup product popularity extends through multiple global regions:

sippy cups best-selling product trends per region 2019

Pro Tip: If you are looking to add this best-selling product to your store in 2022, why not consider the trend for plastic-free sippy cups or other unique designs that will help you stand out above the competition?

plastic free sippy cups on munchkin

Beauty, Hygiene & Personal Grooming Trending Products 2022

The next group of best-selling products you could add to your store in 2022 fall under the beauty, hygiene and personal grooming eCommerce niches. 

Beard Oil 

If you are a regular StoreYa blog reader, you will already be aware of the growing popularity of male grooming products. If not, let the fact that the whole male grooming industry in the US is estimated to reach $3.37 billion by next year should convince you.

Beard oil is the best-selling product within this niche and as you can see from the trend graph, it shows no sign of slowing down. 

2022 trending products beard oil

[Source: Google Trends]

Add that to the fact that its popularity extends to a multitude of global regions, and you could have a sales gold mine on your hands. 

beard oil best-selling beauty product per region 2019

If you do want to break into the beard oil niche, here are some of the top tips that Northwest Beard Supply’s owner recommends, which he has learned since launching

  1. Thoroughly research your target market and customer goals. This includes studying your competitors and getting a deep understanding of the niche you will be selling in, so that you can offer differentiation. 
  2. Test your idea before you invest in a huge way, to ensure you can correct your course if needed. 
  3. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, establish ways you can communicate to your customers what the benefits of your products are. 
  4. Don’t skimp on your branding strategy and invest time into getting your positioning right. 
  5. Be sure to focus on just one goal at a time so that you can successfully scale your beard oil business.
  6. Don’t put all your advertising eggs in one basket! Take the time to set up your Facebook ads correctly and make sure they work with your Google ads, to ensure good ROIs across both platforms.  

Beard Straightener

2022 trending products beard straightener

[Source: Google Trends]

Another male grooming product that is a huge trend globally right now is beard straighteners. If you don’t know what a beard straightener is, this YouTube video will help. 

In short, it’s a heated brush designed to take the waves out of longer beards, similar to how a hair straightening brush would work, to give a sleeker look. As you can see by the map trends below, beard straighteners are very hot right now in the US and Australia.

beard straightener trending product 2020 per region

Drying Lotion 

Since piquing viral interest in 2016, best-selling product drying lotion has enjoyed steady interest that has been slowly climbing. If you are not sure what drying lotion is, it is a spot treatment that consumers put on acne, leave overnight and then rinse off in the morning. 

Drying Lotion best-selling beauty product 2019

Sold by a variety of beauty brands, drying lotions have been trending since 2016 in a variety of regions globally and are gaining good momentum. 

Drying Lotion best-selling beauty product per region 2019

Posture Correctors

If you’re looking for a newer, trending product for your store in 2022, then posture correctors might be the answer. Posture correctors are back braces or devices that help correct users’ postures.

2022 trending products Posture Correctors

Posture corrector best-selling product trends per region 2019

[Source: Google Trends]

If you’re selling health gadgets or products, there is a variety of options out there, from simple straps to full back braces – differing dependant on the needs of the shopper. Here are a few examples from Amazon

Amazon top posture correctors

If you’re looking for a tech gadget, then let trending product Upright Pose be an inspiration.

Vegan Makeup

With cruelty-free markets making headlines on Entrepreneur and The New York Times – the former predicting a 6.1% growth in the cruelty-free cosmetics market in the next few years – the demand for vegan beauty products is not going away. 

Yes, the vegan makeup trends may have taken a slight dip in popularity this year, but there is no denying that it’s maintained its best-selling title since 2016.

2022 trending products vegan makeup

[Source: Google Trends]

Especially in the UK, North America, and Australia. 

vegan makeup best-selling beauty product per region 2019

Want an idea of top vegan makeup brands? Here’s a list from Cosmo

Car Accessories Trending Products to Sell in 2022

Selling in the car accessories niche? Then these 2022 best-selling and trending products may be worth a test. 

Car Mats

weather tech example of online clothing store

Another car accessory worth testing in your online store next year is car mats. Not only is it a product that is constantly popular, but car mats have further trended in 2019 and 2020. 

2022 trending products car mat

car mats best-selling products 2019 per region

[Source: Google Trends]

Steering Wheel Covers 

Steering wheel covers made an appearance on the list of products to sell in 2019, and are back stronger than ever. Although the peaks have subdued, its constant popularity makes it a safe best-selling product to consider. 

steering wheel cover 2019 best-seller product

[Source: Google Trends]

Health Food, Spices & Edibles Trending Products to Sell in 2022

The next best-selling products to sell in 2022 we will look at fall under the online food store niche. 


Moringa is an edible plant native to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan that is said to be packed full of magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C. It is no surprise, then, that it’s become a best-selling health food drink since it first trended in 2013.

2022 trending products moringa

[Source: Google Trends]

Bought in tea form, moringa is hugely popular in Africa but also growing in interest in North America, South America and Australia. 

moringa best-selling food product 2019 per region

Newbie Tip: Looking to start an online tea store? Here are four steps to get you started, from Shopify

  1. Making your own tea as a newbie is very tricky. Instead, you should start by finding a private-label dropshipper.
  2. Set up your eCommerce tea store business model. You may want to consider tea-related products like teapots and infusers to boost sales. 
  3. Set your budgets and price your products. Visit our Guide to Perfectly Pricing a Product for more tips. 
  4. Plan and implement your marketing plan to drive more traffic to your store. Here’s a full guide on the top ways to increase eCommerce traffic to get you started. 

Oat Milk 

If you’re looking for a hot, trending health food product, we have just the best-selling product for you. For at least the last 10 years, milk substitutes have been on the rise – growing by 61% in 2017 alone. And now there is a new kid on the block, trending in a big way: oat milk. Even Starbucks has jumped on the oat milk bandwagon. 

2022 trending products oat milk

[Source: Google Trends]

And when you look at where it’s popular, you will see that this food product’s popularity has a broad reach. 

oat milk trending product 2020 per region

popular oat milk products google

Seaweed Chips 

If you’re looking for more snack ideas to sell in your online store in 2022, then look no further than the popular product seaweed chips. As the name suggests, these snacks are made from seaweed, and marketed as being high in vitamin A and free of cholesterol. 

2022 trending products seaweed chips

[Source: Google Trends]

There is a wide variety of textures and flavors on the market, with some of the most popular flavors including tempura spice and crispy original. You will also want to look out for other seaweed chip variations like toasted coconut seaweed thins and other hot trends popping up this year. 

seaweed chips best-selling product 2019 per region

Pro Tip: Want more trending health snacks like these? Look out for water lily seeded puffed snacks, plant-based tuna alternatives and crispy salmon skins.

thrive market seaweed snack category


If you thought tahini was old hat, think again! This Middle Eastern gem was named a hot food trend in 2018, but has been growing in popularity since 2009. 

2022 trending products tahini

[Source: Google Trends]

And why wouldn’t it, when the uses for it are never-ending? From hummus to salads and dips, tahini has become well-loved around the world, being stocked on top online stores like Amazon, Walmart and Thrive.

tahini best selling food product 2019 per region


za'atar online spice store

[Source: The Spice House]

There is a growing trend at the moment for Middle Eastern and North African spices. One of the most popular of these spices is the Middle Eastern spice za’atar, which is trending globally. 

za'atar best selling food product 2019 per region

Za’atar is made from a variety of dried herbs and spices including thyme, marjoram, toasted sesame seeds, and oregano. But don’t take our word for it, check out its Google trends climb! 

2022 trending products zaatar

[Source: Google Trends]

Home Decor, Homeware & Kitchenware Trending Products to Sell in 2022

Looking to stock your homeware or kitchen gear store in 2022 with trending products? Then these 2020 best-sellers are for you. 

Bathroom Stools 

Stand out of the crowd by pushing this dependable best-selling product. As you can see below, bathroom stools have been growing slowly but consistently: 

2022 trending products bathroom stool

[Source: Google Trends]

Popular in North America, India, the UK and Australia, bathroom stools may not be hip, but they have sales potential. 

bathroom stool best-selling product trends per region 2019

Glass Jar Sets 

Don’t be shocked by this interest map; this product is making huge waves. In fact, it’s one of Amazon’s top homeware products

glass jar sets best selling products 2019 per region

Although this best-selling product doesn’t have a wide reach, it can be a dependable sale-earner if you’re selling in the US specifically. 

2022 trending products glass jar set

[Source: Google Trends]

Glass jar sets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can also fall under bathroom, bedroom or homeware products. Other similar products to consider include food canisters, coffee tins, glass Tupperware, and more. 

glass kitchen ware from anchor hocking

Reusable Straws

2022 trending products reusable straws

[Source: Google Trends]

As more and more consumers look for environmentally-conscious products, it shouldn’t be so surprising that reusable straws are leading the pack. Thanks to straw-free campaigns that have been growing globally since 2017, reusable straws have been trending since 2018.

reusable straws trending product 2019 per region

This product is so hot right now that a variety of very niche straw shops have popped up. 

stawtopia online straw store example

Ladder Bookshelves

2022 trending products ladder bookshelf

[Source: Google Trends]

Another 2022 home decor trending product to consider adding to your store next year is ladder bookshelves. As you can see from the trend graph, they maintain a steady interest volume and have been climbing slightly since 2018. 

popular ladder bookshelves on google shopping

If you’re selling in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, you could have a hit on your hands! 

ladder book shelf trending products 2019 per region

Couch Covers

2022 trending products couch covers

[Source: Google Trends]

Another home product to consider selling this year are one-size-fits-all sofa covers. Couch covers are a popular product to sell, especially if you’re marketing decor products in North America and Australia and your target shopper has pets or children.

Couch covers trending product 2020 per region

What makes them such a huge hit is that they not only protect users’ furniture but enable shoppers to mix up their room design in a more affordable way. In fact, you could build a whole online store around slip and furniture covers like Pretty Little Sofa Covers have done.

pretty little sofa covers online store

Jewelry Trending  Products to Sell in 2022

Gold Hoops

2022 trending products gold hoops

[Source: Google Trends]

Big and small, gold hoops are so in right now! Thanks to celebrity fashion trends, gold hoops have been climbing since 2019 and seem to be holding steady. As you can see, gold hoops are big in the UK, India, the US, Canada, and Australia. 

gold hoop trending jewelry product 2019 per region

Here’s a post from Selena Gomez’s Instagram account just a couple of weeks ago, with her boasting some pretty gold hoops. 

View this post on Instagram

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Minimalist Jewelry 

In a world where less is more, minimalist products are all the rage. One such product that has been selling consistently since 2010 is minimalist jewelry. 

2022 trending products Minimalist Jewellery

[Source: Google Trends]

Most popular in North America and Australia, minimalist jewelry has a lot of volume potential. 

minimalist jewelry best-selling product trends per region 2019

If you’re looking for ideas on what minimalist products to start with, here’s the top related search list.

minimalist jewelry best-selling product trends related searches 2019

Alternatively, Instagram is a good source for the types of jewelry trending right now.

militaristic jewelry on Instagam

Pet Gear & Accessories Trending Products to Sell in 2022

Another trending niche to consider for 2022 is pet accessories. Here are some of the niche’s best-selling products. 

Pet Beds 

Pet beds are a stable, best-selling product that’s perfect for sellers wanting to break into the pet accessory eCommerce business. As you can see from the Google trend graph, this product offers consistent interest, and therefore regular sales opportunities: 

2022 trending products pet beds

[Source: Google Trends]

And they have global potential too! 

Pet bed best-selling product trends per region 2019

Slow Feeder Bowls 

Trending in a huge way, these best-sellers are taking the US by storm:

slow feeder bowls trending products 2019 per region

If you are selling pet accessories in the US or UK, then slow feeder bowls will be of huge importance to you. As you can see, they have been gaining interest since 2014 but recently spiked in a big way:

2022 trending products pet slow feeder

[Source: Google Trends]

Don’t know what a slow feed bowl is? Let these cute huskies show you!

Newbie Tip: Some other constant best-sellers in the pet niche that you may want to consider when starting a pet accessory store are dog collars, car seat protectors, pet grooming gloves and pet selfie tools. 

Tech & Gadgets Trending Products to Sell 2022

Last but not least, here are 2 trending products that may prove profitable in 2022 for your online tech store. 


There seems to be no end to the popularity of smartwatches as they rise for the sixth year in a row. Even though this best-selling product peaks during the holidays, it is growing ‘off-season’ as well, as you can see from this Google trend graph: 

2022 trending products smart watches

[Source: Google Trends]

With their wide global reach, smartwatches are a must for a good online tech store.

smartwatches best-selling product trends per region 2019

Fitness Gear and Accessories Trending Products to Sell in 2022

Massage Guns

what is massage gun

[Source: Men’s Health]

As you can see, post-workout massage guns are trending big time! Used to help muscles relax after workouts, they are creating a lot of buzz in the fitness niche. As you can see from the graph below, user interest peaked sharply about halfway through 2019, and there is still a lot of curiosity around this product.

2022 trending products massage gun

massage guns trending product 2020 per region

[Source: Google Trends]

However, as this is a new product trend, I would suggest digging deep into your market and customer research before investing big in this product.

 Dumbbells [& Other Home Fitness Equipment]

Another big product trend in 2022 is dumbbells. As you can see by the trend graph, recent lockdowns and gym closures increased the demand for online dumbbell sales in a big way. In fact, the demand for buying weights online increased by 307% in 2020 alone. 

2022 trending products dumbbells

[Source: Google Trends]

dumbells trending product covid 2020 per region

But that’s not the only product in the fitness niche that got a considerable interest bump in 2020. Here are some other trending products to consider selling this year: 

Yoga Mats trending product covid 2020

home gym trending product covid 2020

resistance band trending product covid 2020

There you have it, 60+ best-selling products to sell online in 2022.

Be sure to bookmark this post as we will be adding more trending products in the coming months. In the meantime, here’s our How to Find Products to Sell Online in 2 Steps post to help you find more profitable products. 

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how to automate eCommerce ads

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